9 Best Cat Gadgets To Keep Your Cat Active

High-quality cat gadgets are great, they can help make the life of a cat owner easier while ensuring cats have everything they need to thrive.

There is a huge number of cat gadgets available but they aren’t all made to the same standard so we’ve rounded up some of the best cat gadgets and reviewed them below.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your cat at home, keep them entertained with interactive games or keep their feeding routine consistent there are incredible gadgets below that can help with all of this and more. 

1. The Skymee Robot 

SKYMEE Fury Bone Smart Interactive Pet Toys for Dogs Cats Indoor Outdoor Easy Manual & Auto Control via App

The Skymee Robot is one of the coolest pet gadgets we’ve seen.

It is a fun addition to any smart home and offers many unique features.

This robot has wheels meaning it can move around the house, it can roam around automatically, on a path you have set or you can move it yourself using your phone.

You can also set it to play with your cat using the three emotion settings, it will move autonomously in happy, unpredictable or excited movement patterns.

It moves at three different speeds with the top speed being 11.5ft/second…fast enough to give your cat a thrilling chase!

It is a fun way to keep your cats entertained.

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The Skymee Robot is reliable and will keep your cat company on days you’re busy.

2. The Tractive IKATI Cat Tracker 

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker with Custom Cat Collar, Follow them Everywhere, 24/7 Location and 365-day History

The Tractive Cat Tracker is the best GPS cat tracker and activity monitor for cats.

It gives owners the ability to check where their cat is at any time.

There are no distance limitations with this tracker and you can receive live location updates to your smartphone.

This is a reliable system that lets you see where your cat is as well as see historical location data and daily activity information. 

Using the Tractive GPS tracker you can get to know your cat’s favourite hang out spots and what they are up to when away from home.

You can also use the app to create virtual safe zones.

This is a sturdy, reliable tracker that is extremely user-friendly.

The tracker does require a subscription but this is common for GPS trackers.

The tracker’s battery should last between 2 – 5 days in between charges but it depends on how often the live tracking feature is used as this requires a lot of battery power. 

This small tracker is packed with features and gives owners peace of mind while their curious cat is out and about.

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The tracker only weighs 30g and is suitable for cats weighing 4kg+.

The lightweight device won’t get in the way and is 100% waterproof and shock-resistant so is built to handle any adventures your cat takes it on.

We love that you can see your cat’s activity levels and personalise the map with geofencing. 

3. Interactive Cat Ball

Fairwin Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Interactive Cat Toy Ball with LED Light and Catnip Toys for Cats Kitten Funny Chaser Roller Auto 360 Degree Self-Rotating & USB Rechargeable

This is ideal for indoor cats and for times when you’re not around to offer interactive play. 

The ball automatically moves around, the movement is random which helps hold your cat’s attention and encourage them to chase the ball.

The unpredictable movement of the ball is great as it helps to stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct. 

There is also a glowing red light that helps to get your cat’s attention.

A recent upgrade has made this cat ball USB rechargeable which is very convenient and you can set the ball to automatically turn off after 30 minutes to help save battery power and prevent your cat from becoming bored and uninterested.

This small ball is ideal for cats, it is highly durable and safe for unsupervised play.

This ball rolls along most floor types but it is best for hard floors as it does struggle with thicker carpets.

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This is a simple toy that offers great stimulation for indoor cats, it encourages them to chase and pounce on it and is a perfect distraction when no one is home to play. 

4. PetSafe Frolicat Cheese

PetSafe FroliCat Portable Cheese Automatic Cat Teaser

The Frolicat Cheese Automatic Cat Teaser is a fun, randomised game that keeps your cat busy. The block of cheese has two mice that pop out randomly creating an exciting game.

Hunting the mice as they disappear and reappear makes for a fun and engaging game.

You don’t have to worry about this game moving around the house as the movement is the mice coming in and out of the cheese rather than the whole thing moving. 

You can set the toy to a “while you are away” mode and the game works spontaneously during the day, this unexpected movement helps to encourage your cat to play.

You can also set it to a single play mode where it will switch off after 15 minutes. 

This is a simple, low-cost game that helps to keep cats distracted and stimulated during the day.

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Cats love the random nature of this and do their best to catch the mice before they disappear back into the cheese.

5. Petsafe Laser Toy

PetSafe FroliCat Stimulating Exercise Laser Cat Toy, Adjustable

If you like the sound of the laser toys but you don’t need a whole camera setup, take a look at the Petsafe Laser Toy.

This is a laser that can be set to manual or hands-free play.

When set to hands-free the laser will move around randomly. 

The random laser game works for 15 minutes before automatically turning off.

The laser is safe for cats and has a large range making it a lot of fun in rooms of any size.

The unpredictable movement of the lasers keeps cats entertained as they try to chase it around.

The adjustable mirror allows you to customise the direction of the laser too.

The toy needs 4 AA batteries to work and the battery power lasts for up to 1 month.

This is a fun laser game that can be played together or alone.

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Cats seem to be unable to resist the fast-paced, unpredictable movement of a laser pointer so this is a popular toy.

6. Litter Robot 3 

Click image to view on the Litter Robot website

The Litter-Robot 3 is the best of the automatic cat litter trays. It is extremely convenient and loved by cats (and their owners).

The Litter Robot 3 uses a rotating filter system to clean the litter.

It works well with all litter, including clumping litter and the efficient system means cats get through 50% less kitty litter than usual.

This is a large litter box so is great for bigger cats or homes with multiple cats.

Thanks to the self-cleaning nature, the Litter-Robot 3 only needs emptying once a week.

There is even an automated night light feature that illuminates the tray in the dark.

Owners can set the cleaning cycle to work 3, 7, or 15 minutes after your cat has left the litter box.

This helps to prevent cats from getting frightened by the machine but don’t worry, it will never clean when your cat is inside. 

The Litter-Robot 3 works on mains power but it also has a backup battery that will provide 48 hours of power in the case of a power cut.

This has all the key features of an automatic cat litter tray and offers so much more.

Cats can get upset if their litter tray isn’t clean so this robot makes sure the litter is always clean and ready for use.

7. Cat Playground App 

If your cat loves to play chasing games the Cat Playground App (Available on Android devices) offers hours of entertainment.

One of the things we like about this app for cats is that it includes a selection of mini-games from laser chase to catch-a-mouse and whack-a-mole.

It also has a fun fishing game. 

This app is a great option for keeping cats interested while you are busy with other things.

Some of the games even have sound effects that help to grab your cat’s attention and encourage them to play. 

Many cat’s love trying to catch the mice as they run around the screen.

Owners can decide on the settings and sit back and relax while their cat focuses on the games. 

8. Cat Alone App 

Cat Alone is a free app available on Apple & Android devices that will keep your cat entertained.

The app has 6 stages, each one offers a different item or bug for your cat to chase.

The different options help to keep your cat interested.

As your cat plays the game more you will probably find they are more responsive to certain stages and then you can choose the games you know your cat likes or set the app to shuffle between the stages. 

This is a simple app that uses colour and movement to interest your cat.

The flies and cockroaches can be swatted and some of the stages have sound effects too.

There is also a classic laser pointer that bounces around the screen at different speeds and sizes. 

9. The PetCube Play 2

petcube play

Another great cat camera is the PetCube Play 2.

This is a small camera that has a lot to offer.

It offers HD video quality, has a 160-degree view, a 4x digital zoom and automatic night vision.

The camera can be used to check on your cat and it can also be used to interact with them.

There is a built-in microphone and speaker and an interactive laser toy too. 

The laser pointer is fantastic as you can control the laser yourself or set it to come on automatically.

The laser is safe for humans and animals and will help to keep your cat active and engaged while home alone. 

Something else we love about the PetCube Play 2 is the real-time alerts.

You can be alerted if your cat is meowing and the camera will record when triggered by motion and sound.

This is great for checking in with cats while you aren’t home and it can be used to encourage them off the sofa for some play sessions. 

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