10 Best Apps For Cats To Enjoy

Cats keep us endlessly entertained but we can sometimes struggle to keep them busy. We all know how quickly cats can lose interest in their toy mouse or scratching post but something that seems to successfully capture and hold their attention is digital games.

Apps that work with the touch screen of an Android/ Apple phone or tablet can offer hours of fun for your cat.

There are loads of apps to choose from so whether your cat loves chasing a laser dot or you want to see how good they are at painting, there’s an app for it. Below you can find 10 of the best apps your cat will love.

As with all apps, you can get free or paid options. The majority of the cat apps below are free to download but there are a few that offer paid upgrades or are available to download for a low price. These apps are a fun, easy way to entertain your cat even when you’re busy with other things. 

1. Game for Cats

Available on Apple & Android devices.

This free app is designed for use on iPads and is very simple and user-friendly. The main game is a traditional laser pointer that darts around the screen randomly, the erratic movement of the laser dot prompts your cat to chase and swat at it.

The game keeps track of your cats score so you can check out their high scores and compare it with friend’s cats. We all know cats can’t resist a laser dot so this is a popular game that will keep them entertained. The app offers in-app purchases to unlock extra games that changes the laser to a mouse and there’s a bonus butterfly round too. 

2. Go-Cat Cat Fishing

Available on Apple & Android devices.

This fish app is a classic option for keeping cats busy. There are three levels that show one, two or three fish.

go go cat fishing

The aim of the game is for your cat to catch as many fish as they can, as they catch more fish the game becomes increasingly challenging.

You can watch as your cat tries to grab and scoop the fish using their paws. This is great fun and a good distraction that doesn’t cost anything to download and use.  

3. Cat Bat

Available on Android devices.

Want to give your cat a game that tests out their reflex time?

Cat Bat for Android does just that. There are shapes and animals of all kinds that move across the screen for your cat to catch.

You can see your cats high score and you can choose which game they play.

There are lots of options including mice, frogs, ladybugs and even planets. This is a great reflex and hunting game.

4. Paint for Cats 

Available on Apple devices.

This is the app you didn’t know you needed. Paint for cats features a rainbow mouse that runs around the screen, as your cat paws or touches the screen it will create a brush stroke.

You can choose the colour palette and then sit back and leave your cat to create artwork!

This app is not free but it is a lot of fun and once your cat has finished painting you can email the pictures or share them to Facebook. 

5. Go-Cat JitterBug 

Available on Android devices.

The JitterBug game can help your cat put their instinctive hunting skills into practice.

In game mode, your cat has five fifteen-second segments to catch as many bugs as they can. The score is counted and the high score can be shared to social media meaning you can compare scores and participate in challenges with other cat owners.

There is also an advanced mode where you can choose the number of bugs that appear and you can also put the game into endless play where there is no time limit.

6. Cat Playground 

Available on Android devices.

Cat Playground is an Android app that offers a selection of games for your cat to enjoy. The mini-games include catch-a-mouse, whack-a-mole, fishing and a laser chase.

Some of the games have sound effects that can help entice your cat and encourage them to play. This is a great option for having multiple games available on one app but it does cost £1.59 to buy. 

7. Pocket Pond 2

Available on Apple & Android devices.

If you would like a fish app that is very detailed and realistic, consider Pocket Pond 2.

This is an app that you can enjoy too as you are able to raise, breed and sell fish as well as choose your pond decorations. Once your pond is set up, you can leave it open for your cat to watch the fish swimming across the screen.

It’s a beautiful app that will be perfect if your cat loves to watch fish in the fish tank or outside pond.

8. Mouse Simulator

Available on Android devices.

This Android app features a mouse that runs across your screen and snacks on cheese. You can set the mouse size and speed before playing and then you can leave your cat to play.

The mouse is realistic and looks exactly how it would look if your cat was watching a real mouse run around from above so it is bound to catch their attention.

9. Cat Alone

Available on Apple & Android devices.

If you are busy doing something and you want to distract your cat, Cat Alone is a free app that will do just that.

Your cat can spend their time trying to chase and catch various objects and bugs on screen.

There are 6 stages of this game, each with good graphics and included sound. The stages include last pointer, ladybug, finger, fly, butterfly and cockroach.

The different options will help keep your cat interested and you can choose one that you know your cat likes or you can choose “mix all” so the game will switch between them. 

10. CatzPlay Game for Cats 

Available on Apple devices.

This iPad app gives you four games to choose from. Your cat can spend their time chasing fish, mice, a laser or butterflies.

Each game is animated and has eye catching colours and sound effects to give your cat a full experience. The sound and background music can also be switched off if you would prefer it to be silent.

The bright colours and movement should be enough to keep your cat’s attention even with the music switched off.

CatzPlay is free so perfect for offering your cat varied fun in one app. 

Games are a great way to keep your cat entertained. Playtime is necessary for your cat’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Using these apps is a fantastic way to ensure they still have fun and get to use their natural instincts and curiosity even if you don’t have the time to play with them.

Many games have features that keep track of scores which is a fun way to see how your cat is finding the game and it’s also a way of involving your friend’s cats too.

Generally, your screen won’t be damaged by your cat playing these games but scratches are always a possibility so keep this in mind.

Remember to reward your cat for playing the games to make it an even more enjoyable experience. 

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