Yakult For Cats: Is It Safe?

It’s best not to give your cat Yakult as it can cause reactions and intolerance issues.

This is primarily because Yakult contains lactose which most adult cats are not able to digest.

With that said, if your cat is not lactose intolerant then Yakult should not cause any negative effects unless too much of it is consumed. 

While some cats drink Yakult without an issue we don’t recommend it because there are many cat-specific probiotics available that are safe and have a positive effect. 

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Can Cats Drink Yakult?

As Yakult contains lactose and a lot of sugar it is better not to let your cat drink it.

The milk in Yakult can cause vomiting and diarrhea as well as digestive issues. 

As Yakult is designed for human consumption it doesn’t offer the same benefits when fed to cats.

Choosing a probiotic that has been designed specifically for cats is a much better option. 

In addition to this, Yakult only contains lactobacillus bacteria which is not enough to help your cat maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and boost their immunity either.

Your cat simply won’t be getting the benefits you want them to get when consuming Yakult.  

Diet plays an important role in your cat’s health and probiotics are excellent for boosting immunity but only if you choose products that have been designed for cats.

This way your cat gets the benefits of the probiotics and none of the potential side effects that come with drinking Yakult. 

Can I Give Human Probiotics To My Cat?

While you can give human probiotics to your cat it is better not to as the benefits won’t be the same.

There have been no studies that suggest human probiotics are dangerous for cats but it is more beneficial to offer them cat-specific probiotic products instead. 

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The reason for this is the probiotics that are good for humans may not help your cat and the other ingredients could make your cat sick.

While some human probiotics may not be harmful to your cat they won’t necessarily be beneficial either.

It is worth choosing probiotics that have been shown to be safe for cats and have a positive effect on their health. 

Remember that cats have different intestinal flora compared to humans which means the bacteria that are good for humans may not have any benefits to cats. 

How Do Probiotics Work?

Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria that are consumed to help promote balance in the intestines.

This is different from prebiotics which are specific fiber sources that encourage the growth of your cat’s beneficial bacteria.

Giving your cat probiotics helps to decrease gut pH and helps good bacteria thrive. 

There are many benefits to giving your cat probiotics, particularly when they are stressed, unwell, or malnourished.

Outside of this, most cats are able to maintain the internal balance of microbes themselves. 

What’s The Best Way To Give My Cat Probiotics?

Probiotics come in a range of forms, they can be a supplement such as a powder or a pill, or they can be included in cat food so your cat gets probiotics through their diet. 

When deciding which probiotics to give to your cat, it is best to speak to a veterinarian so you can find the right probiotics for the situation.

Some probiotics are best suited to resolving digestive issues while others support the immune system or have anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Can Probiotics Like Yakult Make A Cat Sick?

Any new supplements can have side effects including gas and abdominal discomfort.

Giving your cat probiotics such as Yakult is likely to cause your cat to be unwell, mainly due to the milk and sugar content. 

ill looking cat

Probiotics are beneficial for health and giving cats pet-friendly probiotics will help strengthen their immune system, reduce harmful bacteria in their digestive tract, help break down the food they have consumed, reduce stress, improve diarrhea, and provide vitamins and nutrients.

There are lots of benefits to giving your cat probiotics.  

Are There Any Yakult Alternatives That Are Suitable For Cats?

Yes, there are many cat-specific probiotics that make excellent alternatives to Yakult.

Most of these probiotics are in the form of pills, powders, or infused treats.

There are no direct Yakult alternatives but a consultation with your vet will help you find the best probiotic for your cat. 

What To Do If My Cat Has Drank Yakult?

If your cat has drank Yakult keep a close eye on them as they may vomit or get diarrhea.

The main issue in Yakult is the milk as many cats are sensitive to lactose and unable to digest it.

As most dairy products impact a cat’s gut health you are likely to see signs of gastrointestinal irritation and related issues. 

Yakult’s main ingredients are water, sugar, skimmed milk, glucose syrup, natural flavours, and lactobacillus bacteria.

If your cat is able to withstand the ingredients of Yakult then it is okay to feed them a small amount of Yakult but there are better ways to strengthen your cat’s immune system and overall health. 

The main issues with cats drinking Yakult are the adverse reactions caused by the lactose. Over time the high levels of sugar and glucose syrup can result in feline diabetes, obesity, pancreatitis, and other health issues.

Yakult may also have a negative effect if your cat is already unwell so if you notice side effects after they drink Yakult, contact your vet for advice.  

Ask a Vet

If your cat has eaten Yakult and you notice any side effects then we recommend you speak with a vet ASAP to help you work out what’s going on and what needs to be done. JustAnswer allows you to talk in real-time to veterinary experts for a small fee.

Is Yakult Good For Cats Diarrhea?

Probiotics are good for helping with diarrhea but it is not recommended to give them Yakult.

There are better options that will be more beneficial because the lactose and sugar content in Yakult may worsen the issue.

A cat-friendly probiotic is good for cats with diarrhea as it can help increase the good bacteria which will help fight the bad bacteria. 

Probiotics are particularly important if the diarrhea is caused by a change in diet, an infection, an imbalance in bacteria caused by extended use of antibiotics, or stress due to moving, travelling, or another change in their usual routine. 

If your cat is vomiting, don’t offer them Yakult.

Instead, offer fresh water, and if the issue continues then take them to the vet to help diagnose the reason for the vomiting.

If you offer Yakult it is likely this will be vomited up almost immediately too and the lactose can cause further irritation. 

Is Yakult Good For Deworming?

No, Yakult isn’t a good option for deworming due to the lactose, sugar, and glucose syrup.

If your cat is lactose intolerant or is unable to tolerate some of the other ingredients in Yakult it could cause further complications. 

With that said, the right probiotics are good for cats with gut problems and are good for supporting deworming.

If your cat needs to be dewormed, it’s best to chat with your vet to find the best dewormer as well as the best probiotics that will suit your cat and the issues you are trying to solve. 

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