Blonde Cats: Everything You Need To Know

Blonde is a beautiful yet unusual colour for cats, this eye-catching lighter shade is actually a shade of red.

Blonde cats are becoming increasingly popular but it remains a relatively rare colouration in most cat breeds. 

a blonde cat

The blonde colour is often described as cream or caramel so look out for these words if you’re trying to find blonde cats or kittens.   

Are Blonde Cats Rare?

Yes, blonde is one of the least common cat colours. Although blonde is actually a shade of red and is often called cream, caramel, peach, or gold.

The cream or blonde colouration is more common in some breeds than it is in others. Below we’ve listed the breeds that include blonde-coloured coats..

Blonde Cat Breeds:

The following breeds can be found in cream, tan, or golden colours.

The colour may be solid but blonde shades can also be seen in spotted, brindle, and tabby cat patterns.

We’ve started with the breeds where blonde coats are more common: 

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coons come in a cream and a cream tabby colour. The blonde colour is quite common and is a dilute version of the red (or orange) colour.

blonde maine coon

Cream Maine Coons can set you back between £750 – £1000. 

2. Burmese 

Burmese cats come in a range of colours including several blonde shades including cinnamon, champagne, cream, and platinum.

blonde burmese cat

Their coat is short, glossy, and rich in colour. Although most Burmese are deep brown in colour, other colours are becoming more common.

A blonde Burmese will generally cost between £800 – £1000.  

3. British Shorthair 

British Shorthairs come in various colours including fawn and cream. These are both warm blonde tones.

The cream colouration may include faint tabby markings while silver tips are common with fawn British Shorthairs.

blonde british shorthair cat

British Shorthairs tend to cost between £200 – £750. 

4. American Shorthair

American Shorthairs come in a wide range of coat colours. One of these colours is cream which is darker than the white colouration.

blonde american shorthair cat

Cream American Shorthairs have gold eyes and pink noses and paw pads.

American Shorthairs cost between £50 – £200 but it may take some time to find one with a cream coat.    

5. Norwegian Forest 

Norwegian Forest Cats can come in a cream coat, this colour is a diluted version of the red coat.

blonde norwegian forest cat

Norwegian Forest Cats generally cost between £250 – £800 with the cream colouration being more likely toward the top end of this as they are less common.  

6. Ragdoll 

Flame point ragdolls have creamy white bodies and their head, legs, and tail range from light orange to dark red, or a combination of this with white.

cream point ragdoll

As with all ragdolls (aside from the mink colouration) flame point ragdolls are born white and only develop their colours later on.

Flame Point ragdolls usually cost between £400 – £600.

Cream point ragdolls have a white coat with cream ears, feet, face, and tail. The cream colouring can range from reddish cream to a browner beige. Cream point ragdolls are very rare so you can expect them to cost more than flame point ragdolls. 

7. Siamese 

The Flame Point Siamese colour variation is produced by combining a red or orange tabby American Shorthair and a Siamese cat.

flame point siamese cat

This combination produces a white or cream siamese with red (or strawberry blonde) points.

This is a rare variation of the siamese cat so can be difficult to find. Siamese cats tend to cost between £400-£900.

8. Persian 

Blonde Persians can be found in Golden or Cream colour variations. They have a rich golden coloured coat with minimum shading.

blonde persian cat

These colourations are relatively new within the Persian breed but are very popular.

Blonde Persians are sought after; they can cost between £300 – £800. 

Blonde Cat Cost

The cost of a blonde-coloured cat varies greatly depending on which breed the cat is.

It will generally cost between £200 – £800 for a blonde kitten but the price is breed dependant. 

As the blonde colouration is currently quite rare it is more likely these cats/ kittens will be at the higher end of the price scales.

blonde cat sleeping

Of course, many cats are available for little or no cost from shelters and occasionally there may be blonde cats looking for homes too. Although finding blonde cats in shelters is uncommon. 

Are Blonde Cats Typically Male or Female?

Blonde cats can be male or female. 

However, as the blonde colouration is often a pale ginger (or strawberry blonde) the cats are more likely to be male.

blonde cat

This is because males only require one copy of the ginger gene while female cats require two. 

The blonde colouration can also be a mixture of white and red within the coat. 

Common Medical Issues That Blonde Cats Experience

Blonde cats are more prone to experiencing certain skin conditions including:

1. Solar Dermatitis 

Solar Dermatitis is a skin disease that can lead to skin cancer. It is caused by sun exposure and lighter-coloured cats are more susceptible to the disease. 

Symptoms include redness of the skin, scaly skin, ulcers, scabs, and crusts on the skin. These symptoms usually occur on the cat’s face and ears as these are the areas that are least protected from the sun. 

Solar Dermatitis can be prevented by placing UV-blocking film on windows and keeping cats inside during the hottest part of the day. 

2. Skin cancer

Cats with light-coloured fur are more prone to suffering from skin cancer. This is because skin cancer is often the result of sun exposure.

Cats should be kept in the shade or inside during the hottest parts of the day and, if necessary, their skin can be protected using sunscreen. 

Symptoms of skin cancer include red, crusty areas on the skin as well as lumps, scabs, ulcers, and lesions.

Skin cancer is often seen on the ears and nose, where there is no hair covering these areas. Most skin cancers in cats can be treated and cured. 

To Summarise

Blonde is not a common colour for cats but is becoming increasingly popular. The colour comes from a diluted red or a mixed red and white coat. 

If you’re looking for a blonde cat, breeders and cat fanciers will often list the colour as cream, peach, caramel, or gold and the shade can vary depending on the individual cat.