How To Make A Cat Toy Out Of Socks

3 Ways To Make A Cat Toy Out Of Socks

Cats are very easily entertained, you don’t have to buy them expensive or even cheap cat toys.

Often a sock can be more than enough to keep a cat amused and active.

Here are three simple cat toys that can be made from socks:

1. Catnip Sock

This cat toy is super simple and a firm favourite with our cat.

You will need:

  • One old sock
  • Some catnip

Take the sock and put roughly one tablespoon of catnip into it.

Tie a knot in the neck of the sock to stop the catnip falling out.

GIve it to your cat and enjoy the show!

You can see below just how much our cat enjoys this toy in the video below:

Your cat won’t need much encouragement to play with this toy thanks to the catnip, and it can provide them with some serious physical and mental stimulation.

2. Sock Snake

For this cat toy you will need:

  • One old sock
  • Some waste paper

Take the waste paper and scrunch it up into paper balls.

Then open the sock and stuff the paper into it.

Keep doing this until there is about 6cm of loose sock left, tie this bit up firmly.

Wiggle the paper sock snake around and your cat will soon pounce on it!

3. Sock Treat Hunt

For this toy you will need:

  • One of their favourite (smelly) treats
  • Three socks

Open up the first sock and stuff the other two socks inside it so that you end up with a thee layered sock.

Then put the smelly treat in the middle of the sock.

Your cat will spend ages trying to get it out!

If the socks are quite tight-fitting socks then it may be almost impossbile for your cat to ever get the treat out, if that is the case then use a pair of scissors to cut through the side of the three socks to open the socks out a bit more so that they have a more reasonable chance of extracting the treat.

So there you have it, three quick and easy cat toys you can make from old socks, we hope your cat enjoys them!

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