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Cat Pokemon: 38 Cat-Like Pokemon

Cat-inspired Pokemon are some of the most popular Pokemon characters there are.

They are found across all the regions of the Pokemon world and there’s a lot of variation between the different types.

Some cat Pokemon are strong, fierce and dangerous while others would rather spend the day sleeping and eating. 

Cats have sharp teeth and claws (that are retractable), big ears, big eyes, whiskers and they are carnivorous.

We’ve created a complete list of all Pokemon that seem to be feline.

This includes cat-like Pokemon that are on the border between being cats and being something else.  

1. Meowth 


Pokedex Number #052

Arguably one of the most famous cats in Pokemon, Meowth not only looks like a cat with its big ears, big eyes, whiskers, paws, tail and retractable claws but it acts like a cat too. It is fast, more active at night and likes to sleep during the day. Not only that, Meowth also loves playing with round, shiny items. 

Meowth has sharp claws and will scratch and tear things apart with ease. Meowth is known as the “Scratch Cat Pokemon”. It is also part of the “Team Rocket” trio.

2. Persian 


Pokedex Number #053 

Meowth evolves into Persian. Persian is the “Classy Cat Pokemon”. Persian is a larger cat that looks siamese-like, it is sleeker and more elegant than Meowth. It is able to learn many moves and has a vicious temperament. A Persian has a fickle personality and will scratch things up for no real reason, that might sound familiar to some cat owners! 

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3. Espeon 


Pokedex Number #197 

Espeon evolves from Eevee, it is known as the “Sun Pokemon”. Espeon is a strong character that does well with its psychic abilities that develop when the bond with their trainer has developed. Esperon is a loyal cat Pokemon that looks proud, mysterious and elegant.

4. Umbreon 


Pokedex Number #197 

Umbreon is also a character that evolves from Eevee (Umbreon is a nighttime evolution while Espeon is a daytime evolution). Umbreon is known as the “Moonlight Pokemon”. It is an elegant, high defence black cat that looks almost like a mix between a cat, fox and rabbit.

5. Skitty


Pokedex Number #300

Skitty is known as the “Kitten Pokemon”. This is a super cute, lovable character with its pink coat, pointy ears and happy expression. It’s no surprise Skitty has got a big fan base, it’s one of the cutest cat Pokemon there is. As well as charming us, Skitty is able to cause infatuation on other creatures using its Cute Charm ability. 

6. Delcatty


Pokedex Number #301 

Delcatty’s appearance is cute, lovable and feminine. Delcatty is the evolution of Skitty and is known as the “Prim Pokemon”.

As the name implies, Delcatty has lots of cat-like attributes. It loves to eat, sleep and keep its fur in great condition. It is a good-natured cat that loves napping and prefers to be active during the night.

This Pokemon has a purple collar (this looks like a neck pillow), pointed whiskers, a purple tail and large purple ears. 

7. Glameow 


Pokedex Number #431 

Looking for a Pokemon that looks like a house cat? Take a look at Glameow. This sweet, glamorous Pokemon has white-tipped ears, a white patch on its face, four whiskers, a grey body and a spiralled tail with white fur at the end. It looks a bit like a Siamese cat and can be entered into Little Cup competitions. 

Glameow is a demanding cat and can be temperamental too. If this pokemon is not fed properly it tends to become spiteful, otherwise it is mostly calm and collective. Glameow is known as the “Catty Pokemon”. 

8. Purugly 


Pokedex Number – #432

Purugly evolves from Glameow and the two look quite different as the Pokemon changes from a “glam” cat to an “ugly” one. Purugly is a large cat that uses its fat to resist damage from fire and ice. It is a pokemon that is rarely used in competitive play.

This is a cat that has had a few too many treats. A Purugly gets angry quickly and isn’t afraid to attack others. 

9. Purrloin 


Pokedex Number – #509 

The Purrloin is a mischievous cat that is able to walk on two hind legs or on all four legs. It has striking purple fur and has doe-like, loving eyes. Purrloin is cute and charming but don’t be fooled, it is known as the “Devious Pokemon”. 

It has a masked look making it look like a typical cat but its vibrant colours help it to stand out from other Pokemon. The Purrloin is a master thief and can be very manipulative. The downside to a Purrloin is how much time and training it takes for it to become useful in competiton. 

10. Espurr


Pokedex Number – #678 

Espurr is known as the “Restraint Pokemon”. This is a cat that walks around on its two hind legs and has psychic powers. Espurr looks a bit like a stuffed toy, it has wide eyes and a mysterious stare that is, if we’re honest, kind of creepy.

This Pokemon brings a lot of psychic power to the table and qualifies for Little Cup contests too. 

11. Meowstic 


Pokedex Number – #678 

Espurr evolves into Meowstic. This is a very cute pokemon with large ears and a big tail. Although it’s cute, it is powerful too and has strong physic powers as well as an ability to prioitize attacks. 

Meowstic is the “Constraint Pokemon” and its appearance differs depending on if it is male or female. The female Meowstic is mostly white with yellow-orange eyes and a strong competitive ability while the male is mostly navy blue with turquoise eyes and a strong defensive capability. 

12. Litten 


Pokedex Number #725 

Litten is the “Fire Cat Pokemon”. It is a cute cat with a cool red and black coat pattern. A litten has an aloof demeanor that is similar to a house cat that has had enough attention for the day.

It has large eyes, cute pointy ears and looks like it would fit right in with today’s domestic cats… Although this is a fire-type Pokemon that has flammable hairballs so maybe not!

13. Torracat 


Pokedex Number #726

Litten evolves into Torracat. This large cat is ready for action, enjoys fighting and is even able to spit fire. Torracats can act spoilt so you might get scratched but this is a tough Pokemon that is great in battle.

Torracat keeps the red and black coat style of the Litten and has yellow eyes, it also has what looks like a yellow bell around its neck but this is actually a flame sac. 

Big Cats:

14. Raikou 


Pokedex Number #243 

Raikou is the “Thunder Pokemon”. It is one of the legendary beasts. This Pokemon looks like some sort of saber-toothed tiger. It has 2 large fangs, has thick fur and a black face mask. Raikou wouldn’t make a good pet, particularly as it is distrustful of humans. 

Raikou’s features are ambiguous and it looks like a mix of dog, cat and rodent. 

15. Shinx 


Pokedex Number #403 

Shinx is known as the “Flash Pokemon”. To us, Shinx looks like a cute lion cub. It has large round ears, big eyes and a black collar that eventually develops into a main when the Shinx evolves.

This is a harmless Pokemon that is a bit of a scaredy-cat, it often uses flash to escape if it feels threatened.

This is the kind of Pokemon I could imagine being curled up on your lap while you’re watching your favourite show. 

16. Luxio 


Pokedex Number #404

Of course, Shinx wasn’t going to stay small and adorable for too long. Shinx evolves into Luxio, a brave and powerful Pokemon that has begun to grow its black mane.

Luxio is intimidating but it is still learning and often accidentally makes its trainer faint with strong electrical discharge. Luxio is the “Spark Pokemon” and it looks like a cat that means business. 

17. Luxray 


Pokedex Number #405 

Luxray is the final evolution after Luxio and is the toughest of the three. Luxray has a full black mane, fierce eyes and a slender build.

It is the “Gleam Eyes Pokemon” and has a special power of seeing through anything with x-ray type vision. If Shinx is a lion cub then Luxray is a fully grown adult. This is a big cat Pokemon you want to have on your side. 

18. Liepard 


Pokedex Number #510

Liepard is an evolution of Purrloin. It is known as the “Cruel Pokemon”. This sleek purple cat resembles a leopard or cheetah.

It is elegant, silent and incredibly fast. It also has an arrogant, sassy personality which is similar to many cats we know.

Liepard is one of the more popular cat Pokemons, it is sassy, devious and ready for battle. 

19. Litleo 


Pokedex Number #667

Litleo is known as the “Lion Cub Pokemon”. It is adorable, with big round ears, a cute mohican and a clump of fur on the end of its tail. Litleo is a fire type pokemon that is playful and curious.

A male litleo will evolve to become a maned Pyroar while a female will evolve to become equal to the male Pyroar but without the mane. 

20. Pyroar 


Pokedex Number #668 

Pyroar is a ferocious big cat that can breathe fire. Pyroar is the “Royal Pokemon”. It is stronger than other cats and packs a punch.

The male Pyroar has a large mane that goes in all directions while the female has fiery-coloured fur that sweeps across their back.  

21. Incineroar 


Pokedex Number #727 

Incineroar is the final stage of evolution after Torracat in the Litten family. It is known as the “Heel Pokemon”. This big cat stands on its hind legs and looks like a pro wrestler. It is tough, fiery and strong. 

An Incineroar is sometimes selfish and may ignore its trainer’s orders but despite this it forms a strong bond with its trainer. Incineroar doesn’t look as cat-like as other Pokemon but with its tiger-like markings, big claws, pointy ears and long tail there’s no denying this is a big cat with rough manners and brutal powers. 


22. Eevee


Pokedex Number #133 

Eevee is able to evolve into many wonderful cat-like Pokemon so we couldn’t create this list without acknowledging Eevee. Eevee is a mix of lots of animals which is why it falls into the cat-like category.

This Pokemon is very cute with large eyes, big pointy ears and a bushy fox-like tail. This is not a Pokemon that’s built for fighting but as the “Evolution Pokemon” there are 8 different Eevee evolutions to choose from. 

23. Vaporeon 


Pokedex Number #134 

Vaporeon is the “Bubble Jet Pokemon” and is an evolution of Eevee using a Water Stone. This cat-like Pokemon is a water-type and is often mistaken as a mermaid by sailors. The Vaporeon resembles both cats and aquatic animals.

Its feline characteristics include its face with its short muzzle and triangular nose. This is a cat that loves water and has no weaknesses. 

24. Jolteon 


Pokedex Number #135 

Jolteon is an evolution of Eevee using a Thunder Stone. It is the “Lightning Pokemon” and is able to absorb volts. This cat-like pokemon has large pointy, ears, sticky-up electrified fur and a light coloured mane.

This isn’t your standard house cat, Jolteon has super speed, is an incredible sweeper and is one of the best electric-type Pokemon there is. 

25. Flareon 


Pokedex Number #137 

Flareon evolves from Eevee when a Fire Stone is used. It is called the “Flame Pokemon” and its specialty is creating fire. Its body temperature can reach up to 1,700 degrees F. This cat-like pokemon is a great companion for people who love being outdoors, camping and hiking. 

It’s often debated whether Flareon is actually a cat or not but with its feline evolutionary line we’re happy to place it in the “cat-like” category.

Flareon has a cat-like face with a short muzzle, wide eyes and a black triangular nose, it also has a big fluffy tail and its overall demeanor is shy, sweet and sensible. 

26. Snorlax 


Pokedex Number #143

The Snorlax is a loveable character that is large in size and sits with closed eyes. It is known as the “Sleeping Pokemon”.

A typical day for a Snorlax involves eating and sleeping, they are docile and we can’t help but be reminded of lazy house cats. Snorlax are more likely to be active around dusk and live in mountainous, forest regions. 

27. Mewtwo 


Pokedex Number #150 

Mewtwo is a popular cat-type Pokemon. It has powerful stats and a strong reputation. Mewtwo is a versatile Pokemon that is fast, has psychic powers and is said to have been created by genetic manipulation. It is thought to be one of the strongest Pokemons.

Mewtwo stands on two legs but it has pointy triangular ears and a curly tail that looks cat-like. Its natural curiosity, strong temper and attitude towards most humans also earns this Pokemon a spot on the “cat-like” list. 

28. Mew


Pokedex Number #151 

Mew is an incredibly rare pokemon that is known as the “New Species Pokemon”. Mew’s DNA is said to include the genetic codes of all Pokemon, making many scientists believe it is an ancestor of Pokemon.

Mew is very intelligent, has many unique abilities and has a playful demeanor. Mew is a pink, cat-like psychic Pokemon that has fine fur that can be seen under a microscope, has triangular ears and large eyes. 

29. Sneasel 


Pokedex Number #215

Sneasel looks like a combination of a cat and a weasel. Sneasel is the “Sharp Claw Pokemon”. It is known for being a vicious predator and frequently steals eggs from unguarded Pidgey nests. They are cunning, fast and accurate. 

30. Entei 


Pokedex Number #244 

An Entei is a Volcano cat that is one of the Gen 2 Legendary Beasts. It is an elusive character that can only be captured once per game.

Entei is lion-like in its features and it has the heart of a lion too with its strength and power. This is a fire-type pokemon.

31. Suicune 


Pokedex Number #245 

A Suicune is a leopard-like Pokemon that brings a lot of power and useful defense to a battle. Suicune is a water-type Pokemon and is blue in colour. It is a serious, heroic and powerful Pokemon that is very hard to catch.

A Suicune looks like a leopard and it has some wolf-like traits too. 

42. Zangoose 


Pokedex Number #335 

Zangoose is the “Cat Ferret Pokemon”. It is not a pure cat which is why it falls into the cat-like category, The Zangoose looks fiercer than it is with its white fur, red markings, pointy ears and angry pink eyes. It also has large claws but its attacks typically don’t cause much damage.

33. Absol 

Pokedex Number #360

Absol is known as the “Disaster Pokemon”. It has a feline-like face and posture, as well as claws and a tail. The habitat of the Absol is mountainous which is similar to the snow leopard and it also tries to keep away from populated areas. 

This Pokemon looks like it has been based on a mixture of a black cat, mountain lion and snow leopard. It is able to learn moves efficiently and is powerful against dark-type Pokemon.

34. Munchlax 


Pokedex Number #446 

A Munchlax is a cat-like Pokemon with teal-coloured fur, pointy ears and clawed paws. A Munchlax is very food driven and will travel anywhere to find food. It will eat practically anything and is known as the “Big Eater Pokemon”. 

35. Leafeon 


Pokedex Number #470 

A Leafeon is a later-generation evolution of Eevee. It is known as the “Verdant Pokemon” and is a grass-type Pokemon. It offers a great defence but isn’t particularly effective when it comes to attacks.

A Leafeon purifies the air when it is sleeping under sunlight and is a generally quiet character that lives in forests. It is quite cat-like in its appearance with pointy ears, large eyes and a big tail. 

36. Glaceon 


Pokedex Number #471 

Glaceon is known as the “Fresh Snow Pokemon”. It is an evolution of Eevee and is a great looking cat-like Pokemon.

It is great in cold weather and offers a range of attack and defense capabilities. Glaceon has a lot of feline traits and to us looks like a large cat. It is elegant in its appearance and is docile in its demeanor. 

37. Sylveon 


Pokedex Number #700

Sylveon is known as the “Intertwining Pokemon”. It is a unique evolution of a Partner Eevee and offers powerful attack and defence capabilities. This is a cat that loves love and is eager to spend time with their trainer. A Sylveon is cute, loving and heroic. 

38. Zeraora


Pokedex Number #807

Zeraora is known as the “Thunderclap Pokemon”. It is a high-speed, powerful Pokemon that is able to inflict a lot of damage.

This is a fierce cat-like character that is an electric-type and one of the fastest pokemon around. In contrast to Sylveon, Zeraora does not like humans at all. 

To Summarise 

That brings our list to an end.

What an incredible collection of cat-like Pokemon! We love how different they all are in their appearances and personalities.

Which one is your favourite? 

Some of these characters make us think of our own cats and we’re sure some made you think of your cats too.

These cat inspired Pokemon are just another reason to love the Pokemon world. 


Images Taken From Bulbapedia under the fair usage policy