Stuffed Cat Toys – Realistic Soft Toy Cat Replicas

Have you ever wanted a stuffed cat that looks real and is a replica of your own cat…don’t worry we’re not talking about cat taxidermy!

Perhaps not…it certainly wasn’t something I had any particular desire for until I saw Petsie stuffed cat replicas (check them out in the gallery below) but once you’ve seen just how realistic they can look it’s hard not to want one making of your own cat!

This isn’t usually the type of article we write here on Tuxedo Cat but we thought these were so cool we just had to share them with you!

Stuffed Cats That Look Real

Petsies specialise in customized pet gifts and not just of cats – if you have a dog, horse, pig, rabbit, bunny, rat, bird or even a guinea pig you can get a stuffed version of your pet made with them!

The process of getting your stuffed cat toy is very simple:

  1. Take a few good quality pictures of your cat from different angles.
  2. Send them over to Petsies via their website.
  3. Wait for your stuffed cat to arrive in the post!

They are the perfect gift for a cat-loving friend, and if looked after will last for years to come so can also serve as a memorial to a cat which has passed away.

Each and every Petsie is handmade made with love, care and attention so you can be sure that yours will not disappoint.

These aren’t like your average plush cats made from teddy bear style materials, instead, each pet is created with speciality furs, noses & eyes which are selected to match your real-life cats features as closely as possible.

They also use advanced airbrushing techniques which allow them to match your pets coat markings extremely closely.

Watch the video below to see just how much detail goes into the creation of each pet’s coat:

Learning to airbrush a Petsie takes 3-4 months of on the job learning, and actually painting a pet can take around 4 hours!

When you consider the amount of skill, talent and time it takes to make these soft toys look so realistic the price (see it here) actually begins to seem quite low.

Who Are Petsies?

Petsies is the U.S based (don’t worry they do ship to the U.K) sister company of Budsies. Those of you who have your finger on the pulse of all things social media may have heard of Budsies – they take kids drawings (any drawings in fact) and turn them into a real-life monster (or whatever it is your child has drawn), the results are often as hilarious as they are endearing.

Petsies takes a similar idea (minus the drawing) and turns photos of your cat into a lifelike replica. The company was launched back in 2013 and since then they have created over 70,000 bespoke soft toys (or plushies as they like to call them) – so you can be confident that by now they definitely know what they are doing.

Together Petsies & Budsies have featured on Shark Tank, BuzzFeed, Oprah Magazine, The New York Times and loads more…and you don’t have to look far on the internet to see that their toys are thoroughly loved.

If you do decide to get one please get in touch and share some images of your cat with their Petsie via our Facebook page – we’d love to see it!

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