black cat spiritual meaning explained

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning Explained

Black cats are surrounded with myths and symbolism.

They are beautiful, sensitive, and mysterious and, for many spiritual people, black cats are believed to be bringers of good luck, wealth, and fortune while for others, they are believed to bring bad luck.

It really depends who you’re asking and where you are in the world. 

There is a lot of harmful information out there but thankfully the belief that black cats are bad omens has become largely outdated and the majority of people do not let these myths dictate how they treat these animals.

What Does It Mean When You See A Black Cat?

Seeing a black cat is almost always associated with luck but whether the luck is thought to be good or bad depends on the country, or region of the country, you are in.

black cat on path

It may also depend on what the black cat is doing when you see it (e.g. walking away from you). 

If you see a black cat in North America it is generally considered bad luck, it is also considered bad luck if you see a black cat during a family member’s funeral procession or if you see a black cat walking away from you.

North America isn’t the only place to have this negative association with black cats, in some countries black cats are believed to be carriers of hunger and poverty. 

However, in many countries seeing a black cat is believed to be a good thing and is thought of as a sign of good luck.

In much of China, for example, black cats are associated with good fortune, wealth, love, and long life.

In Latvia, a black kitten in a litter is thought to be an indication of a fruitful harvest. 

As you can see, the spiritual meaning of seeing a black cat has both positive and negative beliefs depending on who you ask. 

When Is It Bad Luck To See A Black Cat?

It is never bad luck to see a black cat but there are several myths that suggest it is.

In many countries including Spain, Italy, and the USA seeing a black cat is often associated with bad luck, evil, and death.

Some superstitions say if a cat walks across your path it brings bad luck. 

black cat showing teeth

There are lots of contradictions when it comes to black cats.

Some people say if you have to take 3 steps back after seeing a black cat it is bad luck while others say you should take at least 3 steps back to get rid of the curse of seeing a black cat. 

In some superstitions, the direction the cat is walking in determines if it is seen as good luck or bad luck.

In Germany, if a black cat is crossing your path from right to left it’s thought of as bad luck while if a black cat crosses your path from left to right it’s good luck.

There are so many superstitions around black cats and the negative associations have resulted in black cats being feared, avoided, and even harmed. 

Seeing A Black Cat At Night Meaning

Seeing a black cat at night doesn’t have any specific meaning.

Although in some theatrical circles it is believed that seeing a black cat in the audience on opening night means the play is going to have a long and prosperous run. 

what does it mean when you see a black cat at night

Some people think seeing a black cat at night is a bad omen.

This is thought to be connected to Celtic mythology where a creature called the Cat Sith would steal people’s souls. 

The thought that seeing a black cat at night is a bad omen may also be connected to European folklore that says a black cat crossing your path by moonlight is associated with death. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Black Cat Crossing Your Path

In many situations, a black cat crossing your path is believed to bring good luck.

In the spiritual sense, a black cat represents good fortune, prosperity and protection so seeing one is a good thing. 

Many people believe a black cat crossing your path is a sign of fate and being protected by a guardian angel. 

black cat crossing path

However, black cats have a lot of symbolism attached to them and different parts of the world have different associations with them.

In Japan and the UK, a black cat is associated with success and good luck while in other parts of the world it is the opposite.

Some people believe that if a black cat crosses your path while you are working on something it is a sign of bad luck and you will not succeed in the task.

In India, if a black cat crosses your path while you are driving it is thought to be a terrible omen and many people will park their car and move out of the way.

What Does It Mean When A Black Cat Comes To Your House?

A black cat visiting your house could simply mean they are exploring the area and their curiosity has led them to your door.

They may be lost, hungry, or in need of shelter, or they might have found food or water nearby which is what is keeping them close. 

what does it mean when a black cat comes to your house

There are some spiritual connections relating to a black cat coming to your house too.

In some parts of the world, it is thought to be a good sign if a black cat comes to your house.

Another common belief is that if you open your door and see a black cat on your doorstep or entering your house it signifies good luck. 

Some people think that if a black cat shows up at your house and you have been experiencing bad times recently it signifies that good luck is coming.

In some parts of Europe, a woman having a black cat at home is believed to bring her many admirers and in parts of the UK, a cat coming to your house is thought to be an indication of prosperity. 

Are Black Cats Mentioned In The Bible?

No, despite what some other websites say, black cats (or cats of any colour for that matter) are not mentioned in the bible…we’ve done the research!

That said big cats are mentioned in the bible, for example in the story of Daniel in the Lion’s den.

Black Cat Symbolism

The first thing that comes to mind for many people when it comes to black cat symbolism is superstition.

Black cats have long been a symbol of superstition and mystery. 

black cat amongst dandelions

Black cats have a lot of conflicting symbolism around them depending on the culture, era, and location you read about.

It’s important to remember that black cats are not a breed, they are simply a fur colour meaning there is actually very little that separates black cats and cats of other colours. 

In folklore, black cats are either considered to be wonderful or evil. They are either held in high regard or thought of as bad luck or witch companions. 

Seeing a black cat in your dreams is thought to be a symbol of feminine energy, playfulness and the need to trust your intuition.

When you see a black cat, whether in real life or your dreams, it can symbolise strength, mystery, standing up against prejudice.

What Did Black Cats Symbolise In Egypt?

In Egypt cats are considered sacred and are thought to bring good luck to those who keep them.

This is because there was an Egyptian cat goddess named Bast who became associated with domestic cats. 

ancient egypt and cats

Bast was one of the most popular goddesses and thanks to her, cats were considered sacred and harming one was thought to be a crime against Bast. 

This goddess oversaw protection and was worshipped throughout Lower Egypt.

People had black cats in their homes to help win the cat goddess’ favour.

Black cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt and well cared for. 

What Does Celtic Mythology Say About Black Cats?

Celtic mythology paints black cats in a negative light.

They are seen as evil and this is because, according to Celtic mythology, there was a large black cat with a white dot on his belly called the Cat Sith.

The Cat Sith would intercept souls and this would stop them from continuing their journey to the afterlife.  

black cat spiritual meaning explained

This Cat Sith was considered to be a witch/ fairy (depending on the story) and could transform 9 times.

The Cat Sith would appear with an arched back and hair sticking up and was known for claiming souls before they arrived at their final resting place. 

What Are Some Common Myths About Black Cats?

There are countless myths about black cats.

Below we have summarised some of the most common myths you are likely to have heard at some point or another:

Black Cats Are Bad Luck 

There are a number of myths about black cats being connected to bad luck, death, and evil. These myths are believed to have stemmed from medieval times when animals with dark fur/ feathers were thought to signal death.  

Black Cats Are Witches In Disguise 

One of the biggest pieces of folklore about black cats is that they are associated with witches and witchcraft.

The story is believed to have begun with a black cat who ran into a house that was thought to be inhabited by a witch. 

black cats were once believed to be witches in disguise

Black cats seen at night were believed to be witches in disguise or witches’ pets.

Black cats were also thought to be reincarnated witches that caused bad luck.

During this time, people who fed stray cats were often accused of witchery.

Black Cats Are Good Luck 

Although black cats do have a lot of negative associations, there are many positive myths and superstitions too.

In many myths black cats are linked to good luck and protection. 

black cat reclining on desk

In Egypt black cats were held in high esteem as they resembled the Egyptian goddess Bast.

In many other countries and cultures, black cats are considered a sign of good luck, particularly in certain situations.

Common myths about black cat bringing good luck: 

  • If you own a black cat you are lucky in life (Asia/ UK)
  • If a bride receives a black cat as a gift she will have luck in her marriage (England)
  • If you spot a black cat you’ll be lucky in love (Japan) 
  • If sailors bring a black cat on the ship they will have a safe journey (Europe)
  • If a black cat appears on your doorway you will have prosperity (Scotland)
  • If you see a black cat something magical will happen (France) 

The Spiritual Meaning Of Owning A Black Cat

It is believed that cats are spiritual animals that are drawn to spiritual people.

Older cats are said to have larger energetic bodies and have high intuition and positive energy.

Black cats are believed to help raise their owners’ vibration and keep bad luck away.

Are Black Cats Spiritual Protectors?

Yes, black cats are thought to be spiritual guardians for their families.

They are believed to know when something is going to happen and are thought to try to protect their owners from bad things. 

black cat playing

Many people believe cats are able to protect you from curses and keep you safe.

They are thought to be healers and bring positive energy into your home.

Black cats specifically are believed to be connected to protection and deep magic with the ability to remove negative energy from homes. 

Black cats are popular for spiritual people, they are thought to have the strongest spiritual connections and are very protective of their home and family.