Can Cats Use Pee Pads?

Yes, cats can use pee pads.

Pee pads can be used at any time but are most often used for training purposes and for older or unwell cats that are experiencing bladder issues.

Cat pee pads are the same as puppy pads and can be used to help make your and your cat’s lives easier.

Are There Pee Pads Designed For Cats?

Yes, there are pee pads designed especially for cats but they are not as widely available as puppy pads.

Puppy pads are more well-known and are easier to find in local pet stores but some may stock “pet pads” or cat-specific pads too. 

pee pad for cats

If you can only find puppy pads, these should be just as effective to use as cat-specific pads as they are both designed to do the same job.

The pads are absorbent, easy to use and keep the floor protected. 

If your cat tends to be fussy, you may find a cat-specific pad is best as some puppy pads are scented to specifically attract dogs which may not be as appealing to your cat.

Some cat pee pads are also sized to fit perfectly into a litter tray which can be helpful too. 

If the pee pad is compatible with a litter tray, the size or type of tray will often be stated in the product description so you can be sure the pads you choose can be used with your litter tray. 

How Do Pee Pads Work For Cats?

Cat pee pads work in the exact same way as puppy pee pads.

They are multi-layered, super absorbent and odour-controlling.

They can be used in a range of situations and encourage your cat to relieve themselves on the pad while also protecting the flooring.

Pee pads are a great tool for teaching your pet where they should do their business.

cat peeping out of box

Most pee pads are disposable and tend to last a maximum of 1-2 days before needing to be changed.

The pee pad can be placed wherever your cat tends to urinate and then once your cat has started using the pads you can gradually move them closer to the litter box if your goal is to train them to use the litter box. 

In some situations, such as with older cats, pee pads are used to help prevent accidents and keep the cat comfortable so it isn’t necessary to move the pee pads around.

You can simply place the pee pads where they are needed and replace them when soiled.  

Can You Put Pee Pads Under Cat Litter?

Yes, pee pads can be used under cat litter if needed.

If your cat is familiar with using pee pads then placing one under their cat litter can encourage them to use the litter box. 

cat litter

You can use pee pads to train your cat to use the litter box but the pads should first be used outside the litter box (in the location your cat often pees) and then should be moved to the litter box gradually. 

Placing a pee pad under cat litter can also be a way of preventing leaks and mess. 

Many cat owners also find it helpful to place a pee pad underneath the litter box to catch any urine or mess that ends up just beyond the edges of the litter box.

The pad absorbs any leaks and odours making cleaning up quicker and easier

When To Use Pee Pads For Cats

There are many situations where using cat pee pads can be helpful, these include:

When Your Cat Is Missing The Litter Box

Accidents happen, and sometimes cats go to the litter box but end up urinating just outside the box.

cleaning up cat urine

Placing a pee pad just outside the litter box, or underneath the litter box, will help to catch any accidents and manage the mess. 

When Your Cat Refuses To Use The Litter Box 

If your cat is not using the litter box at all, pee pads can be used to help make cleaning up messes easy and are great for teaching your cat to use the litter box.

pretty litter colors

The pee pad helps control odour and keep the floor clean to prevent your cat from returning to the same spot time after time. 

Once they’ve got the hang of using the pad rather than the floor, the pad can be slowly moved towards the litter box.

Once the pad is in the litter box your cat should not have a problem using it. 

For Kittens 

One of the most common times to use pee pads is when you just bring your new kitten home. Kittens still have lots to learn and using pee pads is a perfect way to start training.

kitten playing in litter box

The pads are scented to encourage pets to use them and cats should be rewarded with a treat and praise for using the pad. 

For Older or Unwell Cats

Older cats and cats that are unwell may struggle to get to the litter box to do their business. Pee pads are a great solution as they are easier to use than the litter box and are gentler on their paws too.

a 10 year old black and white cat

The light colour of the pee pad can also be helpful in monitoring your cat’s urine and faeces for abnormalities and changes too. 

For Fussy Cats

If your cat wants to use the litter box regularly but refuses to use it unless it has been cleaned in between every use, pee pads can be used to offer a suitable alternative (this is ideal for when you’re at work).  

How To Train Your Cat To Use Pee Pads:

  1. First, place the pee pad in the spots you are finding pee. 

Positioning the pad in a spot your cat is already going to pee makes it more likely your cat will use the pad straight away. Pee pads are scented to attract pets to use them. 

  1. Be patient. 

It may take a few hours for your cat to even acknowledge the pad but they will hopefully use it the next time they need to go to the toilet.

If needed, you can encourage them to use the pad by placing a small amount of litter on the pad, or by using the pad to soak up a recent accident so your cat will be able to smell the urine on it. 

  1. Reward your cat for using the pad. 

When you see your cat wee or poo on the pad give them food/ attention.

You want to positively reinforce that the use of the pee pad is preferred and that good things happen when they use it. Change the pee pad as needed. 

  1. Continue to do this until your cat is using only the pads and they are not having any accidents on the floor. 

Once your cat starts using the pads it shouldn’t take long before this is where they go when they need the toilet. Your cat is now trained to use pee pads!

  1. Begin to move the pee pads towards the litter box. 

You can now start the transition from using the pee pads to using the litter box. Do this by slowly moving the pee pad towards the litter box. Each day move the pee pad a small amount. 

  1. After a week or two, the pee pad can be placed into the litter box.

Your cat should now be so used to using the pee pad that they will go into the litter box and use it when the pee pad is inside.

Once your cat has got the hang of going into the litter box when they need the toilet you can slowly start to add cat litter until your cat is happy using the litter and the pee pads are no longer needed.