Why Are Cats So Scared Of Cucumbers?

picture of a cat looking at a cucumber

If you have seen any of the viral videos that were going around a couple of years ago (check out the video below) you will be familiar with the cat cucumber prank.

While the cat is eating or drinking someone will quietly sneak up behind the cat out of their line of sight and place a cucumber down behind them without the cat realising.

Then as the cat turns around and notices that a strange green object has appeared out of nowhere directly behind them they will usually act in a manner which makes no secret of the fact that they are very surprised!

There are hundreds of videos on Facebook and YouTube of cats jumping high into the air, scuttling away as fast as they can or even knocking items of furniture over when they catch sight of the cucumber.

Of course not all cats react so strongly to the sight of a cucumber (our own cat was nonplussed) but many do.

The question is why do cats scare so easily when they see a cucumber?

No one knows for certain but here are a couple of theories:

Cats Are Scared Of Cucumbers Because It Is Unfamiliar

Cats are not scared of cucumbers so much as they are surprised by the appearance of a strange object which they weren’t expecting to be there.

Your cat’s food and drinking bowls are places they are very familiar and comfortable with, their bowls are places of safety and security so when they are eating or drinking they will be completely relaxed and at ease.

When your cat glances around and notices that something strange and unfamiliar has appeared directly behind them in their safe place then this will startle them due to the unexpected nature of it thus resulting in them panicking, jumping in the air or running away!

Cucumbers May Resemble A Snake

There is also a theory that cats may think that the cucumber is a green snake, snakes of course can be very dangerous predators, so it is not surprising that they react with fear.

Scaring Your Cat With A Cucumber Is Bad For Your Cats Health

While it can be tempting to have a go at filming your own viral cat video you shouldn’t.

Scaring your cat triggers their instinctive startle response which causes them considerable stress and is not good for their health.

Some of the videos show cats leaping very high when they spot the cucumber, if a cat reacts like this then there is the added danger that they may crash into something and do themselves (and the object) considerable damage.

Cats and cucumber can coexist peacefully without any problems, just make sure that you don’t introduce your cat to cucumbers in a way which surprises them!

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