Tuxedo cat is run by Whisky with assistance from Dan. Whisky was born in August 2014 and was adopted from the cat rescue home 6 months later.

Here Whisky hopes to educate and inform people about how great Tuxedo Cats are while hopefully having some fun along the way too!

If you have any questions, comment or suggestions please get in touch here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Staff:

Whisky the tuxedo cat

Whisky – Head Of Operations

Whisky is the brains behind Tuxedo Cat, she oversees the day to day running of the website, ensuring that content is regularly posted, social media is kept up to date and watching out for opportunities to promote the plight of tuxedo cats as far and wide as possible.


daniel richardson

Dan – Admin Assistant

Dan keeps things ticking over here, he answers emails on behalf of Whisky, schedules social media posts, replies to comments, sorts mail and occasionally writes for the site too.