Hoover H-Purifier 300 review

Hoover Air Purifier Review: The H-Purifier 300

In 2020 during the first Covid lockdown here in the UK I noticed that I was struggling to breath, I routinely felt as if my airways were narrowing and I just couldn’t get enough oxygen in to even walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath.

It wasn’t Covid so I spoke to my doctor and we got some blood tests done.

The results showed that I was severely allergic to cat dander and mildly allergic to dog hair. Highly inconvenient given that we have a cat and two dogs in the house!

I was therefore very excited to get my hand on Hoover’s H-Purifier 300 to see if it would make a difference to my general aerobic health.

My Experience Using The H-Purifier 300

The H-Purifier 300 was very easy to setup;

  1. Simply get it out of the box
  2. Remove the plastic bag on the air filter and slot the filter back in place.
  3. Plug it in.
  4. Install the hOn app
  5. Follow the in-app instructions to get the purifier connected to the WiFi.
  6. Done

Having done all that I turned it on and let it get to work.

Typically during the average day I will usually have to take at least one puff of my blue inhaler to open my airways up again.

Part of the reason for this is that our cat Whisky routinely visits the office and spends a good chunk of time in here despite my allergy as I don’t have the heart to shoo her out.

Since setting up the air purifier in my office 5 days ago I’ve had just two puffs of my inhaler…and those puffs were on the weekend when I spend very little time in here.

So based on my entirely unscientific research I would say it seems to work very well at removing allergens from the air.

H-Purifier 300 vs 500 vs 700

H-Purifier 300H-Purifier 700
WiFi & Bluetooth
HEPA Filter System
Multi-sensor System
Pollen Capture & Inactivation
Quiet Sleep Mode
Carbon Monoxide Alert
Diffuser (Aroma & Pro-biotics)
Carry Handles
Weight (kg)6.39.6

Hoover has a number of different models of Air Purifier available.

The main difference between the 300 model vs the 500 (not shown) & 700 models is the lack of a built-in diffuser and humidifier function.

The 500 is only about £20 more expensive than the 300 for the diffuser, however the humidifier does add significant cost to the purifier with the 700 currently being £130 more expensive than the 300.

H-Purifier 300 Features:

1. HEPA Filtration

HEPA filters do the important job of getting the allergens out of your air.

The HEPA 13 filter used in the H-Purifier 300 claims to be able to filter out 99.95% of airborne particles of maximum penetration size.

What this means for people like me who are allergic to cat dander, and anyone who suffers from a pollen allergy, is that the vast majority of the allergens will be filtered out meaning you will be able to breathe far more freely and easily.

2. Quiet Sleep Mode

This purifier is quiet…even without sleep mode turned on.

However for the benefit of anyone who struggles with allergies through the night and is considering using an air purifier in their room I recorded this video of the purifier in action on sleep mode:

It’s quiet right? Like a very subtle white noise machine!

3. Carbon Monoxide Alert

One of the surprising features of the H-Purifier 300 is that it includes a carbon monoxide alert.

Thankfully my home is reassuringly free of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide however you can test the carbon monoxide by holding down the CO2 button for three seconds as demonstrated below:

When triggered the alert sounds the (very loud!) alarm and the air purifier flashes red (instead of the usual green shown in the video).

4. The App

The hOn app is Hoover’s app for all their smart products. It allows you to fully control your Air Purifier without having to touch the actual control panel.

If you want to you can start your Purifier 30 mins before you go to your office/bedroom/where ever you keep it so that by the time you get in your air is already fully purified (the H-Purifier 300 can purify the air of the average room in 10 minutes).

My Thoughts

Honestly, I’m very happy with the 300.

As someone who has severe cat allergies and also owns a cat that routinely visits me in my office and walks all over my desk the H-Purifier 300 has made a big difference to my life.

As I said I haven’t had to use my inhaler since setting it up (except for during the weekend when I’m not in this room) so it clearly has had a significant impact.

So if like me you have to walk the tight-rope of managing a cat allergy and a love of cats then I definitely recommend getting one!