do cats like wearing clothes

Do Cats Like Wearing Clothes?

As a general rule, most cats will not like wearing clothes.

Clothes restrict a cat’s movement, they can get their claws caught in them and the experience of putting them on can cause them distress.

However not all cats are the same, some cats may enjoy wearing clothes.

cat wearing a christmas crop top

If you have a bald cat, such as a Sphynx cat, Ukrainian Levkoy cat or similar then a cat jacket is something which they may enjoy and appreciate as it is a great way of keeping them warm in the winter months.

Other cats may just enjoy the attention they receive when being dressed.

Is It Safe For A Cat To Wear Clothes?

Generally no, it is not safe for cats to wear clothes.

Cats love to climb and they love to crawl into small spaces. Both of these activities become far more dangerous if they are wearing clothes.

Clothes can easily get caught on a twig or branch, they can also get trapped in door closures and more.

If your cat is wearing clothes that get caught on something there is a very serious danger that your cat may get strangled by the clothing or potentially trapped, unable to move.

If for some reason you are very keen for your cat to wear clothes then you should ensure that:

  • They are velcro or quick release fastened so that if they do get caught they will easily rip off.
  • If their legs are covered you should also ensure that the leg holes have an easy escape mechanism, if the garment only has quick release/velcro fastenings on the back they can still get caught in the legs.
  • You do not let them outside wearing clothes.
  • Do not let them get out of your site, even in your own home, while wearing clothes.
  • You remove the clothes immediately if your cat shows any signs of distress.

Clothes That Are Safe For A Cat To Wear

As we mentioned if your cat must wear clothes then ensure that they are clothes that are easy for a cat to escape from if they get caught in anything.


cat wearing a sleeveless sweater

Sweaters can be very dangerous for cats if they are not purpose-made.

Do not put your cat in a sweater that covers their legs as legs easily get trapped inside sweater sleeves, especially when they are distressed and have their claws out.

If your cat must wear a sweater make sure that it is sleeveless and that it is relatively easy for them to break out of if it gets caught on something.

It is also better to ensure that it is relatively slim fitting. Loose, trailing fabric is more likely to get caught up in something.


white cat with collar

Okay so they don’t really count as clothes but they can be accessorized with things like cat jewellery to make them a bit more exciting.

The best cat collars will use safe release clasps, these are plastic collar clips which will release quickly and easily if a small amount of force is applied to them.

This means if your cat’s collar gets snagged on something your cat’s body weight pulling against the collar will force it open before they become distressed.

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Dressing Cats Up For Halloween

Many people love to dress their cats up for some cute Halloween pictures.

If you’re thinking of doing this then here are a few things you should do to ensure that your cat’s welfare is prioritized:

  • Never leave them unattended. Cats should only wear a Halloween costume under your supervision to make sure they are safe.
  • Watch out for any signs of stress. Wearing a cute costume might be fun for you but it may not be so much fun for them. Watch out for signs of stress such as scratching, pawing, hiding and anxious meowing. Be prepared to undress them and abandon your plans for a cute photo if they seem stressed.

Examples Of Cats Wearing Clothes

Below are a few images of cats wearing what appear to be relatively cat-safe clothing:

cat wearing a christmas crop top

The cat above is wearing some sort of a vest, possibly with a hood attached.

It has no sleeves and appears to have velcro fastening across the front.

Clothing like this should be relatively comfortable and safe for your cat to wear. You should ensure that you can see your cat at all times when they are wearing a garment similar to this.

cat wearing a hat

You can’t go wrong with a hat on your cat.

While it may not stay on your cat’s head for very long you can be certain that it will be safe.

If your cat decides that they don’t like it then it will immediately be swiped off!

do cats like wearing clothes

A clip-on tie can be a fun accessory to attach to your cat’s collar for a few pictures.

Don’t let your cat roam around with one though as it can cause them to trip up and may get caught up in their claws.

cat wearing a sleeveless sweater

A sleeveless sweater is a fun way of keeping your cat a bit warmer.

Generally, cats are very good at regulating their own body temperature so don’t really need a sweater.

If they’ve recently been ill, they are hairless (and it’s winter) or they are quite old and more vulnerable to the cold then they may appreciate a sweater.

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