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The 5 Best Cat Tunnels To Entertain Your Cat Indoors

A cat tunnel is an amazing treat for your cat, they can provide hours of fun and are a fantastic way to keep indoor cats exercised and entertained. A tunnel gives your cat a place to explore, hide, sneak, pounce, chase, play and sleep so whatever they feel like doing the tunnel can be utilized and enjoyed. Although it is a source of entertainment, a cat tunnel can also be an important tool that helps your cat build confidence. There are lots of different tunnel types and sizes available, the reviews and buying guide below can help find the best options and most important features for your feline friend.

Best Cat Tunnels:

If you’re in a rush here is our table of the best cat tunnels:

Cats love toys they can go climb inside which is why cat tunnels are one of the most popular toys. Cat tunnels are lightweight, versatile and loved by cats. They are also very easy to pack up and put away. The best cat tunnel gives your cat enough space to play, hide and sleep.

1. Prosper Pet 3 Way Tunnel

Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel - Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy - Tube Fun for Rabbits, Kittens, and Dogs - Pink
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This three-way tunnel is a spacious design that is full of fun features for your cat to enjoy. One of the tunnels has a swinging bell toy at the end and another has built-in paper that crinkles as your cat moves through it, these features help to keep your cat interested, entertained and wanting to play. The middle of the tunnel has a hole that your cat can look out from and the structure is sturdy so doesn’t collapse. Overall this tunnel provides over 50 inches of space for your cat to enjoy. It’s ideally suited to medium cats but the openings are big enough for large cats too. It’s also a fun toy that can be enjoyed by puppies or rabbits so if you are a multi-pet household your other pets may enjoy it too. The low cost and high value of this tunnel make it an excellent choice. With the three tunnels instead of just one, this is a great choice for people who are more than one cat or very active cats. The three tunnels offer more entertainment and excitement for your cat. The tunnel is also completely washable so you can keep it clean and free from mess with ease. This toy will keep your cat busy and entertained but also provides them with a secure space where they can hide and take naps. The tunnel is designed to be able to withstand rough play, it’s made from tear-resistant polyester and has a steel frame. The frame maintains the shape of the tunnel when in use and can also be collapsed down in seconds making the tunnel portable and easy to pack away. Oh, and there’s lots of colour combinations to choose from. Tunnel Highlights:
  • Sturdy
  • Multiple features including swinging toy and peep hole
  • Collapsible and portable



2. Pawz Road Indoor Leopard Print Tunnel

PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel Toy for indoor cats collapsible with 2 holes Leopard print 25 * 126cm
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This extra-long cat tunnel is 50 inches long and is 12 inches in diameter making it suitable for most cats. Although this is a single tunnel it is so long and has two extra peepholes that are large enough for your cat to jump in and out of if they want to. The size and multiple holes mean this tunnel is perfect for being used by more than one cat. The frame of this tunnel is made from solid sprung steel that is very strong but also allows the tunnel to be collapsed into a small package for storage. The material used is strong, tear-resistant polyester that is made to be able to withstand rough play. The tunnel can also be laid out in a U shape if you want to mix things up a little bit. The inside of the tunnel is faux fur and the outside has a beautiful leopard print design. The tunnel also has built-in crinkle crackle paper which will attract your cat’s attention. There is also a fluffy bell toy for your cat to play with at one end of the tunnel. This is a great toy and hiding place that will encourage your cat to exercise and will provide them with so much fun and entertainment. If you worry that your cat is bored, this tunnel is an option that brings a lot of play space at a low cost. There are also linking buttons that mean you can easily link together two or more tunnels to form an even longer play area. Whether your cat is large, tall, or long, this tunnel offers enough space for them all to enjoy it. Tunnel Highlights:
  • Very spacious and long
  • High-quality material
  • Includes multiple peepholes, a bell toy and crinkle paper



3. Pet Magasin Cat Tunnel

Collapsible Cat Tunnel Toy, 2-Pack, Crinkly Interactive Tube Toys for Kitten
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This tunnel two-pack includes one small tunnel (18 inches) and one large tunnel (35 inches). The tunnels are separate and each has a cat toy hanging from one end. The larger tunnel also has a peephole in the middle which cats seem to love. The tunnels also have crinkly fabric which makes noise as your cat walks through. This set is great if you have a cat that gets easily bored as having the choice of two tunnels with different toys can keep them entertained for longer. This option is also ideal if you have more than one cat as they don’t need to fight over one tunnel. Another highlight of this set is that both tunnels can be collapsed and put away in seconds. They are spring-loaded so when you want to put them out again they just pop open and are ready for your cat to enjoy. The tunnels are made with bright fabric that look fun but there are no other colours or designs to choose from. The steel frame is strong and ensures the tunnel holds its shape and does not collapse when in use. The size is best for small and medium cat breeds, it may be a bit of a tight squeeze for larger cats. Tunnel Highlights:
  • 2 separate tunnels of different sizes
  • Ideal for multi-cat homes
  • Fun design and includes hanging toys



4. SmartyKat Hideout Tunnel

SmartyKat Fringe Frenzy Cat Activity Tunnel
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If you are looking for a more simplistic but entertaining tunnel this Hideout Crackle Chute from SmartyKat is a great option. This low-cost tunnel has crackle material hidden in the walls of the tunnel that will keep cats engaged and intrigued. This feature helps to make the tunnel for exciting and interactive for your cat, making it more likely for them to be interested in playing in the tunnel. The tunnel is collapsible and instantly pops open when you want to set it up again. When folded down it has attached ties to secure the tunnel closed so it can be easily and conveniently put away or transported when not in use. When it is in use the chute holds its shape well and won’t cave in or collapse. There is a side opening that is the perfect opportunity for your cat to plan ambushes and play games of chase or hide and seek. This tunnel is a lightweight, affordable option that offers a basic design that won’t take up too much space in your home but will keep your cat entertained. The design encourages exercise and helps to satisfy your cats hunting instincts. It is 34 inches long when fully extended so offers plenty of space for your cat to play. The diameter of this tunnel is 24cm so is best suited to smaller cats and kittens. An adult ragdoll cat wouldn’t be able to comfortably walk through this tunnel without crouching or crawling. The inside of the tunnel is red and the outside is beige with a few red swirls so it is not an eyesore or a design that overpowers a room. Tunnel Highlights:
  • Simple but effective design
  • Side opening
  • Hidden crackle material to intrigue and interest cats



5. Dezi & Roo Hide and Sneak Paper Tunnel

If your cat loves to hide and play in boxes and your paper grocery bags this unique tunnel from Dezi & Roo might be perfect for them. This tunnel is made from 100% paper and cardboard material making it biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is also a lot tougher and durable than it sounds. This tunnel is spacious so your cat can use it to play inside of or as a safe hiding spot to kick back and relax. It’s a cozy cat tunnel that crinkles when your cat walks across it, it’s kind of like a big sturdy paper bag that has been made into a tunnel. If you want to put this tunnel away it folds up into a very compact, flat package that can be easily stored. It takes very little time to expand it back up ready for use again which is extremely convenient. This tunnel is square so it will not roll or flip as easily as the round tunnels when your cat is playing. This tunnel was designed by a veterinarian in the USA and is also handmade using locally sourced material in the USA. Many cats take to this tunnel immediately as it is so much like the brown paper bags they seem to play in at every opportunity. This is a single tunnel with two entrance holes and it doesn’t come with any extras such as hanging toys but for many cats, the feel and sound of the material is enough to keep them interested in this seemingly simplistic tunnel. Tunnel Highlights:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from paper and cardboard
  • Spacious



Buyers Guide To Cat Tunnels

the best cat tunnels Cats are naturally curious and love investigating new places. This curiosity combined with the love of small spaces is why they are interested in cat tunnels. It gives them a place to play, feel safe and rest.

Tunnel Size

Most cat tunnels are relatively small in diameter which means people with larger cats will need to check the specifications of tunnels to make sure the one they choose is going to provide enough space. There are not as many larger options so you may have limited choice but at least your cat will be able to use the tunnel comfortably. For larger cats, a tunnel diameter of 12 inches is recommended.


The cat tunnel needs to have a strong frame that doesn’t collapse or flop when assembled. It should also be covered with a tear-resistant material that can stand the test of rough-play. Certain materials are more durable than others, for example, heavy-duty polyester will last longer than paper materials.


You’ll find cat tunnels made from polyester, plush fabric, mesh and even paper/ cardboard. Plush material is ideal if you want the tunnel to be somewhere your cat can relax as well as play. The tunnel should be comfortable not only to lay down but it should also be a material that won’t easily snag your cat’s claws.

Type Of Cat Tunnel

Some tunnels are a singular tube, some are three-way or even four-way tunnels. calico cat in play tunnel Some options have additional peepholes which cats seem to love as it gives them more places to look out from and climb in and out of. The peepholes are great for ambushes and offer easy escape routes should they be needed.

Interactive Features

When choosing a tunnel for your cat consider features such as: Crinkle/ rustling material. This is material that makes a noise when your cat walks on it or brushes against it. Some cats love the crackle material while others find it scary or unpleasant Hanging toys. Some tunnels feature a toy that hangs on a string at one of the entrances, this can encourage your cat to use the tunnel. It adds another element of entertainment and fun which many cats seem to enjoy.


Cat tunnels are available in a range of styles and designs. Many tunnels can be quickly and conveniently collapsed down or folded away when not in use. cat sitting in blue cat tunnel You’ll find lots of different colours and materials to choose from and some tunnels have additional features such as faux fur lining. The tunnel needs to be strong and durable but thanks to the options you’re bound to find a style that suits your home too.

Indoor or Outdoor

Many tunnels are designed to be used for play indoors but there are outdoor options too. There are outdoor tunnels that can be secured closed to give an indoor cat time outside without being able to leave the safety of the tunnel. They are made with mesh allowing the cat to experience the outdoors while safely confined. Sometimes you can connect one end of the tunnel to an open window to give your cat the ability to go in and out as they want to.

Connectivity Options

If you have a lot of space (or a lot of cats) you may want extra-long tunnels to create a big play area. If this is the case, keep a lookout for tunnels that can be easily connected to one another. This way you can easily create long, secure tunnels with minimal effort.

Why Cats Love Tunnels

The dark and confined space of a tunnel is something that many cats are obsessed with. Just as cats love to clamber into cardboard boxes, they are equally as enthusiastic about tunnels. A cat tunnel is designed to offer not only a place for play and entertainment but also a place that satisfies some of your cat’s instincts. cat peeking out of tunnel Cats are naturally very curious, they are inquisitive and like to investigate new and mysterious objects. This is why they love to explore things like paper bags when you get home from the shops. A tunnel offers them a safe place to be curious and explore. Tunnels are portable and can easily be moved around or laid out in different shapes to keep them interesting for cats. You can also place cat treats or toys within the tunnel to encourage your cat to explore. Cats are natural hunters and this instinct remains even in domestic cats. Cats love to hide, stalk and make surprise attacks. A good cat tunnel can bring out your cats hunting instinct and they will be able to use it for stalking, ambushing and practising their hunting skills. A cat tunnel is so much more than a cat toy. They give cats a safe, secure and private area to hide if they feel like they need to, they encourage exercise and they bring out your cat’s playful side. They are a simple, affordable and effective opportunity for your cat to display natural behaviours.

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