How To Take Better Photographs Of Your Cat

If you have a cute pet cat then it is important that the world knows about it, it’s no good having a cat if you can’t share cute pictures of it all over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or your social media site of choice.

cat in front of a camera

If only it was this easy to get a good picture of your cat..

The trouble with cats is that they are often unwilling to be photographed. If you’re anything like me your cat photos are disappointing at best with your cat not looking at the camera, its back turned to the camera or simply a blurred shot of your cat running off into the distance.

It seems that whenever my cat does something photo-worthy by the time I am ready to take a picture she realises what I’m about to do and deliberately ruins the picture!

I quickly came to realise that if people are ever going to truly appreciate my cat I need to get better at taking pictures of her. I needed to level up my cat photography game.

a picture of a black and white cat looking at something on a blue rug

For a long time this was the standard of the vast majority of my cat photos

So here, in no particular order, are my top tips for taking the best perfect photo of your cat:

Distract Your Cat

Cats are very easily distracted, one second they can be posing serenely and the next second they’re heard a noise and have disappeared to investigate before you’ve even had a chance to get your phone out!

To take good pictures of your cat it is important to leverage your cat’s curiosity in your favour, find a way of capturing their attention.

A great photo from Gina who uses Dreamies to orchestrate the perfect photo opportunity

Gina Daniel (it is her great cat picture above) recommends that you rustle a pack of Dreamies above the lens of your camera so that your cat is looking at the lens when you take your picture. You can of course use any treat or favourite toy that will catch your cat’s eye for long enough.

Get The Angle Right

A lot of photos of cats are taken from our perspective, the camera is often a few feet in the air looking down on your cat, this generally will not work well.

Instead try getting down onto the same level as your cat, this will add a bit of character to your photos and help people to see your cat from a cat’s (or even a mouses) eye view.

How to photograph your cat

Whisky watching me take a picture of her on her level

Be Patient..

No one wants to see pictures of your cat in the same spot over and over again, unfortunately if you have a lazy cat who has found the most comfortable spot in the house and has no intentions of moving anytime soon then finding the perfect photo opportunity can often be all about waiting and waiting…(and possibly cajoling and enticing them if necessary!).

Patience is an essential piece of kit in the cat photographers tool box.

Joe the cat being photogenic

Rose’s cat Joe relaxing

Be Quick..

It’s no good being patient though, if, when the moment comes, you aren’t ready to snap away.

Cat lover Nicole Stasinos says that 90% of taking a great cat picture isĀ 90 being ready to begin with!

So to make sure you are ready you should utilise the ‘swipe right to take a photo’ function that most smart phones have now that means you don’t have to bother wasting time unlocking your phone when the perfect feline photo opportunity presents itself.

black and white cat poking its head out from under a bed sheet

Margaret’s cat Queen – caught on camera

Use Props

Cats love sitting by windows, looking into goldfish bowls or even sometimes admiring their own reflection in a mirror (as beautifully demonstrated below by Mr Ringo).

Making use of available reflective props can lead to some great photo opportunities, if your cat has a spot which they rarely ever move from then try placing a mirror nearby, snap away and see what happens!

picture of a ginger looking at itself in a shaving mirror

Rachel’s Cat Mr Ringo poses in the mirror

Use Technology

Many of us spend much of our day out of the home, missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potentially great photo opportunities, thankfully there is a solution which allows you to be both out of the house and ready to photograph your cat with ease:

The cat camera: these are devices which allow you to see what your cat is getting up to from the comfort of an app on your phone, some of them even include features such as a laser pointer and a mechanism which allows you to throw treats for your pet…as you can imagine this is bound to result in some great photo opportunities!

an adopted black and white tuxedo cat

Okay, so this wasn’t taken using a cat camera, but it’s still a cute pic worth sharing right?

Use Catnip

Sandy Robins suggests that you should try rubbing catnip on your camera lens this will allow you to get some very interesting closeups and will make for a fun photo shoot!

No catnip was used in the creation of this photo, however you can imagine some of the great closeups that using this method could get you!

My Own Cat Photos

Hopefully some of these tips will help you take better pictures of your cat, my pictures have definitely seen marginal improvements since taking some of these on board. Instead of all of my cat pictures looking pretty much like this;

..I now get a few more pictures which look like this;

a better photograph of whisky the cat

..I’d call that a success right?!

We hope you enjoyed our post and find some of these tips useful, feel free to share any of your cat photos with us via our contact form our or Facebook group and if we like them we will add them to our cat gallery.

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