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What Is The Name For A Group Of Cats?

There are a few collective nouns which can be used to describe a group of cats but the most commonly used word is ‘Clowder’.

Some other collective nouns which can also be used for a group of cats include:

  • Cludder
  • Clutter
  • Colony – this word is typically used to describe a group of (usually) stray cats that live together in a particular territory. You often find colonies of stray cats around fishing ports when there is plenty of food.
  • Glaring – this is more commonly used when the cats are unfamiliar and unsure of each other (and are probably all glaring at one another!).
  • Pounce
a group of feral cats of different colours walking together on gravel
A friendly Clowder

What is a Group of Kittens Called?

There are a few different collective nouns which can be used for groups of kittens. The most common collective noun is of course ‘Litter’. However this is only used when all of the kittens are siblings who are born together.

Other ways of describing a group of kittens include:

  • Kindle – this word can be used to describe a group of kittens in exactly the same way as the word litter however it is less commonly used. The collective noun Kindle is thought to stem from a combination of the German word kinder (meaning children) and the old English word kindelen (meaning to give birth to). Somewhere along the line this word became associated with cats…and later electronic reading devices!
  • Intrigue – not commonly used but anyone who has ever had kittens will testify that this is a very appropriate word to use for a group of kittens as they are perpetually curious!
  • Entanglement – a rarely used collective noun yet one which makes sense when you have seen a group of newborn kittens with their limbs seemingly impossibly entangled together.

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Are there any other names for groups of cats or kittens that we missed out?

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