The Cat Bubble Backpack Review

Taking your cat on adventures has never been easier thanks to the invention of cat backpacks.

These handy transport cases are a game-changer; whether you need to take your furry family member to the vets or you want them to join you on a hike, the cat backpack is a comfortable and convenient solution.

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It’s no surprise that these backpacks have boomed in popularity in recent years, with all the different designs now available we want to help you find the best options around.

In this article, we are reviewing the popular Space Capsule Bubble Backpack, a backpack that features in our article on the 6 best cat backpacks.

The Dulcii Space Capsule Cat Bubble Backpack

The Space Capsule Bubble Backpack is robust, versatile and lightweight.

It perfectly combines functionality and fashion; the backpack literally makes it look like your cat is in a space capsule and we love it as much as cats do.

The defining feature of this carrier is the transparent dome that allows your cat to watch the world go by as you walk along.

The space capsule backpack is available in multiple colours and the design brings a quirky appearance that is guaranteed to turn heads when you’re out and about.

While looking great, this backpack ensures your cat remains safe and secure throughout the journey so there is minimal risk of escape.

The simplicity of this carrier is what makes it great, it offers everything you need in a sturdy, well-designed and affordable package.

The hard shell means the carrier holds its shape and ensures your cat has enough space inside.

You can wear it on your back or on your front depending on what you find most comfortable or preferred.

This pet carrier is suitable for cats that weigh up to 6KG, the mesh and air holes mean there is plenty of ventilation and the window allows your cat to watch the outside world while remaining safely contained.

The removable velvet pad keeps your cat comfortable and is easily cleaned.

Oh, and according to user reviews this backpack is also weatherproof letting hardly any rain inside despite the ventilation holes while also ensure great airflow during warmer temperatures.

It’s important for cat backpacks to be suitable not only for your cat but also for the human carrying them and this is something the Dulcii carrier gets right.

The space capsule backpack is lightweight, comfortable and easy to walk with.

The straps are gentle on your shoulders and back so you can wear this backpack on long walks without feeling the strain.

Key Features

The key features of the Dulcii Space Capsule Backpack Include:

  • Cute and quirky design
  • Made from durable material
  • Well ventilated
  • Comfortable for you and your cat

Why We Love It

  • The bubble window gives your cat a great 360° view
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Comes with a breathable mesh to replace the bubble if your cat is anxious in enclosed spaces
  • Allows you to transport your cat hands-free

What Could Be Better

  • Best suited to smaller cats, any cats over 6kg will struggle to fit
  • The dome window gets easily scratched

Why Cat Backpacks Are Great

Cat backpacks allow you to take your cat anywhere without being awkward, bulky or heavy.

They make sure your hands are free for added convenience, meaning things such as opening doors or filling out paperwork are no longer a struggle.

Traditional carriers are often intimidating and difficult, cats often aren’t keen on them and to be honest, neither are we.

Due to the popularity of cat backpacks, there are now many options on the market so let’s take a look at what makes a cat backpack good.

First of all, the carrier needs to be safe and sturdy.

The frame should be robust so that your cat has ample space and the material of the backpack does not fall or collapse onto them.

While being sturdy the backpack also needs to be well ventilated; breathable fabric is often used for this so it is important the fabric used is tear-resistant.

Another important factor to consider is whether or not the pack is secure enough.

Take a look at how the backpack closes and what security features there are.

Some bags include clips for leashes and collars while others have lockable zippers and additional internal straps.

Convenience is also very important.

Some questions to ask include:
  • How do you get your cat in and out of the carrier; is it designed to be from the top or side or are there multiple options?
  • Can you take the bag on aeroplanes (if you’re planning to travel with your cat)
  • Are there pockets on the bag?
  • Does the bag come with extras such as a collapsible water dish?
  • Can the bag be safely attached to car seats? (a great feature if you are planning road trips)

Something else to think about is whether the backpack will be comfortable for both you and your cat.

Look at the materials on the inside of the bag and whether or not it comes with a removable pad to ensure your kitty is comfortable and the inside of the carrier can be easily cleaned.

Look at the shoulder straps and whether they are wide or padded (this will help for longer journeys).

Some backpacks also include a chest strap which can help you to distribute the weight more evenly, taking pressure off your back.

Whatever the weather, your cat needs to be in a well-ventilated carrier.

Make sure the material is breathable and there are ample ventilation holes.

A confined space can quickly become hot so ventilation is vitally important for not only the comfort of your cat but also their health and wellbeing.

If the backpack is well ventilated you will be able to go on long journeys without worrying about your cat being too hot or uncomfortable.

If you are choosing a bubble backpack, the bubble window offers an innovative way for your cat to enjoy the view while remaining safe and secure within the carrier.

Many of the bubble backpacks also come with an additional mesh window in case your cat does not enjoy the enclosed space of the bubble window.

The final thing to think about is the size of the carrier.

While cat backpacks are fantastic, they are not great for larger cats. Generally, cats up to 6kg can enjoy being in a backpack without being squashed or uncomfortable.

If you can, weigh your cat before buying a cat backpack so you can be sure the carrier you choose suits the size and weight requirements.

Also look at the shape of the backpack and find one that will maximize space if your cat is on the larger side of the scale.

It is crucial that your cat is able to comfortably sit and lay down within the carrier.

Tips & Advice When Using Cat Backpacks

Like anything new you introduce to your cat, it is best done slowly and in stages.

Before you start closing your cat into the backpack and taking them on adventures, first let them get used to the new carrier.

The following steps may help the process:
  • Put the new backpack in the house so your cat has a chance to explore it without you putting them into it
  • Put some treats in the backpack or offer your cat treats when they spend time on or near the bag (this encourages positive feelings around the backpack)
  • When your cat is comfortable on or around the backpack you can put them in and take them on their first trip, make sure you avoid negative associations so do not take your cat to the vet or somewhere they do not like on this first trip. Keep the first trip short to give your cat time to acclimatize to the new experience.
  • Make sure you reward your cat so they feel positive about the experience.

The Dulcii Space Capsule Bubble Backpack meets all of the requirements of a cat carrier.

It’s a versatile, safe and well-ventilated carrier that is also stylish and comfortable.

If you’ve never tried a cat backpack we highly recommend them as they solve many of the complexities of traditional carry cases.

If you introduce your cat to the backpack slowly with positive reinforcement your cat will soon love the backpack and this will make your adventures a lot easier.

Now you’re ready to go on your adventures, enjoy!

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