Tractive GPS Tracker Review

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Do you ever wonder where your cat has been when they stride in after an extended adventure?

You probably do and there’s a good chance you’ve been tearing your hair out with worry while they were gone too.

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It’s something all cat owners experience but thankfully technology is now stepping up to give you peace of mind so you can always know where your curious kitty is.

This is a review of the popular Tractive GPS Cat Tracker.

This tracker allows you to receive live location updates directly to the Tractive smartphone app and with no distance limitations you’ll never be left in the dark about where your curious kitty is.

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What We Love

There’s a good reason the Tractive IKATI pet tracker is so highly rated (on the Tractive website the device has received over 1700 reviews scoring an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars).

It is a reliable tracking system that allows you to see where your pet is in real-time and by using historical data and activity information you can also see what your cat has been up to.

This is a multi-layered tracker so rather than just seeing a dot on a map, Tractive takes it that extra mile providing you with information that answers questions cat owners have been asking for a long time.

Using this system, you can get to know your cat better than ever before, it will give you a unique glimpse into your cat’s activity and behaviour when they are not at home and you’ll find out where their favourite neighbourhood hangout spots are.

The app also allows you to set up a virtual fence which means you mark an area as a ‘safe zone’ for example your home and garden, then if your cat leaves this zone you will instantly receive a notification.

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This is a fantastic feature that will help to put your mind at ease. If your cat wanders out of the area you are comfortable with then you’ll know about it instantly and if you wanted to you could easily go outside and bring your cat back inside before they wander off too far.

The IKATI tracker works over any distance so you don’t have to worry about the signal cutting off if your cat wanders too far from home. The basic subscription works in your home country and the premium option offers worldwide coverage!

Hands on insight

To test this I put the tracker in my wifes car to see where she went, the journey was 5.83 miles, far further than even the most adventurous of cats would ever go.

It tracker worked perfectly showing me exactly where she had been without having to engage ‘live’ mode.

Another benefit of this tracker is the sturdiness of it. The last thing you want is for the tracker to fall off or break while your cat is out and about. The small tracker simply clips to a collar and can survive whatever adventures your cat takes it on.

The simplicity of the system is a big plus too, it can be daunting to invest in new technology like this but it is actually very easy to set up and connect. You simply need to download the app on a smartphone or iPad, put in the tracker code and then the app and tracker are linked up.

Hands on insight
Over the years that Tuxedo-cat has been running I have been sent a number of different cat trackers most of which has been overly complicated to running.

Tractive really couldnt be more simple to setup, mine came with some charge already in the battery (but I recommend you plug yours into a USB port for a while just to make sure).

All I had to do was:

  1. install the app
  2. input the tracker number from the back of the device
  3. press one button on the tracker and it was working!

Turn the tracker on and attach it to your cat’s collar and you’ll be able to see their location in the app. The app itself is very easy to navigate and you can fill in details about your cat and even include a picture of them if you’d like to.

The app gives you a couple of different map options so you can view the location on a satellite image or on a standard map.

What Are the Cons?

The tracker clearly has a lot to offer but are there any cons to be aware of?

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Here’s a couple of things some users have flagged up:

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker runs out of battery between 2 and 5 days depending on how much it is being used.

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If you regularly use the live tracking function for extended periods it quickly burns through the battery, however if you just have it in the normal mode with period location updates the battery will easily last for 5 days (or longer).

Unless you are specifically looking for your cat the live mode does not need to be on so for most people 5 days battery life will be more usual.

There is a non-exchangeable SIM card within the tracker that relies on cellular networks in order to connect so if there is no mobile coverage in the area your cat is venturing it means you won’t receive the location updates.

This works in the same way as your phone will sometimes have ‘no service’ in some areas. This can cause delays or intermittent service but this is not at the fault of the tracker. If you know your area has poor mobile coverage you may want to find an alternative tracking system to use.

The tracker is recommended for use on cats larger than 4kg so it is not suitable for very small cats or kittens.

Key Features:

The IKATI GPS seems to have a lot more to offer than a standard pet tracking system, below are the key features that make this tracker stand out against other options:

1. Virtual Fence

Something that catches our eye about this tracking system is the ability to create a virtual ‘safe zone’ around your home or your garden so that when your cat leaves this zone you will receive an instant alert either through a notification or email.

The safe zone is fully customizable; it’s easy to move, change and activate/deactivate too. This allows you to personalize the tracking experience and means you don’t always have to be refreshing the map to know your pet is safe and close to home.

2. Live Tracking

After setting up the tracker and connecting it with the app you can see the exact location of your cat. The live tracking mode updates the location of your cat every 2-3 seconds so gives you an accurate, up to date location.

As well as receiving the live information you can also see where your cat has been over the last few minutes allowing you to determine the direction they are going in.

Hands on insight
One feature that I (as an indoor cat owner) particularly loved was the ability to press a button in the app which makes the tracker beep and turns on the light – this makes it very easy to find your cat if they are hiding under a bed or somewhere around the house.

3. Location Map with History

You can view the location map with the history of where your cat has been. In this mode, you can choose a date and time and view where your cat has been over that period.

You can also see a heat map which shows you where they have spent the most time.

4. Activity Information

Another interesting feature of the IKATI is that you can actually see your cat’s activity levels. This can be very helpful in monitoring their health and fitness.

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The Design

The tracker itself weighs less than 30g and can be used for cats larger than 4kg. It can be attached to most collars using the rubber clips and it sits comfortably without being irritating for your cat.

The battery lasts between 2 and 5 days (depending on signal and usage) and can be fully charged in just a couple of hours by simply plugging it into a USB port:

The IKATI tracker is durable, 100% waterproof and is shock-resistant too. It has a helpful light and sound feature that can be controlled from the app and helps you narrow down your search and more easily locate your cat at night or in a dense area.

What You Get in the Box

When you buy the Tractive IKATI set you will receive:

  • The GPS Tracker
  • A USB Charger
  • User Instructions

This system requires an active subscription plan in order for it to work.

There are two plan options available:

Basic Plan

The basic plan is the cheapest option and costs £6.99 on a monthly plan, £44.99 on a yearly plan (£3.75 a month) or £79.90 (£3.33 a month) on a two-year plan.

The basic plan includes:

  • GPS Tracking (2 – 60 minute intervals)
  • Live Tracking
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Home Country Coverage

Premium Plan

This plan offers more features and costs £54.99 (£4.58 a month) for a one year plan, £89.90 (£3.75 a month) for a two-year plan or £179.90 (£3.00 a month) for a five-year plan.

The premium plan includes:

  • GPS Tracking (2 – 60 minute intervals)
  • Live Tracking
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Public & Family Sharing
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Unlimited Location History
  • Data Export Option
  • Premium Customer Service

Review Summary

It’s great to see a tracking system that has been developed specifically for cats and this one works really well.

You may think that with lots of features and tracking options the app would be confusing or complicated to use but it’s really not.

The ease of use and customer support is fantastic and although using this product requires a subscription, it is worth the price. The Tractive IKATI answers all of your questions about your cat’s escapades and will make sure you bring them home safe and sound if they ever get lost.

Remember to check out our Facebook giveaway if you would like to be in with a chance of winning the IKATI tracker to help you keep a closer eye on your cat.

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