Cat Pregnancy Calculator: Get An Exact Due Date

Cat Pregnancy Calculator

Find out when your cat’s due date is by entering the date of it’s first mating below:

Expected Due Dates:



Expected Due Date:

Your cat’s due date is dd/mm/yy. This is 63 days from the time she mated, which is the typical gestation length for cats. Be aware this is an average so your cat may give birth a few days before or after this date.

Feline Gestation Length

Feline gestation lasts 58 – 67 days or 8 to 9.5 weeks.

If you know the date that your cat mated then you can expect kittens to arrive around 63 days (on average) later.

cat pregnancy calculator

How To Estimate When Your Cat Is Due

If you suspect your cat may have mated but you are not sure if they did or didn’t some early signs of pregnancy you can watch out for include:

  • Enlarged red nipples, this typically happens anywhere from 15-18 days.
  • Regular vomiting.
  • Increased maternal behaviour such as more purring.
  • Gradual weight gain (up to 2kg).
  • Mild stomach swelling.

If you’re still not sure if your cat is pregnant a vet could give them a scan to confirm or deny your suspicions from 15 days of pregnancy.

Signs Your Cat Is About To Give Birth:

  • Nesting – A couple of weeks before your cat is due to give birth they will begin nesting, this involves finding warm, comfortable, quiet locations to give birth in.
  • Swollen Mammary Glands – Cat’s have two “chains” of four mammary glands and nipples running parallel on each side of their belly. These will start to swell and may even leak some milk days before giving birth.
  • Increased Licking – Hours before giving birth your cat will release a discharge which will encourage genital licking, she is also likely to be far more vocal around this time and may pace around.
  • Temperature drop – a couple of days before your cat gives birth their core body temperature will drop around half a degree or so. A cat’s normal body temperature is around 37.7º to 39.1ºC (100º to 102.5ºF), a couple of days before giving birth their temperature will drop to  37.2ºC (99ºF).
  • Reduced Appetite – In the weeks before giving birth a cat’s appetite will increase however in the last day or two before giving birth their appetite can drop significantly due to the kittens pressing on her stomach.