Cat Growth and Development

How does cats growth and development compare to dogs and humans?

Though cats are unique and special creatures in many ways, it turns out that when it comes to their growth and development they have a lot of similarities with their canine counterparts and even their owners.


After your cats pregnancy has finished and your Kittens are in their infant month kittens and puppies will require as much attention and sleep as a baby would, typically spending around 90% of their day dozing!

In terms of diet, kittens should be fed 3 meals a day when they are between 3-6 months and twice a day thereafter. Kittens should not be given cow’s milk as, despite a reputation for loving milk, they don’t actually have the enzymes to digest it properly.

Adult Cats

During adulthood, some cats can fall victim to diseases like obesity which can in turn cause joint issues and diabetes. A good diet and regular exercise through interactive play can help stave off many common issues but consult your vet and consider a diet cat food if you’re concerned your cat is overweight.

Cats are generally very cleanly animals but you may consider helping them out with teeth brushing and trips to the vet to check up on their dental health.

cat having it's teeth cleaned

Senior Cats

In their senior years, cats need a high protein diet that includes omega-3 essential fats like krill oil. Consider a specially tailored diet if your senior cat has heart or kidney disease and otherwise just ensure your cat has regular check-ups with your veterinarian.

The below infographic from MedicAnimal details the differences and similarities between cats, dogs and humans as they develop from infants to adulthood and through to old age, featuring interesting facts and tips and advice for each life stage.

Cats often live longer and have a better quality of live when they’re cared for by a well-educated owner so have a read through the visual and see if you learn anything new about your pet!


Cat, dog and human development – how do they compare? courtesy of MedicAnimal

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