most googled cat breeds

The Uk’s Most Googled Cat Breeds

27% of Uk households have a pet cat* meaning there are around 11 million pet cats across the country.

But which cat breeds are people in the UK most interested in?

The best way to find out is to look at what people are searching for.

Below we’ve compiled the average number of monthly searches in Google for all the main cat breeds:

Data Compiled using Google Ads Keyword Planner & Keywords Everywhere browser extension. Data consists of search data over the last year divided into a monthly average.

Cat Breed Monthly UK Searches (Google)
bengal cat110,000
ragdoll cat74,000
sphynx cat60,500
siamese cat49,500
norwegian forest cat49,500
maine coon cat49,500
savannah cat49,500
munchkin cat33,100
russian blue cat27,100
siberian cat27,100
turkish van cat27,100
burmese cat22,200
british shorthair cat18,100
manx cat14,800
bombay cat12,100
birman cat8,100
Abyssinian cat8100
himalayan cat8,100
somali cat6,600
ragamuffin cat6,600
tonkinese cat5,400
balinese cat5,400
scottish fold cat5,000
snowshoe cat4,400
devon rex cat3,600
singapura cat2,900
lykoi cat2,900
nebelung cat2,900
chartreux cat2,400
siberian forest cat2,400
toyger cat1,900
oriental shorthair cat1,900
donskoy cat1,900
havana brown cat1,600
british longhair cat1,600
cornish rex cat1,600
javanese cat1,600
korat cat1,000
exotic shorthair cat1,000
thai cat1,000
turkish angora cat1,000
american shorthair cat1,000
bambino cat880
laperm cat880
asian cat720
egyptian mau cat720
highlander cat720
peterbald cat720
pixie bob cat720
serengeti cat720
york chocolate cat720
burmilla cat590
american curl cat590
chausie cat590
selkirk rex cat590
cyprus cat480
sokoke cat480
Aegean cat390
japanese bobtail cat320
australian mist cat260
european shorthair cat260
American Bobtail cat210
arabian mau cat210
dwelf cat210
oriental longhair cat210
chantilly tiffany cat170
dragon li cat170
khao manee cat170
neva masquerade cat170
ojos azules cat170
american ringtail cat140
minskin cat140
ocicat cat110
american wirehair cat110
aphrodite giant cat110
russian tabby cat110
foldex cat90
lambkin cat90
toybob cat90
german rex cat70
kinkalow cat70
california spangled cat50
brazilian shorthair cat40
kurilian bobtail cat40
raas cat40
don sphynx cat30
asian semi longhair cat20
colorpoint shorthair cat20
thai blue point cat20
ukrainian levkoy cat20
chinese li hua cat10
colorpoint longhair cat10
colorpoint persian cat10
kanaani cat10
korean bobtail cat10
korn ja cat10
mekong bobtail cat10
oregon rex cat10
oriental bicolor cat10
persian traditional cat10
sam sawet cat10
serrade petit cat10
suphalak cat10
turkish vankedisi cat10
kuril islands bobtail cat0
liebling cat0
persian modern cat0
wichien maat cat0