Animal Welfare & Veterinary Scholarship

A £160/$200 Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

Tuxedo Cat is a site which is passionate about improving the welfare and safety of domestic cats be that through educating cat owners about correct ways to care for their cat or by showcasing technology which enhances feline safety and welfare for example microchip cat flaps, water fountainsexercise wheelscat trackers & automatic litter trays.

Our Veterinary Medicine Scholarship is our way of making a small step towards supporting cat lovers who are training to become Veterinarians to cater for the continued health and well-being of the feline population of the world (along with many other animals).

This scholarship is open to anyone who is studying a course which covers some aspects of Animal Welfare and Conservation, this includes courses such as Veterinary Medicine as well Animal Welfare and Behaviour related courses in the US or the UK.

If this scholarship funding may be of use to you please apply now via our contact page by submitting a 500 word article explaining why improving feline welfare is important to you.