5 Best Cat Handling Gloves

Cats seem to have a peculiar telepathic ability to know when you are taking them to the vets.

This can turn the most sedate cat into a hissing, clawing ball of terror.

If you have ever encountered a strange cat sleeping in your car engine bay or a cat has sneaked into your home and is refusing to leave then using cat handling gloves may be your only solution.

Not only because they will prevent you from getting scratched but also because they will prevent the cat from infecting you with fleas or anything else they may be carrying.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared ahead of time for such occurrences, below are 5 of the best cat handling gloves that we recommend you invest in to save your skin next time you need to pick up an angry cat:

1. PetFusion Pet Glove

This is one of the most popular cat handling gloves available on Amazon.

Many handling gloves are very thick to protect your skin, the problem is this restricts your movement making it difficult to do things that require good finger dexterity such as trimming your pet’s claws or hair.

This glove has taken all that into account and manages to offer serious scratch and puncture protection up to the elbow without compromising the freedom of movement of your hands.

Additionally they;

  • Are machine washable
  • Are recyclable
  • Come with a 12-month warranty
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2. Masunn Anti-Bite Gloves

These heavy duty leather gloves from Masunn offer heavy duty scratch and bite protection. At 60cm long they more than cover your elbows (even if you have very long arms), keeping you safe from those hind leg claws.

Unlike the PetFusion gloves above these gloves will limit your dexterity to a degree as they are very thick. They are designed to withstand bites from big dogs so if avoiding scratches and bites is your primary concern then you can’t go wrong with these.

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3. Hand Max Gauntlets

The word gauntlet is typically used to describe the armoured glove that you would wear if you were wearing a full suit of armour. They are designed to protect your hand from being chopped off with a sword!

Gauntlet is an appropriate word to use for these gloves too because they are made from a combination of cowhide and kevlar thread which gives them immense strength, making them impenetrable to cat claws and teeth.

Be aware they are a bit shorter than other gloves measuring 32.5cm long, so if your cat is prone to kicking out with their back feet you may need longer gloves.

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4. Clean Power Scratch Proof Gloves

These are made from cowhide which has been thickened to provide extra padding and bite resistance.

They are inlayed with cotton, which helps cushion your fingers from the impact of any bites.

At 55cm long they will reach up to, or slightly past your elbows, giving a good level of arm protection.

These gloves are designed to be used by professional animal handlers such as vets, zoo keepers and more so they are more than up to the job of protecting your skin from your cat!

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5. Wood.L Animal Handling Gloves

These extra tough cowhide gloves are designed for a range os uses from gardening work to handling aggressive dogs, snakes and, of course, cats.

For your protection, the leather is extra thick in key bite areas such as the thumbs and fingers so you can be confident that you will be able to handle any cat without having to sacrifice any flesh!

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When To Use Cat Handling Gloves

In an ideal world cat handling gloves wouldn’t be neccessary.

However there are times when your cat may react aggressively to a new stiumulus and it is always best to be prepared for scratches and bites just in case.

While you should do everything you can to calm your cat down prior to handling them here are some circumstances in which it is a good idea to come prepared with your gloves:

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