Cat Products Reviewed

There’s a huge range of products available for cats these days, in fact cats have never had so much choice!

That’s why here at Tuxedo Cat we look to create informative guides to different cat products to help you make the best most informed purchase for your feline friends.

Below you can find some of our current existing product reviews and guides, we hope you find them useful:

cat in front of a camera

The 10 Best Cat Cameras of 2019 (Premium & Budget) – Reviews & Buyers Guide

These days the internet is full of hilarious cats doing incredibly entertaining things. While many of us may have spent hours following our cats around while filming them on our phone in the vain hope that they’ll do something entertaining or meme-worthy others have realised that the best way to capture a camera shy cats best moments is to do so surreptitiously by installing a cat camera. Others may have less selfish motives for investing in a cat camera, such as a genuine concern for the welfare of their pet while they are out and about. Whatever your motive we


The 6 Best Cat Backpack Carriers | UK 2019 | Reviews & Guide

Five years ago anyone who told you that they regularly put their cat in a backpack and took them for a walk would’ve been looked at like they’d suddenly sprouted a second head. Times have since changed, social media influencers and internet-famous cats have helped transform the use of a cat backpack into socially acceptable, highly instagrammable, fun for all. To be fair cat rucksacks are worth investing in even if you have no intention of taking your cat with you on your next family hike, this is because they are a far more comfortable way of carrying your cat

the one fast cat exercise wheel with blue tread being used by a cat

The 5 Best Cat Exercise Wheels of 2019 Reviewed

A cat exercise wheel can be a lifesaver for an indoor cat, regular exercise will not only prolong your cats life but it will also make them much happier and will minimise the risk of any potential mental health problems associated with being confined indoors. Contents Table of the Best Cat Exercise Wheels:The Cat in Motion Running Wheel ReviewThe One Fast Cat Wheel ReviewHow to Put The One Fast Cat Wheel TogetherThe Maclaw Cat WheelThe CazamiMaking Your Own WheelOur Guide to Cat WheelsWhat is a Cat Exercise Wheel?Would Your Cat Benefit From One?Will Your Cat use it’s Wheel?How to Train

cat eating food from a bowl

The Best Cat Food (Wet & Dry) Available In The UK 2019 | Reviews & Cat Food Guide

For too long many disreputable cat food brands have got away with making cheap nasty cat foods which consist of offal and other unsavoury and incredibly unhealthy ingredients, very little thought was put into how cat food was made. The bits that humans didn’t want were fine for peoples pets to eat instead. Thankfully this has changed with consumers becoming savvier and more aware of what they are purchasing. Choosing the best cat food for your cat can have a significant positive impact on your cat’s happiness, health and even how long it lives. Contents Table of the Best Cat

automatic cat feeder

The 13 Best Automatic Cat Feeders – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Feeder Reviews

Cat Feeders are great for making sure your cat is getting fed when you’re out, they are getting the correct portion size that they need and they are getting fed at exactly the right times. If you and your cat would benefit from a device that can do all this (and more) then read on! If you’re keen to quickly find out which feeder is the best then see our table below of the 3 cat feeders that we are convinced are the very best currently available: Contents What Is An Automatic Cat Feeder?A Guide To Cat Feeders:CapacitySelective FeedingScheduling TimerVoice

4 wire catio

The Best Cat Enclosures of 2019: Cat Fences, Play Pens & Catios – Reviews and Guide

If you live by a busy road, next to an over excitable dog or in an area where there are lots of highly territorial cats roaming around then you may understandably not be too keen on allowing your cat outdoors. The outside world is fraught with danger for cats so it is easy and indeed natural to become quite anxious about them particularly if you don’t live in a tranquil village with very quiet roads. This is why cat enclosures such as cat fences, catios and cat playpens are growing in popularity, with many urban households having gardens cat enclosures

best automatic cat litter trays article - litter robot 3 with cat

Best Self Cleaning Litter Trays & Boxes for your Cat – Reviews & Buyers Guide 2018

Automatic Litter Boxes make the daily the tiresome job of cleaning out of your cats litter tray a thing of the past. Self cleaning litter trays can change your life if you live in an area where it’s neither safe nor possible for your cat to go outdoors. Skip to: Litter Robot 3 ¦ PetSafe ¦ Omega ¦ LitterMaid ¦ Nature’s Miracle ¦ Catit SmartSift There are a great range of high-tech litter boxes available which will clean your cat’s poop away and seal it up so that no nasty smells will escape and fill your home anymore, read our reviews of the best ones below: Contents Table of

The Best GPS Cat Tracker Devices of 2017 – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The Best GPS Cat Tracker Devices of 2019 – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Pet Tracker Reviews

Ever wonder where your cat goes and what it gets up to? Then you’ve landed on the right webpage! A good cat tracker will help you work out exactly where your cat goes, how long they go there, map their route and potentially much more! Contents Table of our Top Three Pet Cat Trackers:1. The Weenect 2 GPS Collar2. The Tractive GPS Tracker Review3. The Tabcat Tracker Review4. The Pawtrack GPS Cat CollarTable of our Best of the Rest Cat Trackers:5. Novita – KIPPY Life – GPS Cat Tracker Review6. The Pod 3 Tracker7. The Pod 2 GPS Tracker Review8. The Girafus Pro-track-tor Radio Frequency


The 11 Best Cat Water Fountains Available in the UK | Reviews & Buying Guide

Ever noticed how your cat seems to prefer drinking from the toilet than its own water bowl? This is partly because moving water is better oxygenated than still water. Oxygenated water tastes fresher and is consequently more appealing to cats. Cat drinking fountains are a great alternative to toilet water! Below we have put together a table of the best cat fountains currently available for purchase online, beneath the table you can find a review of each one. Simply click the fountain name in the table to scroll down to its review. Contents Table Of The Best Water Fountains:The Honey

two cats sat in a cat tree

15 Of The Best Cat Scratching Posts & Cat Trees Reviews & Buyers Guide

Scratching is an essential behaviour for cats, unfortunately it is also a behaviour which has bought about the end of many fine pieces of furniture. Here at Tuxedo Cat we have witnessed first hand many fine pieces of furniture being decimated at the paws of our own cat, we have even endured the pain of not getting our deposit back from a flat we rented due to cat damage! Skip to scratching posts or skip to cat trees. So we have come to value scratching posts very highly and therefore put this cat scratcher and cat tree product guide together

our cat whisky looks at a bag of cat litter

12 Best Cat Litter Brands (Clumping & Non-Clumping) | UK Reviews & Guide

Cats can be very fussy creatures, particularly when it comes to their toilet habits. If you get cat litter that they don’t like then you should watch out because you may find (as we have on a few occasions) that they decide to use the bottom of your babies pram or a pile of laundry as an alternative! Ensuring that your cat has the best cat litter that caters to their needs and that they like is crucial to avoid toilet mishaps. Here at Tuxedo Cat we have done extensive research into cat litter; what it’s made of, how it

cat flap installation action shot

The 7 Best Microchip Cat Flaps 2019 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Your cat deserves the best, while cats will happily make do with an open window or a basic cat flap you can’t beat the feeling of knowing that your cat has the very best microchip cat flap available installed and at its disposal. A traditional cat flap presents a number of problems including allowing other cats to freely enter your home and they make it impossible to place restrictions on your cats comings and goings. Microchip Cat Flaps provide the answer to all of these problems. Skip to the reviews: Connect ¦ SureFlap ¦ PetSafe ¦ Pet Mate ¦ Pet