The Best Pet Water Fountains For Cats 2018 | UK Drinking Fountain Reviews & Guide

a Cat drinking water

Ever noticed how your cat seems to prefer drinking from the toilet than its own water bowl? This is partly because moving water is better oxygenated than still water. Oxygenated water tastes fresher and is consequently more appealing to cats. Cat drinking fountains are a great alternative to toilet water!

Below we have put together a table of the best cat fountains currently available for purchase online, beneath the table you can find a review of each one. Simply click the water fountain name in the table to scroll down to its review.

Table Of The Best Cat Water Fountains:

  Water CapacityWeightDimensionsFilter?Price
The Honey GuardianView Amazon price2.5 Litres1.2kg27.8cm x 20.8cm x 17.7cm View Price on Amazon
The Petkit Anti Burn OutView Amazon price2 Litres1.3kg19.9cm x 19.7cm x 16.6cm View Price on Amazon
The Petsafe DrinkwellView Amazon price5 Litres2.2kg27.5cm x 26cm x 40.6cm View Price on Amazon
The Petsafe AvalonView Amazon price2 Litres2.7kg21.1cm x 31.1cm x 31.1cm View Price on Amazon
The Cat MateView Amazon price2 Litres980 grams21cm x 16cm x 24.1cm View Price on Amazon
The Catit Senses 3View Amazon price3 Litres907 grams19cm x 21.2cm x 22.1cm View Price on Amazon
The Paracity LEDView Amazon price1.8 Litres1.1kg26.2cm x 21.4cm x 12.2cm View Price on Amazon
The Catit Flower FountainView Amazon price3 Litres821 grams21cm x 21cm x 18.5cm View Price on Amazon
The Catit Fresh & ClearView Amazon price2 Litres1.1kg16.3cm x 21.6cm x 21.6cm View Price on Amazon
The Amzdeal Blue LEDView Amazon price2 Litres1.3kg27cm x 22.8cm x 20.6cm View Price on Amazon
The DogitView Amazon price6 Litres985 grams24.8cm x 30.5cm x 17.1cm View Price on Amazon
The Ceramic FountainView Amazon price2.1 Litres2.7kg31cm x 22cm x 31cm View Price on Amazon
The Paw Fiesta
View Amazon price3 Litres1.2kg31cm x 8xcm x 17.5cm View Price on Amazon

For further advice on buying a fountain for your cat read our buyers guide here.

The Honey Guardian Cat Fountain Review

honey guardian water fountain in action

Click image to view price on Amazon

The confusingly named honey guardian water fountain is neither a guardian nor a honey container…instead is it safe to say it is one of the best cat water fountains available at the moment.

It comes packed with several innovative features that will leave your cat feeling thoroughly hydrated and refreshed while ensuring that you don’t unnecessarily waste electricity or water.

It features three different modes:

The Infrared Induction Mode: The Honey Guardian has infrared sensors built into it which can accurately detect if your cat is within a range of 150 centimetres of it. If the sensors detect a cat they will immediately trigger the water fountain to flow, then as soon as your cat has had its fill and retreated beyond 150 centimetres the water will stop flowing, thereby saving you on electricity and reducing (by a small amount) background noise in your home.

Continuous Mode: No surprises here, in continuous mode your water fountain will flow continuously all day long, regardless of how near or far away your pets are. This setting is ideal for cats that are more timid in nature and may be startled by the water fountain suddenly starting when they get close to it.

Intermittence Mode: Every 30 minutes the water fountain will pump out a small amount of water into the bowl at the top, this can be ideal for timid cats who can come and take their fill when it is off. It can also be useful for over excitable cats who may try and splash at the moving water creating a huge mess, using the intermittent setting means that your cat is less likely to drink from the fountain when it is flowing than with the other two settings. This setting saves power while still keeping the water fresh and regularly filtered.

These three settings allow you to optimise your water fountain for the most efficient method of delivery so that it uses the least amount of power necessary. In fact this water fountain can function on as little as 2.6 KW of power a month!

Honey Guardian Cat Fountain
Water Capacity 2.5 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 1.2kg
Dimensions 27.8cm x 20.8cm x 17.7cm
Filters Charcoal filter

The Petkit Anti Burn Out Water Dispenser Review

petkit anti burn out drinking fountain

Click image to check price on Amazon

The smart and stylish Petkit anti burn out water dispenser (AKA a fountain!) is more than just a looker. It features very useful anti burn-out technology which will alert you with an alarm when the water levels are running low and switch off before it gets completely empty.

This prevents your motor from continuing to run when the water bowl is empty so that you can be sure that your motor won’t burn itself out and break as has been known to happen with some cheaper models of water fountain. If you are the type of cat owner who is perhaps a bit forgetful then this model would be a good choice for you!

With an extra silent pump which emits less than 50 decibels of sound (50 decibels is equivalent to a quiet conversation, also bear in mind that the sound level was tested from one foot away so if you are standing further away it will be more or less imperceptible) you could even place this in a bedroom and not notice it is running all night.

As with most water fountains it makes use of comprehensive triple filtration system to get all the contaminants out of your cats water whether they are big lumps of dirt, bits of hair or microscopic contaminants.

It also features a yellow indicator light which will flash to tell you when the filter needs to be replaced so that you don’t have to check it periodically as with other water fountains you just change it when it needs to be changed, saving you both time and money.

The PetKit Anti Burn Out also has a smart mode which allows it to work out whether it is day or night time by judging the amount of visible light in the room. In night mode it will output a smaller and more infrequent amount of water under the assumption that your pet is likely to be asleep…or at least less thirsty during the night, and in day mode the output will be greater and more frequent. Using the smart mode allows you to save energy (and water and money!) by optimising water delivery for times when your pet requires it most.

The Petkit anti burn out
Water Capacity 2 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 1.3kg
Dimensions 19.9cm x 19.7cm x 16.6cm
Filters Triple Purifying Filter

The Petsafe Drinkwell Fountain Review

petsafe platinum drinking fountain in action

Click image to view price on Amazon

The 5 litre capacity Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum is a market leader in the world of cat fountains, it’s huge capacity makes it ideal for multi-cat households.

It features a silent pouring system which works by pouring the fountain onto a small ramp which prevents your fountain sounding like a trickling stream, it’s submersible pump also operates pretty much silently too so it cats won’t be scared by any noise.

It has a removable reservoir which makes it much easier to top up as it can be taken out and filled up directly at the sink.

It is dishwasher safe and easy to assemble and take to bits with its snap locks which allow you to quickly clip it together.

This water fountain boasts an active carbon filtration system with filters which are made from carbonised coconut shells. These are activated by adding oxygen to them thereby making them highly absorbent. Activated carbon is highly effective at removing chlorine and common contaminants from a water supply.

This is the largest of the Petsafe water fountains, they also have two other versions with a capacity of 1.8 litres and 4 litres.

The Petsafe Drinkwell
Water Capacity 5 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 2.2kg
Dimensions 27.5cm x 26cm x 40.6cm
Filters Active carbon filtration system

The Petsafe Avalon Ceramic Cat Fountain Review

the petsafe drinkwater avalon in full flow

Click image to view price on Amazon

The Petsafe Avalon Ceramic is a free flowing fountain which does a great job of keeping your pets’ water constantly oxygenated and tasting fresh.

Being made from ceramic rather than plastic helps keep the water cool and also makes it easier to wash, however it is important to be aware that a ceramic bowl is more prone to cracking or breaking if it is hit, dropped or knocked over so take care to make sure that it is carefully placed somewhere where it is not likely to be in the way.

Being made from ceramic also means that the water bowl is significantly heavier than plastic alternative weighing in at a weighty 2.7kg before you’ve even added any water.

The broad bottomed drinking bowl design of the Petsafe Avalon helps to ensure that even the biggest of cats will struggle to tip it over!

Featuring Petsafe’s active carbon filtration system you can be confident that the water will be kept clean and fresh tasting and should satisfy even the fussiest of furry feline drinkers.

It is quite a loud water fountain as they go with the water stream splashing directly into the water pool in the bowl, so it does create a constant trickle sound which some cats (and humans!) may not like.

It is available in white porcelain and red stoneware colours and comes with a 5 foot power cable which should be enough to allow you to place exactly where you want it to be.

One thing to be aware of with this water bowl is that when the water level gets lower it can be hard for cats to access it in the lower part of the bowl, so it is important to keep it regularly topped up.

Several customers have reported that despite keeping this fountain running 24 hours a day 7 days a week it is still happily going without any problems well over a year after purchase so long as you look after it and clean it regularly there is no reason why it won’t last a very long time!

The Petsafe Avalon Fountain
Water Capacity  2 Litres
Power  Plugs into mains
Weight (without water)  2.7kg
Dimensions  21.1cm x 31.1cm x 31.1cm
Filters  Active carbon filtration system

Cat Mate Drinking Fountain Review

Cat mate drinking fountain

Click image to view price on Amazon


The Cat Mate fountain is great for a multi cat household, it is also perfect for a household which has both dogs and cats in it. This is because it has three different height levels with a height to suit all your animals from your tallest to your smallest.

It also features two water ramps to minimize any fountain noise which could be caused by splashing.

The Cat Mate pump requires a minimal amount of power to run (2 Watts) and it also comes with a  supply for safety and is provided with a 3 meter power cord to make it easy to put it exactly where you want it to be for ease of placement.

The flow level can be adjusted to suit your pet, for example higher flow levels entice some pets to drink more regularly.

One thing to be aware of with this product is that it comes in two parts which clip together, if you have a particularly boisterous cat that may enjoy climbing on the water fountain then there is a possibility that the two parts may separate resulting in a bit of a puddle on your floor!

It’s polymer activated carbon filters ensure that water is filtered as finely as possible to prevent any contaminants finding their way into your cats drinking water.

As with all of the products featured on this page the important thing to remember is to make sure that you regularly clean it out. Many users complain that the motor only lasted a few months, this is usually as a result of not being regularly cleaned. Regular cleaning will ensure that your pump continues to function without any problems for at least a couple of years.

Cat Mate Drinking Fountain
Water Capacity 2 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 980 grams
Dimensions 21cm x 16cm x 24.1cm
Filters Polymer activated carbon filter

The Catit Senses 3 Review

the catit senses 3

Click image to view price on Amazon

The Catit Senses 3 looks remarkably like a large bucket…arguably it is not too dissimilar to a bucket as a large part of its volume is made up of it’s 3 litre reservoir…much like a bucket. However it is one of the best buckets for drinking out of that we have come across.

Featuring a cooling re-circulation system which not only filters the water but aerates it and (no all water fountains do this) cools it too!

It uses Catit’s triple action filter system which is very good at removing extra fine particles of magnesium and calcium which are often found in tap water and can be harmful for cats over a long period of time.

The water in the Catit Senses 3 gushes out of the centre of the bucket creating a moving bubble of water which your cat may enjoy playing with (as the cat in the video below does!).

Catit Senses 3 Water Fountain
Water Capacity 3 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 907 grams
Dimensions 19cm x 21.2cm x 22.1cm
Filters Triple action filter

Paracity LED Pet Waterbowl Review

LED pet water fountain in action in the dark

Click image to view price on Amazon

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night feeling like your tongue has turned into a piece of sandpaper? Dazed and disorientated you make your way down to the kitchen managing to find your way to the sink only after stubbing your toe on the door, tripping over your child’s scooter and knocking your cats water bowl over. Sound familiar? It does to me!

The LED feature is perhaps less useful for your cat (or dog) who will have far superior night vision to us humans, however it is very useful in the scenario previously mentioned. Instead of having to sheepishly dry off your feet before crawling back into your bed you will now be fully aware of where your cats water bowl is in the night so can instead delicately step around it.

The blue LED function is cool, there’s no denying that however it’s probably not a deal breaker unless you are habitually stepping in your cats water bowl in the night.

Having said that regardless of the blue LEDs it is still a good water fountain even with it’s relatively modest 1.8 litre capacity.

Featuring charcoal filters to remove even the smallest of contaminants from the water you can be sure your cat will enjoy this water fountain.

Despite the water jet going directly into the bowl it is also very quiet with little trickle noise and very minimal pump noise too.

Paracity LED Waterbowl
Water Capacity 1.8 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 1.1kg
Dimensions 26.2cm x 21.4cm x 12.2cm
Filters Charcoal filters

The Catit Flower Fountain Review

the catit flower fountain with flowing stream

Click image to view price on Amazon

If you are looking for a cat water fountain that stands out then the Catit flower fountain is the one for you! Featuring a white flower with a yellow stigma from which the water flows over the white petals into the green water bowl, this water fountain is as colourful as it is creative.

The Catit Flower fountain includes a water softening system which softens tap water and also purifies it too. It’s filters also catches any cat hairs or other particles floating in it so that your cat doesn’t end up drinking them.

Be aware that if your cat is new to water fountains they may get overly curious of the streams causing your floor to get a bit of a soaking, however once they get used to the idea of their drinking water flowing over a flower this will soon cease to be a problem.

It also features 3 different flow settings. These are:

A gentle water flow – to activate this setting simply remove the flower and allow the water to flow freely out.

Bubbling water flow –  The water bubbles out through the top of the flower  

Calm stream flow – The stream flows from the top of the flower in a steady and consistent stream straight into the water bowl.

Setting up the Catit is very simple to do, the pump system simply slots into the bucket along with the filter. Then fill the water bowl up place the green lid on top to seal in the pump. Then all your need to do is decide which flow setting you want to use, the flower easily slides in and out of place depending on which setting you wish to you.

So if you’re looking for a simple product which is as unique as it is colourful then the Catit flower fountain could be a great choice for you!

The Catit Flower Fountain
Water Capacity 3 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 821 grams
Dimensions 21cm x 21cm x 18.5cm
Filters  Triple action filter

Catit Fresh & Clear Review

A white Catit stainless steel water fountain

Click image to view price on Amazon

If you’re looking for a water fountain that will make a splash then keep looking because rather than featuring an actual fountain the Catit fresh and clear circulates the water allowing it to bubble up through the middle thus resulting in a complete lack of any significant machine made splash. Your cat however may have other ideas when it comes to how much of a splash this water bowl will make!

This water fountain is very similar to the Catit Senses 3 however it is made from stainless steel.

Being made of stainless steel is another reason why this bowl is a good choice. Stainless steel bowls last longer and are also beneficial to the health of your cat. This is because bacteria is quickly caught and will accumulate in cracks and scratches, which easily appear in plastic bowls, and can potentially lead to illness, such as urinary disease, if you are not careful.

Being made from stainless steel also means that cat owners can rest assured that their cat bowl was not manufactured using chemicals which are often used in the creation of molded plastic bowls.

This drinking bowl is both tall and broad. The elevated position creates a more natural and comfortable drinking position for your cat.

The width of the bowl allows the water to be better oxygenated so that the water will taste fresher to your cat.

Catit Fresh & Clear
Water Capacity 2 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 1.1kg
Dimensions 16.3cm x 21.6cm x 21.6cm
Filters Premium dual action filters

Amzdeal Blue LED Cat Water Fountain Review

Amzdeal LED pet fountain

Click image to view price on Amazon

This is our second fountain featuring a blue LED so you can see it clearly in the the night, it could potentially be handy for cats with poor eyesight who may struggle to find their way around in the dark.

This water fountain is extremely silent with it’s mute motor function which means you won’t be able to hear even a gentle hum from it.

It features an adjustable water flow rate to suit your cat which can be set from a slow to a fast trickle.

Setting up this fountain is quick and easy, plug in the pump cable at the bottom of the water bowl, fill the bowl up with water, insert the filter, plug it into the wall and switch it on!

A word of warning though it does somewhat resemble a child’s potty so if you have young children you should takes pains to ensure that no such mistake is made for the sake of your cat. It is also worth noting that the power cable that comes with the Amzdeal is very short at only 70 centimetres, so this does put limits on where exactly you can place it.

Amzdeal Blue LED Fountain
Water Capacity 2 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 1.3kg
Dimensions 27cm x 22.8cm x 20.6cm
Filters Charcoal filter

Dogit Fountain Review

dogit water fountain

Click image to view price on Amazon

The Dogit water fountain is designed for dogs (in case you hadn’t already guessed from the name), with a massive 6 litre capacity it has plenty of water for even the biggest and thirstiest of canines.

While this fountain may not be first choice for many cat owners it is worth considering particularly if you have a big cat, such as a Maine Coon, or if you have a lot of cats, as you can be sure that here is plenty of water in there to keep them hydrated throughout even the hottest of days.

This water fountain is not suitable for kittens though as it is particularly high so they will struggle to reach it, so only purchase this is your cats are full sized felines! This also means that this water fountain will not be ideal for dwarf breeds of cats such as the Munchkin cat.

Also due to its considerable size it is quite heavy at around 1kg when empty, and significantly heavier when full, probably similar in weight to a half full bucket of water. The Dogit will also require frequent cleaning especially if you have several pets drinking from it so it is important that you are comfortable with picking up reasonably heavy things from the floor if you are going to purchase this fountain and get the most out of it.

Reports vary on whether this would be considered a noisy fountain or a quiet fountain, the consensus seems to be that if you are going to place it on a wooden floor then you will probably notice the noise, if however you place it on a carpeted floor or a matt then the noise from the pump is almost inaudible.

One other key issue which some users have pointed out with this fountain is that you must ensure that you don’t overfill it! There is a marker where it should be filled up to however it can be tempting to fill it higher so that it will last longer, however doing this will allow the water to escape through the cable hole and leak all over your floor!

The Dogit Fountain
Water Capacity 6 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 985 grams
Dimensions 24.8cm x 30.5cm x 17.1cm
Filters  Dual Filtration System

Ceramic Pet Water Fountain Review

ceramic pet fountain with flowing water

Click image to view price on Amazon

The ceramic pet fountain is a uniquely designed with a central blue sphere which the water cascades over. This allows your cat three different ways to drink it’s water; waterfall drinking as the water flows down the sphere, 360 degree drinking from the circular pool in the bowl, this makes it a great choice for homes with multiple cats as they will be able to access the bowl simultaneously from any angle.  There is also a bubbling water drinking function where you can set the fountain to bubble up from the top where you cat can also drink it.

The ceramic material used is environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic as well as being very easy to clean.

This cat drinking fountain also features an extremely quiet pump which uses very little energy to keep it running

This water fountain makes use of an extra fine coconut carbon filter which is comprised of three layers. The first layer filters out any hair and larger particles, the second carbon layer keeps the water fresh and clean and finally the third layer filters out any bad tastes or smells in the water.

Ceramic Pet Fountain
Water Capacity 2.1 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 2.7kg
Dimensions 31cm x 22cm x 31cm
Filters Double layer carbon filters

Pawfiesta Cat Water Fountain Review

The pawfiest water fountain for cats

Click image to view price on Amazon

Available with both pink and blue fountain tops to suit, the beautifully simple Pawfiesta gets the job done well. There’s a reason it’s called the Pawfiesta too…it’s two flowing fountains will peak the curiosity of most cats who will no doubt happily spend a good bit of time creating a fiesta with their paws…by swatting at it! However once they get used to it there shouldn’t be too much need to mop up after your cat every time they use it.

With plenty of water storage capacity at 3 litres and 360 degree access to the drinking bowl the Pawfiesta is a perfect and reasonably priced water fountain for any household which has multiple cats in it, the Pawfiesta will allow then all to easily access the flowing water streams at the same time…we just hope they won’t start having a water fight together!

The Pawfiesta
Water Capacity 3 Litres
Power Plugs into mains
Weight (without water) 1.2kg
Dimensions 31cm x 8cm x 17.5cm
Filters  Charcoal filter

What is a Cat Water Fountain?

A cat water fountain is a device which is designed to emulate a flowing stream. It circulates your cats water so it that it will continually flow while it is on. Cat water fountains also use filtration systems to keep the water clean and fresh. Cat’s often prefer drinking moving water, which is why you may catch them trying to drink from your taps, so a water fountain should encourage them to drink more frequently.

A Guide to Buying a Water Fountain

When purchasing a fountain for your cat it is essential that your purchase is right for your pet. It is likely that you are considering making this purchase because you are concerned that your cat doesn’t drink enough.

It is therefore important that any fountain you buy encourages your cat to drink regularly, in order to do this you need to be sure that it will keep your cat’s water supply tasting fresh and cool while keeping it clean.

Cats love running water which is why you may have noticed your cat drinking from a dripping tap or trying to drink from the toilet. So is therefore essential that it incorporates moving water into it as this is the key thing that will encourage cats to drink more.

Plastic, Metal Or Ceramic?

The material which your drinking fountain is made of has a significant impact on how fresh and clean the water will taste. Steel and ceramic are very good materials for ensuring that flavouring is kept out of the water however many drinking fountains are made of plastic.

The problem with plastic is that as they age they are likely to accumulate scratches which are impossible to effectively clean out thoroughly so they will harbour bacteria, which isn’t good for your pet and will also have an impact on the flavour of the water.

If you do buy a plastic fountain you should make sure that it is made from BPA free plastic. BPA is a chemical which is often used in the plastic manufacturing process and research has shown that it can sometimes contaminate food or liquids that are stored in plastic containers made with BPA.

How To Keep Your Cat Water Fountain Clean

It is important to regularly dismantle and clean your drinking fountain. If you don’t regularly clean your water fountain it will eventually become clogged up with cat hair and bits of food.

This will prevent it from working effectively and will taint the taste and reduce the quality of the water, your pet is likely to stop drinking if the water is not sanitary.

How Often Should You Clean Your Fountain?

The frequency with which your fountain should be clean depends on how many cats you have using it. If you just have one cat that uses it then once clean a week should be sufficient to keep most water fountains operating efficiently.

If you have two or more cats using it then the fountain should be cleaned at least twice a week or preferably once every two or three days. If you have three or more cats using your fountain then it is a good idea to have more than one fountain available to avoid quickly clogging up the filter.

How To Get Your Cat To Drink From Their New Fountain

If your cat is not used to drinking from a fountain then it may take them a while to get used to it. For most cats, even the most cautious of cats, curiosity will get the better of them sooner or later and they will come and explore the fountain and eventually have a drink from it.

There are a few things that you can do to help your cat quickly get used to the fountain;

Put The Fountain In The Right Placetabby cat drinking from a pipe

Your cat’s water should be placed well away from their food and their litter tray. This is because cats do not like their water sources to be tainted by any food or any other waste.

It is also a good idea to keep your water fountain away from any radiators or fires so that the water does not become unpalatable.

Make Sure They Have Access To Other Water Sources

When you are first getting your cat used to using it’s new fountain you should make sure that there is another source of water nearby so that they if they don’t initially take too well to it they have another choice available until they fully adjust.

How To Introduce Your Cat To The Fountain

When you first get the fountain fill it up but don’t turn it on, allow your cat to investigate it and have a drink from the water bowl if they want to.

Once your cat is comfortable with the fountain being in your home then begin turning it on, turn it on for a couple of hours twice a week for the first few weeks. This will allow your cat to get used to the noise that the water pump makes.

When your cat drinks from the fountain it is a good idea to reward them with a cat treat, this helps to reinforce the message that the fountain is a positive thing in their life.

Within a couple of weeks most cats will happily be drinking from a water fountain with no trouble, don’t worry if your cat takes a bit longer just keep giving them opportunities to get used to it and they will soon get the hang of it.

We hope you found our guide useful and it has helped you make an informed purchase of a good quality water fountain for your cat, if not you can view our full list of reviewed water fountains here.


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