Cat Portraits In Costume: 15 Cool Costume Portraits

The only thing cuter than seeing a cat dressed up is seeing your own cat dressed up. Some cats will tolerate wearing a funny outfit at home (we’ve all seen the cat dressed as a pirate, haven’t we?) while others are entirely unimpressed at the thought of even a simple bow tie.

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Let’s be honest, most cats don’t want to participate in dressing up for a funny photo. For those of us with stubborn kitties who refuse to dress the part, we can see them looking like royalty, uniformed professionals, or talented sports stars by using ArtYourCat. It’s all the fun of dressing up without the stress and claw marks.

art your cat

All you do is take a picture of your cat and this is transformed into a character portrait of your choice.

Then you receive a high quality canvas or digital print to treasure forever. Here’s some of our favourite cats in costumes that never fail to make us smile. 

Cats As Royalty 

royalty cats

Cats always look at home when dressed as royalty, whether it’s their serious expression or the way they demand respect, there’s something very fitting about a cat in a royal costume. 

old style cat royalty portraits

There’s something to suit all kitties so you can transform your cat into a confident heiress, a demanding duchess, or a priceless princess. There’s plenty of options for the boys too from the king to a duke, mayor, or captain. 

cat royalty images

It feels like a royalty costume is the only one a cat won’t roll their eyes at. It is their destiny, after all. 

Cats As Workaholics

Maybe your cat’s serious nature is better suited to wearing a uniform? A protective cat would look great as a police officer “pawfficer”, an adventurous cat could be an astronaut in space and a fussy eater could be transformed into a chef. 

doctor and astronaut cats

Other top options include firefighter, doctor, and nurse. We think the best portraits are the ones that relate to your cat’s personality or your own career path. 

police and astronaut cats

It’s a lot of fun to think about which costume would best suit your cat – the chances are one of the costumes will immediately jump out at you and you’ll think “THAT is our kitty”.  

Cats As Sports Stars

The sporting costumes are a lot of fun too. The sports pet portraits make great gifts for sports lovers and for coaches.

Cats can be transformed into goalkeepers, baseball players, and football players. 

american football and soccer cats

If your cat doesn’t have the most sporting personality but loves to watch from the sidelines in support, they could be an excellent cheerleader!

baseball and american football cats

For the cats in sports shirts you can personalise the player number on the shirt to make the portrait extra special. 

Cats In Costumes

There are so many costumes to choose from.

Your cat can be dressed up in a tuxedo, be ready to chop wood as a lumberjack, be rocking out on a drum set and so much more.

There’s a costume to suit all personalities. 

No matter what the costume, cat owners can’t get over how great their besties look in these pawtraits.