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Our Favourite Tuxedo Cat Memes

On this page we showcase all the very best Tuxedo Cat memes that we have found around the internet. If you find any other Tuxedo Cat related memes that you think we might enjoy please get in touch via our contact page and let us know where we can find them!

Tuxedo Cats are usually very intelligent and therefore highly amusing cats that get themselves into all sorts of capers, they are therefore perfect meme fodder!



The sharp tuxedo cat look goes very well with a well fitting bow-tie, making for the perfect feline James Bond!


Many tuxedo cats struggle with this problem, different length socks on every leg! No worries that’s part of the reason why we love them!


No cat likes being washed, especially not a cat that’s wearing it’s very best Tuxedo!


Maybe he’s got a point given that he’s only wearing a hat and I’ve got all these clothes on!

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