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Black and White Cats Matter

Worldwide 75% of all cats are Black and White, because they are so common they are often overlooked by many people when choosing a cat.

Tuxedo patterned cats on average spend more than ten days longer in cat shelters awaiting adoption than cats of different colouring. They are also significantly more likely to become strays so unsurprisingly make up the majority of the world’s feral cat population.

This website exists to give a voice to Tuxedo Cats and champion their cause across the globe. We do this by helping spread information about black and whites cats which will help to promote the message that just because a cat looks common there is nothing common about the infectious personalities and enthusiasm for life that you get from a Tuxedo Cat!

What is a Tuxedo Cat?

A Tuxedo cat is another name for a black and white cat, also known as a bi-colour cat. 

tuxedo cat sitting and watching

They are not a specific breed of cat, the colouring from which they derive their name is very common amongst a wide range of different breeds.

The Tuxedo patterning can also occur with colours other than black and white however the Tuxedo name is typically associated with black and white cats.

They usually have black colouring around their eyes often with a white chin or nose thus giving the appearance of wearing a mask.
What do tuxedo cats look like

What do Tuxedo Cats Look Like?

Their bi-colour coat isn’t too dissimilar from that of the classic black tuxedo suit with a white shirt as seen at many a formal dinner party.

For a cat to be classified as a Tuxedo Cat it is should have a mainly black coat, with a white chest and white paws as modelled beautifully to the right by our cat Whisky.

Tuxedo Cat Breeding

As previously mentioned Tuxedo Cats are not a specific breed of cat but rather have colouring which is common among a wide range of breeds.

So while you may not see a specific Tuxedo Cat category in a Governing Council of the Cat Fancy show there are a few breeds which are more likely to produce the Tuxedo characteristics and signature black and white markings. These include breeds such as the Sphynx cat, the Devon Rex cat, the Persian cat, the Manx cat, the Scottish Fold cat and The British, American, Oriental & Exotic short haired cats and more!

If you are looking to find out how big your Tuxedo Cat is likely to grow it all depends on it’s breeding, if you have any idea about it’s parenting you can get a rough idea of how big it may be likely to grow by looking up any of the previously mentioned cats.

Genetics and Patterning

Male cats usually carry the orange and black fur genes, occasionally they will carry two coloured genes. Male cats carrying two coloured genes will not father tuxedo kittens. Female cats carry either two genes for orange or black fur. Only cats carrying two black genes will have a completely black coat.

Male and female cats will both carry the required genes for pie-balding. Pie-balding is an area of white unpigmented fur. If the piebald gene is dominant then your cat while have much more white fur. In order to get tuxedo patterning your cat must be either piebald dominant or have incomplete dominant genes.

Tuxedo Cat Personality Traits

Tuxedo cats are often compared to dogs because of their lively and energetic nature. They are also often very social cats who love the company of humans much like a dog, they love to sit on your lap for a stroke.

They are fairly vocal compared to most cats and are often thought to be among the most clever of cats however this will depend upon their breeding.

They are usually quite strong independent characters who are completely comfortable with or without company, consequently they often wander into trouble!

Worried about where your cat goes? Use a Cat Tracker for peace of mind.



If your Tuxedo Cat is kept indoors it is statistically more likely to have a longer life than if you allow it to roam freely outdoors (unless you use a cat enclosure to safely limit their freedom while outside).

Providing you take good care of your feline friend, feed them the best cat food, keep their weight well managed (a good way of doing this is by getting them a cat exercise wheel) and take them to regular vet appointments your cat should easily live a minimum 15 years. Most cats won’t live much beyond 20 years.

Letting your cat go outside doesn’t necessarily have to have a detrimental effect on your cat’s lifespan though, just ensure you monitor their time outside, particularly when the weather is very hot or cold or when it is dark.

One effective way of limiting your cat’s outdoor time is by installing a smart cat flap which you can set to allow them outdoor access only at specific times of the day.

Caring for your Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedos are easy cats to look after providing they don’t have any ailments or health concerns. In order to keep your cat healthy make sure that you take your cat to the vets at least once a year for a check up and booster jabs (these are particularly important for outdoor cats). It is also a good idea to ensure that your cat has been spayed to prevent a litter of kittens arriving!

Make sure to regularly check your cat for discharges, bad smells, persistent itches or strange lumps and bumps and if you notice anything be sure to book a veterinary appointment as soon as possible. Make sure their litter is always clean and fresh to minimise the risk of disease or infection in any wounds, to make this easier you could try a self cleaning litter tray!

It is also a good idea to comb your cat thoroughly at least once a month, this will allow you to check for and fleas or lice and will keep your cats coat looking extra healthy by removing dead skin and knotted hair.

They can be fussy drinkers too so consider using a cat water fountain to ensure that your cat is always sufficiently hydrated.

We also recommend that you feed your cat dental sticks to help keep plaque and tartar off their teeth and if you’re really keen to keep your cat in great oral health it is a great idea to invest in a cat toothbrush.

Facts About Tuxedo Cats

  1. Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare all had their own tuxedo cat.
  2. A Tuxedo Cat lived in the Whitehouse during the Clinton era.
  3. One of the most famous Tuxedo cats in Britain is Palmerston who resides in the Foreign Office. He made headlines in the summer of 2016 when he had a very public fight with Larry the Downing Street Cat.
  4. 75% of all cat are black and white.
  5. Black and white cats spend on average ten days longer waiting to be adopted from shelters than cats of different colours.

If you’ve got to grips with what a Tuxedo Cat is have a little read of our top 12 reasons below why Tuxedo Cats are the best, uf you enjoyed those facts you can also read more fascinating cat facts here.

12 Reasons Why Tuxedo Cats are the Best!

We love Tuxedo Cats and know that they are the best type of cat to have, however not everybody is aware of just how great they are so here are our 12 top reasons why they are the very best type of cat to have!

1 – Their Distinctive Black and White Looks

The unmistakable Tuxedo look means your cat is dressed to impress is his formal shirt and suit attire at all times. If cat points were awarded for best dressed the Tux would win all of them every-time!


2 – Best Swimmers in the Domestic Cat Family

Like all cats they hate to swim, however they are the best swimmers of all domestic cats, their athletic prowess and powerful hind legs makes them brilliant swimmers, just don’t ask them to show you!

Tuxedo Cat relaxing after a long swim

3 – Superior Levels of Intelligence

Tuxedo Cats are extremely intelligent when compared with other types of cat. No academic study has yet been conducted to clarify why and how they are more intelligent but the experience and observations of thousands of cat owners doesn’t lie!

intelligent looking tuxedo cat

Some Tuxedo Cat aficionados suggest that they are more than twice as intelligent as the average domestic cat and anyone who has owned a Tuxedo cat along with another type of cat will probably affirm that their Tux cat had a far more active interest in everything going on around them – due, of course, to their incredible levels of intelligence. It is also interesting to note that it is believed that non-tuxedo cats may increase their mental capacity by up to 15% by living with a Tuxedo cat!

So if you’re looking for a cat that is easier to train than the average cat (the average cat being near impossible to train) then hopefully you will do a little better (we must stress the words hopefully and little here as no cats are easy to train!) with a sharp minded Tux cat.

4 – The Egyptians Loved Them..A Lot!

While I personally don’t advocate the worship of cats (their egos are big enough as it is), in the past they were held in high esteem by the ancient Egyptians with some people even worshipping them.

Cat nap time

Cat nap time

I’m not sure exactly what blessings one might expect to receive from the worship of cats, a mouse free household? Long undisturbed naps? Who knows!?

5 – They Love A Good Cuddle

They are particularly affectionate, they love the company of humans will actively seek you out so that they can enjoy nothing more than curling up in your lap and getting a good stroke.

Cute black and white tuxedo cat relaxing

Waiting for a stroke

Our cat will often lie down on her back when she spots you coming so that she is ready for a quick stroke!

6- They are Very Good Natured

They are very affectionate and compassionate, hence their love for cuddles and strokes, they love to come and find you and rub their head loving against you just to let you know that they are there and that they are fond of you!

Tuxedo cat checking on owners in bed

Coming to say hello

7 – They are Great Mousers

If you have a mouse infestation in your home then you can’t go wrong with a Tuxedo Cat, their patience and stealthiness makes them superb mouse catchers. If they catch half a sniff of a mouse they won’t give up until it has been caught!

Tuxedo Cat hunting for mice Looking for mice!

We had no idea we had mice in our previous home until our cat, Whisky, proudly presented us with one in the middle of the lounge. In the subsequent months we managed to catch nine mice between us (I used traps, Whisky used claws)!

8 – They Like to Welcome Their Owners back from Work

A lot of cats show no interest in welcoming their owners back after work but would rather just sleep until they hear the familiar rattle of food pouring into their bowl. Not so with Tuxedo cats, many Tuxedos will run to the door as soon as they hear any sounds which indicate their owner is returning. This is part of the reason why tuxedo cats are sometimes said to have a dog-like personality.

Whisky the tuxedo cat

Are they home yet?

9 – They are Athletic Cats

Tuxedo cats are generally strong, athletic cats with very high metabolisms. So make sure you get them a good scratching post so they can properly stretch out those muscles!

They often have ferocious appetites but don’t easily put weight on until they are fairly old and much more sedentary.

What do tuxedo cats look like

10 – They have an Adventurous and Independent Spirit

They love to explore and discover new things. Any time you bring a new piece of furniture or any object into the house your cat must first give it a thorough sniffing and climb all over it before it can be officially welcomed into the household.

If you are worried that your cat’s adventurous spirit may land it in trouble then we recommend you check out some cat trackers alternatively you could take them out in a cat carrier so they get to see all the sights and sniff all the smells but with any danger of them running into trouble!

Having a sniff

Having a sniff

They are also very independent and will happily spend many many hours alone exploring outside or relaxing inside without any trouble.

11 – They are Very Photogenic

We couldn’t do a list like this without mentioning how great they look in front of the camera, with their strikingly bold contrasting fur patterns normally complemented by a pair of very bright eyes it is difficult to take a bad photo of one (top tip – for some photos with a bit of extra wow factor why not get a cat camera with a treat dispenser incorporated into it so you can seamlessly photograph them as they leap into the air)!

Tuxedo cat in a box

12 – They are the Cat of Choice for Famous Historical & Cultural Icons

Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare all were all allegedly very fond of their pet Tuxedo cats. The Clinton family also famously kept a tuxedo cat in the Whitehouse and there is a mischievous Tuxedo cat that lives in the British foreign office to control the mouse population there!

Socks - The Whitehouse cat

Socks – The Whitehouse cat

If you’re looking for a celebrity endorsement to confirm that a Tuxedo cat is the best type of cat to get you don’t need to look very far!