do bears eat cats

Do Bears Eat Cats?

A bear may kill and eat a cat in rare circumstances, for example, if a cat wandered between a mother and her cubs.

However, bear attacks on cats are extremely rare with bears often more likely to run away from an aggressive cat than attack them.

do bears eat cats

Bears Vs Cats 

Surprisingly bears are often scared of cats no matter the size.

This could be due to big cats hunting bears long ago and still now in some regions resulting in bears being naturally scared of even small felines.

It looks like when it comes to bears and cats; some small bears or cubs might be on the menu for bigger cats such as tigers, lions and jaguars.

This could potentially have an impact even with small cats, as their lighting quick reflexes and sharp claws can injure a bear if it tries to get close.

There are several known cases in Asia to date where Siberian Tigers take bears as prey, such as small cubs and smaller bears.

Will Bears Ever Attack And Eat A Cat?

Bears are carnivores.

bear and cubs

Grizzly and Black Bears that venture into populated areas are omnivores because they eat both plants and animals.

Only a small percentage of a bear’s diet will consist of meat; however, this includes fish, insects, and in many cases, any small mammals and animals that they find.

However it is very rare for a bear to eat a cat, for a couple of reasons:

  • They would have trouble catching a cat.
  • Bears are quite nervous of cats (search youtube for bear vs cat videos and you’ll see!)

Are Bears Dangerous? 

Typically bears will avoid humans and unknown animals whenever they can. Countless interactions between bears and humans are recorded every single year without harm to both parties.

You are more likely to be killed by lightning or a bee sting rather than be killed by a bear statistically, the same is true for your cat.

Bears will almost always retreat if they encounter a threat before you have even encountered their presence.

Bears are predictable according to bearsmart; they use body language and vocalisations to show their intentions, in which in many cases, it is them just protecting their cubs.

Did You Know?
Currently, eight species of bear exist in the wild, with some being endangered, the US has one of the biggest bear populations in the world, with estimations in a region of 339,000 to 465,000 according to National Geographic.

How Can We Keep Our Cats Safe From Bears? 

It is simple. Just be cautious and take the right measurements. Like any domestic animal, Cats are going to be just as in danger as animals that bears could potentially feast on. 

Of course, you take some measurements to make sure that they are safe. Here is what we would recommend you do. 

  1. Proof your garden and surrounding areas. Make sure that barriers exist to keep wolves and coyotes out. Make sure that any fence is at least 6 feet or higher. It should also extend into the ground and be made of a durable material such as a wire fence. 
  2. Install sensitive lighting into your house and garden that are motion-based.
  3. Make sure your cat is healthy and treat them accordingly if not. 
  4. Attract noise attracting collars to cats such as bells to make noise when they roam. 
  5. Keep your cat in at night to reduce the chance of anything happening. 
  6. Keep your garbage and bins clean and inside your home (if possible) so that bears aren’t tempted to come and rummage through them.


It is very rare for a bear to kill and eat a cat, while though it has happened in a few rare cases these attacks are extremely rare and are so infrequent that you really have nothing to worry about.

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