About Us

Tuxedo cat is run by Whisky with assistance from Dan. Whisky was born in August 2014 and was adopted from the cat rescue home 6 months later.

Here Whisky hopes to educate and inform people about how great Tuxedo Cats are while also seeking to answer all your cat-related questions.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Team:



Whisky is the brains and inspiration behind the website, she oversees its day to day running.

This involves ensuring that content is regularly posted, social media is kept up to date and she makes sure to watch out for opportunities to promote the plight of tuxedo cats as far and wide as possible.

She also likes to periodically walk across Dan’s keyboard to remind him who’s boss!



Dan was once a committed dog man however the experience of having had a cat for the last seven years made him realise that he was always a cat man at heart.

Dan regularly writes for the site, uploads content, does cat related research and basically does whatever Whisky tells him to….including cleaning out her litter tray and giving her cat treats!

You can read articles written by Dan here.



Cristina is a qualified veterinarian (you can view her Researchgate page here) and a cat lover.

She holds a Ph.D. in veterinary oncology and is passionate about giving cat owners the right advice on caring for their feline companions.

She loves writing about feline pathology, parasitology, and infectious diseases, but she also cares deeply about feline nutrition and animal welfare.

When she isn’t writing, you can always find her in the company of her cat and a good book.

You can read articles written by Cristina here.



Megan has been writing articles about pet care for over 5 years and loves helping owners care for their cats.

As well as having pets of her own at home, Megan has experience caring for animals of all shapes and sizes from dogs and cats to rhinos and elephants.
From studying animal care to working with wildlife, you can always find her around animals.

You can read articles written by Megan here.



Hannah is a content writer and editor.

She has two cats and is soon to be adopting a third, with several litters of kittens in between, her hands-on experience and love for cats means that whatever questions you’ve got about cats, she has the answer.

You can read articles written by Hannah here.