ice cream for cats

Ice Cream For Cats – Yes It Exists!

Cats love hot weather but sometimes it can get too hot even for them.

Ice cream may seem like the perfect treat to cool your cat down however cats should not eat human ice cream as adult cats are typically lactose intolerant.

Fortunately, cat ice cream has been invented.

Cat ice cream is a dairy-free ice cream alternative designed for cats, you can buy it from:

…alternatively, you can make it yourself!

Thankfully it’s not hard to make at all, your cat will love it and it will do a great job of helping them cool down.

How To Make Ice Cream For Your Cat:

First of all, make sure you have the following items:

  • Wet cat food
  • A blender (not 100% necessary if you are using wet cat food)
  • Cat milk (if you don’t have cat milk available try making the cat ice lollies further down this page instead)
  • Ice cubes (20+ cubes!)
  • Salt
  • 2 x sandwich bags
  • 1 x big freezer bag

1. Mix The Cat Milk & Wet Cat Food

Take one of the sandwich bags and pour in the cat milk until it is around 25% full.

Then add in up to 100 grams of wet cat food. This is roughly half a tin or one full pouch.

2. Seal The Bag

Seal the sandwich bag and then put it inside the spare sandwich bag, this will help ensure that the bag doesn’t split later on.

3. Add Salt & Ice

Take the freezer bag and add your ice cubes, and then add half a mug full of salt.

The salt lowers the temperature that the ice melts at meaning that the ice will melt below zero degrees which will help better freeze your ice cream. This article explains the science better than I can.

4. Freeze The Ice Cream

Place your sandwich bags inside the Freezer bag.

Then roll the ice around as if you’re giving your ice cream a gentle ice massage. You will need to do this for around 15 minutes so it is a good idea to wear gloves or use a towel of some sort so your hands don’t freeze!

5. Serve Up

Your homemade cat ice cream should be finished and ready to eat, serve it up and watch your cat enjoy it!

ice cream for cats

How To Make Ice Lollies For Your Cat:

If you don’t have any cat milk lying around then cat ice lollies or popsicles can be a good alternative to making cat ice cream.

First of all, make sure you have the following items:

  • Cat food (wet or dry will both work) or cat treats
  • A blender (not 100% necessary if you are using wet cat food)
  • Access to a freezer
  • Something to freeze the ice cream in (an ice cube tray is ideal)
  • Water + the spring water from a tin of tuna for extra flavouring.

1. Blend the cat food

Take one scoop of dry cat food and blend it into a fine powder.

Alternatively, if you are using wet cat food use one pouch and mix it up until it is not stuck together.

2. Add Water

Pour the cat food into a mixing bowl and then add the water until the cat food is covered.

Then take a tin of tuna in spring water, and drain the spring water into your mixing bowl – this is not essential but will add an extra bit of flavour that your cat will enjoy.

3. Freeze It

Pour the cat ice cream mix into the container you are going to freeze it in.

Carefully place it in the freezer and leave it to freeze for at least 6 hours.

4. Serve Up

It’s ready to eat!

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