8 Best Cat Harnesses For Walking Your Cat

Walking a cat sounds like a bad idea…and it can be if your cat’s temperament doesn’t suit it and you don’t have the right gear.

If your cat is fairly relaxed and you use a purpose-made cat harness which will stop your cat from slipping out and escaping then walking your cat can work very well, it can be a great way to help an indoor cat get used to the experience of being outdoors.

Our Top Choice:
If you want to try your cat with a harness our top recommendation is the handmade Mynwood harness below: Mynwood harnesses are handmade by Maria in Scotland.

She started designing and creating harnesses after buying and trying out a few on her cats which didn’t quite fit securely enough, so she decided to make some that were better – and they are!

The Best Cat Harnesses:

All of the harnesses listed below are good quality harnesses which will last, are comfortable and (providing you fit them correctly – more on that later on) your cat won’t escape out of. Most of them are available in different colours so you can easily find one that will suit your cat.

1. Mynwood Adult Cat Harness

Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Black Denim Adult Cat - Escape Proof
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Mynwood jackets are handmade by Maria who lives in the Scottish highlands. She started designing and creating her own cat harnesses after trying out a few and realising that many of there were not secure enough, allowing cats to slip out and escape.

Each jacket is designed to be superb in all of the following six key areas; security, strength, practicality, design, comfort and customer satisfaction.

Each jacket fastens with long hook and loop (velcro) fastenings around the neck and chest. Because of their long straps, the one size can be adjusted to accommodate everything from a small adult cat to a huge maine coon, just wrap the straps around further when a smaller cat is wearing it.

Each jacket is reversible giving you two trendy looks for the price of one, they are also triple stitched for extra durability and strength so you can be confident they will last and wont fall apart in the washing machine either.

Users who have purchased this harness are overwhelmingly positive about it saying its good quality material is sufficiently flexible to allow complete freedom of movement and allow their cat to climb trees (some cheaper, less flexible products will limit their movement). Due to how comfortable it is most cats adjust to wearing it much qucker than with other harnesses too.

All in all this is a great harness, hand made by a cat owner who takes customer feedback on board and has developed a product that is loved by cats and cat owners alike.



2. Bingpet Escape Proof Harness

BINGPET Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash - Adjustable Soft Mesh Holster Style - Best for Kitten Walking
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The Bingpet harness is very highly rated amongst its many users.

It comes in three sizes, a lot of users say they wish they had gone for one size bigger however be aware that it does need to be snug so measure your cat up carefully when deciding on which size to get.

The soft mesh material is comfortable and is designed specifically to be breathable and not cause overheating (very important in summer).

It features a soft hook and loop (AKA velcro) closing around the neck and chest, meaning that you can make it as tight as necessary to prevent your cat from slipping out of it. Hook and loop also have the added benefit of being able to rip open if needed, for example, if your cat gets dangerously snagged on something while wearing it.

It is available in 6 different styles; black, pink, red, plaid, black with large mesh and pink with gold dots.

It features a secure D ring which the lead connects to, to keep your cat secure.

Many users report that cats which flat out refused to use other harnesses were quite happy to wear this particular harness, most likely due to its soft comfortable feel (remember to allow your cat to get used to a harness before putting it on them this will also help them accept it).



3. Yizhi Miaow Escape Proof Kitten Harness – Best For Kittens

Yizhi Miaow Escape Proof Kitten Harness with Leash Small, Adjustable Kitten Walking Jackets, Padded Kitten Vest Camo
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Yizhi Miaow Escape Proof Harness is one of the best harnesses available for kittens due to its small sizing options. It is available in 5 different sizes:

  • Extra Small – suitable for cats weighing 1kg – 2kg (small kittens)
  • Small – suitable for cats weighing 2kg – 2.6kg (bigger kittens)
  • Medium – suitable for cats weighing 2.6kg – 3.5kg (teenage cats)
  • Large – suitable for cats weighing 3.5kg – 5.5kg (normal adult cats)
  • Extra Large – suitable for cats weighing over 5.5kg (big adult cats)

*Make sure you check their sizing chart (the second image on their product listing) before choosing which size to buy as weight alone is not always an accurate gauge of neck and chest size.

It features a soft hook and loop/magic tape chest and neck closures, this is ideal for kittens who are prone to getting caught and tangled up in anything and everything they can climb on or into! It has an additional mesh layer underneath the harness which allows air to flow more freely through it preventing your excitable kitten from overheating when wearing it.

It is available in a range of different styles so you can be sure to find something that your kitten looks great in, these include; camo (shown in the picture above), black plaid, polka dot blue, polka dot pink, sailor suit navy and sailor suit red.

Make sure the harness is done up tightly when fitting it on a kitten as they are small and very flexible so can easily get out of harnesses if it is too loose.



4. Homimp Escape Proof Harness & Lead

HOMIMP Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash for Walking, Adjustable Soft Vest Harness for Cats Black Large
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Available in three different sizes the Homimp harness is a comfortable and well-designed harness with secure clips and two sturdy D ring clips for your lead (included) to attach to.

It comes in these sizes:

  • Small – Neck: 21cm – 26cm, chest: 28cm – 33cm
  • Medium – Neck: 26cm – 31cm, chest: 30cm – 38cm
  • Large – Neck: 31cm – 33cm, chest: 35cm – 43cm

It is made from soft padded suede to keep your cat feeling comfortable (and looking smart), which is breathable so your cat won’t get too hot. It does not use hook and loop fastening but instead uses clips (these are not ideal for kittens or smaller cats as they can be easier to get out of if not set to the correct size).

Setting this harness up to fit your cat properly takes a bit of trial and error as you have to adjust the buckles until they are tight enough however once you’ve done that you are good to go and won’t have to think about the sizing again (unless your cat loses or gains weight).

This product is only available in black so if you fancy a bit more of a statement piece for your cat then this isn’t a great choice, however, if you want a simple, comfortable and practical harness that is budget-friendly then you can’t go wrong with this one.



5. Rabbitgoo Cat Harness

rabbitgoo Cat Harness Escape Proof with Lead Set for Walking, Black Puppy Kitten Harness No Pull No Choke Design - Adjustable Reflective Strips Vest Harnesses for Small Medium Cats, S Black
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Available in extra small and small sizes the Rabbitgoo harness is another great choice for lively kittens to wear on their first adventure outdoors (or to stop them disappearing under the sofa).


  • Extra small: neck 22cm – 27cm, chest 34cm – 40cm
  • Small: neck 27cm – 34cm, chest 46cm – 50cm

Built from lightweight (the whole harness only weighs 100 grams) breathable air mesh it will keep your cat cool when out and about. The design offers security with lead pressure evenly distributed through the harness without completely swaddling your cat, this is good as it doesn’t limit your cat’s movement in any way, harnesses which swaddle your cat’s chest and upper back can inhibit movement to a small extent.

This harness has 4 different adjustable straps with safety buckle clips to ensure a tight fit while allowing for emergency release if your cat gets stuck.

It also features reflective strips so that you can see where your cat is (hopefully on the end of the lead!) even in the dark. It is available in two colours; black and red.

Most users are very impressed with how secure and difficult to escape from it is.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, super-secure harness for your cat then this is another great choice.



6. Ancol Soft Harness

Ancol Soft Cat Harness and Lead Black S
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The Ancol soft harness is designed to be extra soft and super comfortable which makes it ideal for cats who are a bit fussy with things touching them or hairless cat breeds.

Available in black or red it comes in three different sizes; small, medium and large – the large size can be used for small dogs and puppies if needed.

This is a clip secured harness so be aware that some cats may find this easier to escape from than velcro alternatives. Another feature of this harness which you should be aware of is that the lead is a permanent part of the harness, i.e you can’t detach it.

This is good in some respects as it means the harness has one less area of weakness, this design allows the lead to be stitched into the harness in a way which more evenly spreads the pressure through it. The drawback is that when your cat is getting used to wearing it indoors the lead will be trailing behind them at all time which some cats will hate – making it harder to help your cat accept the harness.

If this doesn’t bother you and your cat isn’t a super wriggly cat who is determined to escape then this harness is a decent choice.



7. Mynwood Cat Jacket

Mynwood Cat Jacket/Harness Purple Adult Cat - Escape Proof
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Another Mynwood product, as we mentioned previously in this list they are all handmade by Maria who lives in the Scottish highlands.

Every Mynwood harness is designed for excellence in each of these areas; security, strength, practicality, design, comfort and customer satisfaction.

Its main features are:

  • Hook and look velcro fastenings allowing you to ensure it is tight enough but not too tight.
  • Triple stitched for extra strength.
  • Machine washable.

The only real difference between this harness and the Mynwood harness we mention further up the page is the colour – it is purple – however this Mynwood harness is reversible and has a black inside cotton layer so you can switch up the styles if you wish.

Mynwood harnesses are great – they are made by a cat owner for cat owners and hundreds of happy customers verify that they are harnesses you can rely on.



8. Scenereal Escape Proof Cat Vest

SCENEREAL Escape Proof Cat Harness and Lead Set - Soft Adjustable Vest Harness for Cats kitten Puppy Small Dogs, Black S
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The Sceneral harness is another good choice of harness with over 30 5 star reviews – plenty of users are very happy with it!

This particular version comes in two sizes:

  • Small – this size will fit cats with neck girth of between 20cm – 24cm and chest girth of 29cm – 37cm.
  • Medium – this size will fit cats with neck girth of between 23cm – 28cm and chest girth of 38cm – 44cm.

Simply tighten up the straps until you can only slide one finger between the harness and your cat and then you’re good to go – no need to readjust sizing each time you put it on.

It is lightweight (around 100 grams), is made from soft breathable material that you cat will feel comfortable in and it includes a free lead!

The only drawback to this product is that the buckles are exposed. There is no padding to protect your cat from getting their fur or skin nipped in the buckle when it is being closed, so care will have to be taken when putting it on to avoid hurting your cat.



Guide To Buying a Cat Harness

Taking your cat for a walk can be a stressful experience particularly if your cat decides they don’t like the harness and somehow manages to slip out of it, our guide will help you ensure that your cat does not get stressed out using it (this is key) and will help ensure that you know exactly what type of harness is best for your cat.

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Important Harness Features:

  • The Size – measure your cat before making a purchase and check that you get a size that fits well. If it is too loose or too tight it is not worth using.
  • The Material – your harness should be made from quality materials that will last, ensure that they don’t use cheap buckles that easily break, also make sure that it has good, high-quality stitching so you can be confident it won’t break during use allowing your cat to slip out of it.
  • The Style – some cheaper cat harnesses are made of very little fabric, these do not spread the load of the harness out very well (if your cat pulls it feels like a rope pulling underneath their armpits and around their neck), harnesses that use larger amounts of fabric are a safer and more comfortable choice.

a cat harness in use

How To Measure A Cat For A Harness

Measuring instructions can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as not all harnesses fit in exactly the same way so always refer to the manufacturers’ measurement instructions before purchase.

Important note:
Don’t immediately put the harness on your cat and expect them to love it – this will more than likely cause them to be terrified of it. Allow them time to get used to the sight and smell of it before putting it on. Read how to get your cat used to wearing a harness and lead here.

As a general guide the most important place you need to measure if from your cat’s shoulder blades, down inside their elbows, through their armpits and back up to the shoulder blades.

This measurement gives your cat chest size and is generally the measurement most harnesses will require to ensure you get a good fit.

Some harnesses may also require a front measurement which will typically involve measuring from the shoulder blades down to the breast bone and back around the neck up to the shoulder blades again.

Watch the video below to see exactly how this should be done:

How To Put On The Cat Harness

Once your cat is used to the harness follow these steps to fit it (this is a general guide for figure 8 harnesses, the exact methods for fitting different cat harnesses may vary):

  • Put their head through the smaller loop, some harnesses may allow you to clip it around their neck.
  • Place the chest pad down their chest so that the straps are behind their legs.
  • Clip the straps together around their back.
  • Adjust the buckles to ensure that the harness is in contact with their neck and body.

Be aware: Your cat should not wear the harness for more than two hours at a time.

How Tight Should The Harness Be?

The harness should not be too loose otherwise your cat will easily be able to slip out of it. It should fit around the neck with space for you to just about squeeze your index finger in between their neck and the harness.

If you can fit two fingers in then you need to tighten the harness, if you can’t fit your index finger in then it is too tight so should be loosened until you can.

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