Adopt A Long Stay Cat

We love cats and chances are so do you.

Here at Tuxedo Cat we aim to promote the plight of the often overlooked black and white cat. Because black and white cats are so common they are often the last cats to be adopted from shelters as cats of different colours catch peoples attention first.

To help encourage adoption of cats up and down the country we have spoken to cat rescue centers up and down the UK and have got details of their feline residents who, for no fault of their own, have been waiting for their forever home for the longest.

You will notice that most of them are either black and white or all black, however there are a few tabby cats and different coloured cats mixed in there (we don’t discriminate!).

If you are thinking of adopting a cat please scroll through our cat adoption table below and have a look at the map below to find a cat that is close to you that you could consider adopting. Please do check back regularly as this page is a resource which we will be keeping updated.

If you do decided to adopt any of the fabulous felines featured on this page please do let us know!

Table Of Long Stay Cats Available For Adoption

PhotoAbout The CatWaiting For A Home Since...Rescue Centre AddressPhone Numberemail
Tish is a 7 year old all black cat who sadlt hasn't had a single enquiry to date. She isn't too keen on other cats but loves people and is very vocal!01/03/2018RSPCA Hereford

37 Broad St, Hereford HR4 9AR
0300 3301451[email protected]
Jacob & Noah are a timid pair of gentle boys like their food and respond well to treats from those they know. Jacob is the bolder boy, and Noah relies on his brother for comfort.05/09/2017Lothian Cat Rescue

Brewers Bush, Cockpen Road, Bonnyrigg, EH19 3JH
01875 821025[email protected]
Minstrel is looking for a quiet, adult-only home where he can be given
plenty of space, patience and understanding while he adjusts to his new life.
01/04/2018National Cat Adoption Centre

Chelwood Gate, East Sussex, RH17
01825 741 911[email protected]
Sketch is two years old and is a small cat with a big attitude! She is looking for a home where she will be the only cat and where she has have access to a garden.01/11/2016Lincs Ark

Boston, Lincolnshire

n/a[email protected]
Pixie is 4 years old and would like a home with no other cats, dogs or children. She is a delightful little cat; cheeky, playful and full of character!01/08/2017Tag Pet Rescue

Lydden Farm, Valley Rd, Margate Kent CT9 4LF
01843 822931[email protected]
Buster is a sweet 7 year old boy and enjoys company, however he does also likes his own space and chilling out.

08/12/2017Hula Rescue

Glebe Farm, Salford Road, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes, MK17 8HZ
01908 584000[email protected]
Pip is a gorgeous 9 year old cat who has had a bit of a rough life and is looking for someone in Spain to take care of him. You can see a short video of Pip here.01/01/2013Animals in Distress

Apartado 341, 29100 Coin, Malaga, Spain
(0034) 626 942427[email protected]
Charles came to us as a stray but must have had a previous owner as despite being scared initially he likes attention. He is one of a few of our cats that just needs a little time to be loved and love.29/11/2017Allerton Cat Rescue

258 Allerton Road , Bradford, BD15 7QX
01274 481984[email protected]
Herbert is a 7 year old cat who is desperate for love - he can't get enough and has so much to give in return. He has quickly become a real love bug and the ultimate lap cat.22/01/2018Anim-Mates

Olivers Farm, Ash, Kent, TN15 7HF
07808 625519[email protected]

Rhonda & Lennox are two shy 5 month old kittens who need to be homed together. They have both been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, de- flead and wormed.
They love to play together and would like a quiet home with people who have the time and patience to work with them.
22/01/2018The Animal House Rescue

Olbury, West Midlands
07796 802016[email protected]
Cherry came as a stray, she is timid but if she can find a quiet home her confidence will grow.23/06/2017Eden Animal Rescue

Moorlands Head Farm, Newbiggin, Temple Sowerby,, Penrith, CA10 1TH
01931 716114[email protected]
Frank doesn't mind being around people but he isn't likely to be a lap cat and will need an safe outdoor environment to explore. He's a real character and will make a fabulous feline friend for someone who enjoys a free spirited cat.A few yearsRain Rescue

Summerfield Lodge, Moat Lane, Wickersley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S66 1DZ
07725 888207[email protected]
Gloria is a very nervous and shy 5 year old girl however we have seen her flourish with certain volunteers once she has got to know them and gained confidence. We don't know her history but she was admitted as a stray who had snuck into someone's 1st floor flat to have kittens behind their sofa!  She really needs someone to give her patience and let her come out of her shell and not expect too much from her.03/13/2016Feline Care Cat Rescue

Roudham Road, East Harling, NR16 2QN
01953 718529[email protected]
Suzie would love a forever home where she could have access to a garden or other outside space so that she could go out and explore and hunt for things, which she loves doing. she would prefer a female owner, as she is a bit unsure of men.23/01/2018Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home

26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH
01316 695331[email protected]
Poppet is a quiet yet independent girl. She loves playing by herself or with interaction from people. She would be best as the only animal in the household but possibly could live with older children.18/12/2017Llys Nini Animal Centre

Penllergaer, Swansea, SA4 9WB
01792 229435[email protected]

Zeebedee (top pic) is seven, he loves cuddles and attention. He has slight damage to his ears so will need them cleaned twice a week. He gets along with cats and children.

Ross is seven, he enjoys strokes and cuddles. He gets on well with children but is not keen on cats.

They do not need to be homed together as they are not the best of friends!
22/03/2018Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Lower Pierce Close, Cross Roads, Keighley, BD22 9AQ
01535 647184[email protected]
Ted is five years old. He is good with dogs and cats but would prefer a relatively quiet home.28/07/2018Last Hope Animal Charity

PO Box 56, Navan, Co Meath
08571 72024
[email protected]
Rufus is a sweet boy who needs an owner who is able to manage his diabetes by giving him regular insulin injections and a carefully controlled diet. he is not a fan of dogs but gets on well with other cats and children.01/08/2017The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

The Village Green,
Watlington Road,
OX44 7UB
01865 890239[email protected]

The Cat Map

How To Help Your Adopted Cat Settle In

Moving homes is stressful for a cat no matter how confident they may seem. Cats are territorial so will feel ill at ease in a completely new and unfamiliar place full of strange smells, sights and sounds.

It is very important to give your cat a safe space to hide away in which is out of the way and feels secure and comfortable. A cardboard box on top of a wardrobe is ideal. It is also a great idea to put a blanket from their previous home or rescue centre in their so that it will have a familiar scent which will help to relax them.

Introducing Your Adopted Cat To Your Other Cats

If this is not your first cat then please read our article on how to introduce cats to each other here. Introducing a new cat to your home can be very stressful for both cats so it is essential that this is done in a way which minimises stress.

Our Advice For The First Few Weeks With Your Adopted Cat:

Read our Cat Essentials: Complete Cat Adoption Checklist for a full breakdown of everything you need for a new cat.

If this is the first cat you have ever had then there are a few things you can do to make its life safe and comfortable:

    • Keep your cat in the house for at least the first two weeks until they realise that your home if their new home, letting them out earlier increases the chances that they may run off never to be seen again. Only let your cat outside if you live in an area that is not close to a busy road.
    • Keep their litter tray in a quiet place where they have privacy and won’t be hesitant to use it if the house is busy. Many people place their cats litter trays in the kitchen however this is not ideal as if you have a house party your cat is very likely to avoid coming down and may then choose to do their business elsewhere in your home. Ideally you should clean out their litter at least twice a day if this seems like too much you could get a self cleaning litter tray to help.
    • Take your new cat to the vet as soon as you get them. Confirm your cat has been neutered, get their annual vaccinations and their cat flea treatment sorted and check that your cat is microchipped. If possible ask the vet to reset the address on the microchip to your own address.
    • Making your home as comfortable as possible for your cat will help them to quickly settle in, investing in a few fancy gadgets like a cat water fountain, an automatic cat feeder or even a cat exercise wheel (if you are going to keep your cat exclusively indoors) will help stimulate them and keep their physically and mentally engaged with their surroundings. It is also a good idea to get them a few toys to keep them occupied too.

We are sure your new adopted cat will quickly settle into your home and become part of your family.

All of us here at Tuxedo Cat would like to take the opportunity to thank you for specifically choosing to adopt a cat which may otherwise have spent much of its life overlooked.


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