pretty litter colors

Pretty Litter Colours: What Do They Mean?

Pretty Litter is an intelligent cat litter that not only traps odour and gets rid of moisture but it also changes colour when it is urinated on.

These colour changes give you vital insights into your cat’s health.

In a healthy cat the litter will appear either yellow or olive green. The litter can also change to blue, green, orange or red depending on the levels of acid or alkaline in the urine or if there is blood present.

The table below explains what the Pretty Litter colours mean and what different colours may mean for your cat’s health:

ColourMeaningPotential Health Issues
Blue or dark greenUnusually high alkaline levels in the urine.Urinary tract infections
– Increased risk of bladder stones
OrangeUnusually high levels of urine acidity.Metabolic acidosis
Kidney tubular acidosis
RedBlood in urine– Kidney diseases
– Clotting disorder
Bladder cancer
– Internal injury
– Infection
Yellow or olive greenNormal healthy urineNone

Be aware Pretty Litter is not a diagnostic tool, rather it is a tool that helps provide insight into your cat’s health.

However it is very handy for alerting you to potential problems, if you see colour changes that last longer than 24 hours then we recommend you take your cat to see the vet for a proper health check.

Be aware: PrettyLitter states that sometimes litter colour changes may occur due to your cat eating different food or due to a change of living environment. Only use Pretty Litter as a rough guide, only a vet can accurately diagnose disease in your cat.

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