How Much Do Ginger Cats Cost?

Ginger cats usually cost between £30 – £300.

The actual price depends on the age, breed and sex of the cat, with female ginger cats being slightly more expensive due to their rarity.  

Below are the average listing prices of ginger cats in the UK: 

SexAgeAverage Price 
Male 8 weeks£50 – £200
Male 3 months £50 – £150
Male 1 year+£30 – £100
Female8 weeks£200 – £300
Female3 months £100 – £200
Female1 year +£100 – £200 

How Much Are Ginger Female Cats Worth?

Ginger female cats tend to be sold for between £100 – £300 depending on their age. Some female ginger cats are advertised for over £400 but this higher price tends to be for rarer breeds or cats with a recorded/ registered history e.g. pedigree. 

Are Ginger Female Cats Worth More Due To Their Rarity?

Yes, ginger female cats are often sold for more than the males due to their rarity. A female kitten is usually advertised for between £200 – £300 while a male ginger kitten is often listed for slightly less at between £50 – £200. 

In addition to this, older ginger female cats can be sold for more than £100 while males of the same age tend to be advertised for as little as £30. The females are more expensive because 80% of ginger cats are male

How Much Are Ginger Male Cats Typically Worth?

Ginger male cats are usually worth between £30 – £200 depending on their age. This is slightly less than female ginger cats. Certain breeds or lineage can be worth more but most ginger male cats are sold for £200 or less. 

Are Ginger Cats More Expensive Than Other Cats?

No, ginger cats are not more expensive than other cats. On average, a non-pedigree cat or kitten will cost up to £200 which is about the same as the price of ginger cats. Female ginger cats can cost slightly more than this, particularly when they are 8-12 weeks old. 

The breed has a big impact on the price too, if you’re looking for a specific breed it is likely to cost more. For example, Abyssinian cats are rarer and are often advertised for more than £1,000. 

Where To Buy Ginger Cats

Ginger cats are quite common and tend to be readily available so finding one to buy shouldn’t be an issue. If you are looking for a certain breed in the ginger colouration you may have more difficulty. 

The best place to buy ginger cats is online, the following sites have a regular flow of adverts for ginger cats of various breeds and ages:

1. Gumtree

Gumtree is the most widely used classified ad site and is a great place to find cats. A search for “ginger cat” came up with more than 40 results, most of which had been listed in the last 2 weeks.  

Note: It’s always worth using these sites with caution and doing research first as you don’t know anything about the person you are buying the cat off or the environment the cat has been living in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when looking for your new ginger cat. 

2. Preloved

Preloved is another well known classified ads site that often has adverts for cats. A search for “ginger cat” brings up more than 100 results and these can easily be filtered by location and price range. 

Just like Gumtree, a large number of the adverts have been posted in the last couple of weeks so it’s unlikely the adverts are outdated or the cats are no longer available. 

3. Pets4Homes

Pets4Homes is a popular site for selling and rehoming pets. Although you cannot search “ginger cat” you can search “cat” and filter the results by colour. Refining our search to red coloured cats gave 16 results of ginger cats of various breeds. 

4. Facebook Groups 

There are sometimes Facebook groups that are worth joining if you are looking for a rescue cat to adopt too. There are often local groups so searching “cat rescue” or “cat adoption” followed by your town will usually bring up helpful results.

A good example is: 

Rescued Cats and Dogs For Adoption UK

This group has over 5,000 members and there are regular posts about cats of all colours looking for homes. A quick look on the page shows lots of cats have been up for adoption (and adopted) in the last few months, including a couple of ginger cats.