Cat Memorials: 6 Tasteful Ways To Remember Your Cat

Losing a cat is a difficult experience to go through.

Properly memorializing your cat is a great way of displaying your love for them and helping their memory live on in your life.

Here are 6 tasteful cat memorial options:

  1. A memorial tree
  2. A soft toy replica
  3. A portrait
  4. A pendant – available on both Amazon & Etsy.
  5. An urn – available on both Etsy & Amazon
  6. A memorial stone

1. A Memorial Tree

Planting a memorial tree is a touching way to ensure the memory of your pet continues to live on for years and years to come.

A tree is a lasting memorial that is actually cheaper than a bunch of flowers in many cases.

Trees For A Change are a U.S based company that will plant a tree in a U.S forest in memory of your cat, you will get a certificate and card sent to you when the tree has been planted.

They print your pets name and dates on the certificate along with a message explaining that a tree was planted in your cat’s honour. For a small extra fee, they will also frame the certificate.

The great thing about planting a tree is that it is good for the environment and you can also go and visit the forest and the tree (if you can find it) too.

If you’re based in the UK and you’d rather have a tree planted over here for your cat then Amazon sells a tree urn which transforms your pet’s ashes to life in the form of a tree:

This can be planted in your garden so you have a constant reminder of your pet as it grows.

2. A Soft Toy Replica

Petsies specialise in stuffed cat toy replicas that look genuinely real.

All you need to do to get a memorial toy of your cat made is:

  1. Send a few good quality pictures of your cat over to Petsies via their website (use this link).
  2. Wait for your stuffed cat to arrive in the post (Petsies is a US-based company but they deliver to the UK).

They are the perfect memorial for someone who wants to have a lifelike, huggable version of their cat that will last for years to come.

cat memorial stuffed toy

Every Petsies toy is handmade with speciality furs, noses & eyes which are selected to match your cats features as closely as possible.

And their advanced airbrushing techniques allow them to closely match your cats coat markings too.

3. A Portrait

A cat portrait is a great way to remember your pet.

Whether you want something small or a large centrepiece type portrait they are a great way to keep their memory alive in your home.

Etsy is a great place to get a professional cat portrait done as there are many highly talented artists and pet lovers on there.

You could probably find a local artist somewhere near you with a quick search on Facebook.

We got the portrait below done of our cat Whisky in 2019 (she’s still alive), it wasn’t expensive at all and makes a great piece of wall art in our office.

Our very own Whisky, a pencil drawing drawn by Garry Aston from

Most artists will do digital prints, ideal if you want to save money and print it yourself, as well as full-size physical copies.

4. A Pendant

A memorial pendant allows you to carry your cat close to your heart.

With a huge range of pendant styles available on both Amazon & Etsy you will easily be able to find one that reflects your cat’s personality.

Whether you want an engraved one, a heart-shaped one, one that features a portrait of your cat or even a pendant that contains some of your cat’s ashes – you can find them all.

Depending on what pendant you go for and where you buy from you can choose some highly unique memorial options which include things such as:

  • preserving ashes in a crystal glass
  • inlaying ashes into Crystarosin and Crystallure based jewellery
  • ash imprinting

5. An Urn

Cremating your pet can be expensive, however if you have the available budget for it then storing your pet’s ashes in a tasteful urn can be a lovely tribute.

Pet urns come in all shapes and sizes so you should be able to find one that fits your cat’s character.

Both Etsy & Amazon have wide ranges of pet urns available.

Whether you want a brass, wood or ceramic urn you can find one to suit.

Many urns also allow you to add a picture of your pet to them too.

Be aware if you have a big cat you will need a bigger urn, the table below gives a rough guide of the sort of size urn you should be looking for:

Cat TypeCat WeightUrn Size
Average domestic cat3.6-4.5kg / 8-10 lbs20-25cm3 / 8 – 10in3
Siamese Cat2.2-4.5kg / 5-10 lbs12-25cm3 / 5 – 10in3
Maine Coon4.5-11kg / 10-25 lbs25-63.5cm3 / 10 – 25in3

6. A Memorial Stone

Memorial stones can be a fitting tribute to your pet.

The good thing about memorial stones is that they come in all shapes and sizes.

You can get a large memorial stone which you can put in your cat’s favourite spot in the garden as a centrepiece.

Alternatively, you can get a small memorial which you can keep on your mantlepiece, in your car or wherever you want to place it.

One of the best place to get a bespoke custom made memorial stone is Etsy.

They have a huge range of different options to suit all budgets.

Ranging from small engraved stones to large centrepiece ones which can have a photo included in them, they also have hangable slate options too.

Dealing with the loss of your cat is difficult but we hope that this article has helped give you some ideas which will allow you to fondly remember your cat for years and years to come.

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