The Best Cat Toothbrushes – The Ultimate Feline Dental Care Guide

keep your cats teeth healthyCleaning your cat’s teeth is one of the best things you can do to help your cat stay healthy, it is particularly important as they grow older and tartar and plaque builds up on their teeth.

However as most cats wont enjoy the sensation of a toothbrush on their teeth initially it is still important to start regularly cleaning your cat’s teeth from a young age in order to help them get used to the sensation.

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As your cat will not be used to having it’s teeth cleaned it is unlikely to respond well to the teeth cleaning sensation the first time you clean their teeth. However there are many things you can do to help get your cat used to the sensation of having its teeth brushed read our cat teeth cleaning guide here for our top tips!

Below we have reviewed some of the most useful products in the feline oral health market place to help you keep your cat as healthy as possible:

The Bogart Anti-Plaque Finger Cat Toothbrush

Anti-Plaque Finger for Cats
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The Bogart anti-plaque finger is an innovative product which is ideal for introducing your cat to the idea of having it’s teeth cleaned.

The anti-plaque finger slips neatly onto your own finger allowing you to gently massage your cat’s teeth, much easier than using a toothbrush, and hopefully it will not cause too much distress in the process.

Bogart have created this product using silver-ion technology (this is a clever type of tech which makes silver toxic to bacteria) which means it is anti-bacterial.

It has a micro-fibre texture which will feel comfortable on your cat’s teeth and gums but does a great job of removing plaque from teeth.

It is also designed to fit any finger size and shape and is washable too, it will retain it’s shape in the wash and can be reused for up to eight weeks (depending on how frequently you clean your cat’s teeth).

All in all this is a great piece of kit to use if your cat is new to the teeth cleaning game, it’s ideally suited to young cats as it will help them get used to having their teeth and gums handled but will also work well for older cats with plaque problems who may not respond well to other cleaning methods.

Petsmile Professional Toothpaste

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This high end pet toothpaste currently comes in just one flavour, beef, fortunately it’s a flavour that most cats will enjoy. Because many cats hate having their teeth cleaned it is good to know that they are likely to enjoy this flavour and are often very happy to lick it off your fingers if you can’t persuade them to let you brush their teeth.

The toothpaste itself contains plenty of Calprox which is formulated to prevent the build up of plaque and promote healthy teeth and gums. Although you will probably get more out of this toothpaste if you brush it into your cat’s teeth and gums this is not necessary as it is activated on contact with your pet’s saliva.

This product is also great for improving bad breath in any cat and has the official approval of the Veterinary Oral Health Council. This toothpaste is also used by many veterinary practices in a professional capacity, so if it’s good enough for them it should definitely be good enough for your cat!

This toothpaste comes with a charcoal brush with soft bristles. Charcoal brushes are known to be great for helping with killing bacteria and germs so this product really ticks all the boxes.

Hertzko Triple Headed Toothbrush

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The Hertzko cat toothbrush is really about as goo a toothbrush as you are going to get for any cat. It has every function and feature on it you could ever need to give every type of tooth a good brush in a quick and efficient manner.

The multi head brush allows you to brush all sides of your cat’s teeth at once, meaning that the whole brushing experience will be much quicker and therefore less distressing for your cat. Many customers who have moved from using standard cat toothbrushes to using the Hertzko brush claim that it has cut the time it takes to clean their pets teeth in half!

It also includes a finger brush which slots onto the end of the main brush so you don’t lose it, this fit comfortably on your finger and makes it much easier to get to those hard to reach teeth.

It also includes a rubberised handle so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand during brushing. This may not sound like a particularly important feature but when you get a bit of slobber in a standard toothbrush they very easily slip out of your hand, a problem which is easily avoided with the fantastic grip on this product.

Ceva Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

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The Ceva Logic pet toothpaste (or hygiene gel) is one of the cat toothpastes on the market, it is very easy to apply and comes with a finger toothbrush included to make application easier.

The gel contains a formula which inhibits the growth of bacteria which contribute to the formation of plaque.

The formula is specially formulated so that the enzymes in it interact with your cat’s own salivary production system in order to improve it and make it more efficient in keeping their oral health under control.

The formula also contains a surfactant (this is a substance which is used to help minimise the surface tension of a liquid in it is dissolved) which means the gel will better bling to your cat’s teeth for prolonged periods and will not easily come off. This makes it perfect for really getting into the teeth and dealing with long standing plaque problems.

This is a great product for any cat that has particularly bad breath (as it significantly helps with oral odour problems) or any cat that has has a lot of plaque on it’s teeth.

The Complete Guide to Cat Dental Health & Brushing Your Cat’s Teethfeline dental hygiene guide

However this is not the case, in fact it is estimated that 80% of cats over three years old have teeth and gum problems, so failure to properly manage your cat’s oral hygiene can end up causing them a lot of problems and discomfort as they age. Problems like tartar build up and Gingivitus are particularly common and can lead to tooth loss and bad breath.

Use the right kind of Toothpaste

Chicken or fish flavoured toothpaste is going to be much more agreeable to a cat than a lot of other flavours so try and get a flavoured toothpaste to make the experience more enjoyable.

Stick to a Routine

If you are going to clean your cat’s teeth everyday (everyday is great if you can fit it in but if not three times a week should be sufficient for most cats) try and ensure you do it at a set time each day so that your cat gets used to the routine.

Keep it Quick

Don’t brush for more than ten seconds at once without giving them a good stroke to thank them for putting up with the experience!

Position your Cat Correctly

Have your cat stand with it’s back to you as you brush it’s teeth, this will prevent it running away and also will seem far less confrontational to your cat.

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