51 Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers In 2021

So you need to buy a gift for someone who loves cats but have no idea where to start?

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of 51 great gifts for cat lovers below, check them out:

1. Stained Glass Cat Suncatcher

Woah, this looks good right? Wrong – it looks awesome!

This stained glass cat suncatcher sticks onto any window and creates a beautifully colourful image on the wall when the sun shines through it.

It’s an ideal new home gift or a gift for someone who’s recently started working from home and would like to add a bit cat related colour to their office space.

2. Personalised Crocheted Cat Key Ring

These beautiful hand crocheted cat replicas are the perfect gift for any cat owner allowing them to take their cat with them wherever they go.

Send them a high-resolution picture of your cat’s face and they will use a colour palette that matches your cats face to create a realistic likeness of them.

crocheted cat keyring

The heads measure approximately 6cm across.

3. Customised Nikes

customised cat themed nike airforce 1s

Honestly these are our favourite item on our list.

Send the artist a few images of your cat and they will send you a pair of Nike Airforce 1’s personalised with stunning hand painted images of your cat.

If you’re not into the Nikes don’t worry click through their store and find a different shoe style that works for you.

4. Catopoly

Everything can be improved by the addition of cats, Monopoly is no different.

Cat Opoly

Catopoly is a fun feline twist on traditional classic.

Instead of London properties you have different breeds of cats. Instead of income tax, dog tax. Instead of free parking, free catnip. Instead of going to jail you can fall in water.

If your family love both cats and board games then this will be a winner!

5. Custom Phone Case With Your Cat

This great gift allows you to get a new phone case featuring a portrait of your cat on it.

All you have to do it place an order then select your device, send them a high quality image of your cat and then wait for them to send over a preview of it.

If you like the preview they will go ahead and make it and get it sent out.

6. Novelty Cat Socks

I have vivid memories from my childhood of seeing my dad happily receiving a pair of socks for Christmas, I genuinely felt sorry for him.

Years later I too have come to understand the joy of receiving socks for Christmas.

Ladies Womens Cartoon Cotton Socks Cute Cat Design Casual Novelty Crew Socks, Mixed color-6 pack, One size (UK 5-10)

They’re practical, comfy and warm…and yet they’re the kind of thing you rarely ever buy for yourself so they are greatly appreciated.

The good news is there are tons of cute cat socks available to buy, below are a couple of our favourites:

Unisex Adult 3D Print Animal Foot Hoof Socks - Cat

Had my dad got either of these pairs of socks for Christmas my sorrow would have turned into jealousy!

7. Cat Money Box

This gift is as bizzarre as it is cute.

Place a coin on the fish plate and a cat will pop out and paw it inside their box.

UNTIL YOU】Cute Stealing Coins Cents Penny Cat Money Box Saving Money Collecting Money Piggy Bank for Kids Kids (Cute Orange Cat)

It’s a cute and entertaining gift that will help encourage kids and adults alike to save up their coins.

8. A Realistic Stuffed Cat Replica

stuffed cat toy replica

If you’ve ever wanted a stuffed cat replica of your own cat then you need a Petsies.

These realistic stuffed cat replicas from Petsies are painstakingly designed to look just like your own cat.

The process involves measuring and cutting every individual piece of fabric so that your petsie will have the same physical build as your cat. These are stitched together and the fabric is filled up.

Then details are added such as custom eyes and nose colourings.

Then (and this part takes the longest) the polyester fur is painstakingly airbrushed to precisely match the colouring of your cat.

All you need to get your get your Petsies (or buy one for someone else as a gift) do is:

  1. Take a few good-quality pictures of the cat from different angles.
  2. Send them over to Petsies (use this link).
  3. Wait for the stuffed cat to arrive in the post (Petsies is a US-based company but they do deliver to the UK).

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9. Cat Coasters

Most cat people enjoy a good brew.

A cat coaster is a great way of combining their love of felines and filter coffee.

Top819 Trade Set of 6 Cute Cartoon Cat Cup Pad Silicone Coaster Mug Rubber Mats Faces for Wine,Glass,Tea,Drink,Coffee,Beer,Home Gift Idea,Home Kitchen Decor

Featuring familiar faces such as grumpy cat, these cute little coasters are sure to be a talking point.

There are also thousands of other cat coaster designs available online, so there is bound to be something that will be just right.

10. Nightlight Cat

This 3D illusion nightlight is stylish and unique gift.

It features a flat acrylic cat cut out which is illuminated by LEDs that make it look 3D when turned on.

It comes with a remote control which allows you to switch between 16 different colour choices.

Cat 3D Bedside Light for Kids, Kitty Illusion Night Lamp Light up LED Remote Control 16 Color Changing, Bedroom Decor Best Xmas Halloween Birthday Gift for Child Toddler Girl

It is dimmable and can be made to flash in various colour sequences using its flash, strobe, fade and smooth settings.

11. Cats Welcome People Tolerated Sign

If you’ve ever been to a home where there are more places for cats to sit than humans and where an assortment of cat scratching posts and cat trees are scattered in each room then this sign could be the perfect addition to that home.

12. Cat Mask

In the age of Covid there is no better way to make your love of cats known than by wearing a cat-print face mask.

cat mask

Available in three sizes and with the optional additions of a nose wire (recommended to stop it sliding off your nose) and a filter pocket this is the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life who wants their mask to reflect their interests.

13. Cat Mugs

No cat home is complete without a good few cat mugs.

A particularly thoughtful gift would be something like the mug below which can be personalised with your own cat and your own human, complete with their names underneath:

Or if you would prefer to get something a bit more amusing you could get a mug like this:

cat mug funny

14. Cat Definition Wall Art

Perfect for a stylish minimalist home, this tongue in cheek wall art gives a realistic definition of what a cat actually is:

15. Paw Print Necklace

This paw print necklace is a stylish gift for the lady in your life who wants to carry an elegant reminder of their cat with them wherever they go.

Made from 14k gold this minimalist style necklace is available in either rose gold, white gold or standard gold (pictured).

16. Custom Pet Portrait

A portait of your cat is a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Etsy is full of countless highly skilled artists who create stunning portraits of pets, whether you want a photo-realistic portrait, a cartoon style portrait or something more amusing (see below), there are plenty of options.

We had a beautiful pencil portrait done of our cat Whisky (see our gallery) back in 2019, it now hangs proudly in the office.

17. A Cat Table Lamp

These cute handmade cat table lamps are a fun addition to any desk.

cat lamp

The neck, tail and legs of the cat can all move so you can have the cat lamp in a sitting, standing or lying down position.

18. David Bowie Cat Bed

Okay so this list is meant to be of things to give to people who love cats rather than gifts for their cats but we couldn’t resist including this fun David Bowie style cat bed:

cat bed cool

19. Custom Cat Pillows

Everyone needs a pillow shaped like, and printed with an image of their cat.

IF you’re travelling away somewhere you can still hug your cat!

custom cat pillows

They also make for tasteful cat memorials as well as being an allergen free way of allowing someone to hug a cat without any adverse effects.

20. Cat Lady Action Figure

We all know that cat lovers are super heroes…or at least to their cats they are!

So a cat lady action figure is a great way to commemorate their heroism.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

It comes with 6 cats and the action figure is foldable in the middle so she can be made to sit or stand wherever you wish, some have even used this as an amusing cake topper.

21. Unhappy Cats

This cute little unhappy looking cats are designed to be used a garden decorations, ideal for hiding in and around succulent plants.

Ouken 6PCS Unhappy Cat Doll Cartoon Figure Garden Miniature Succulent Plants Decor

22. Cat Jigsaw

This stunning cat jigsaw is available in both 500 or 1000 pieces.

When you’ve finished putting this masterpiece together it could even be framed and mounted on the wall.

23. Cat Bingo

Featuring 64 different breeds of cat from Bengals to Siamese and many more, this stunningly illustrated cat bingo game brings a fun feline twist to the classic bingo game.

Cat Bingo (Magma for Laurence King)

24. Spin Master Cat Game

This entertaining game is similar to pictionary, the key difference being that it comes with loads of little cats that you have to use in your drawings to illustrate your answers.

Spin Master Games The Cat Game

It’s great fun for all ages and is sure to be a firm family favourite.

25. Cat Claw Lights

Both cats and fairy lights make any home feel significantly cosier. This is an indisputable fact.

Pink Cat Claw String Light, 10ft 40LEDs Animal Paw Decoration Battery Powered with 12 Modes, Remote and Timer Decor for Girls Bedroom Festive Birthday

So why not combien the two for maximum cosiness levels?

This is exactly what these cat claw lights do with their cute illuminated cat paws.

26. Feline Thermos Flask

If you are buying a gift for someone who enjoys hot drinks, cold walks and cats then this is what you are looking for:

Cute Cat Thermoses Stainless Steel Water Bottle Insulated Thermal Travel Mug Cute Vacuum Thermos for Women and Kids (Deep Sea Blue)

Measuring 20cm x 5.5cm and made from lightweight stainless steel it is a great travel flask which will last for years.

27. Titanic Pose Cat T-Shirt

There are many thousands (probably millions) of cat T-shirts in the world, but this is the best one of them all:

Goodstoworld Mens Womens Cat Drink Orange Print Shirt Summer 3D Funny Casual Short Sleeve Funky Tshirt Tee Tops, L, Titanic Cat

…at least we think so anyway!

28. Personalised Cat Cufflinks

Send this Etsy store a picture of your cat and they will make you a cute pair of personalised cufflinks featuring your cat’s image.

cat cufflinks

29. Cat Tie

Formal wear is boring.

One of the main reasons it is so boring is the lack of cats.

Here to solve that problem is this stylish navy blue tie featuring white silhouettes of cats sitting.

The perfect gift for the cat lover in your life who has to routinely dress formally for work.

30. Cat Ears Hat

This handed knitted woolen hat is perfect for winter. Made from high-quality, merino wool-blend and acrylic yarn.

cat ears hat

Be aware it should only be washed by hand.

It is available small and medium sizes which will fit heads between 55cm-58cm.

31. Cat Planter

This monochrome cat faced planter is a stylish practical give for anyone who loves both cats & succulents.

cat planters

It measures 6.2cm H x 7.2cm W x 7.2cm D.

32. Cat Shower Curtain

Lounges, kitchen and bedrooms are no strangers to cat-themed decor, however bathrooms often get neglected.

KISY Art Colorful Cat Silhouette Fabric Bath Shower Curtain Anti Mould Water Repellent Quick-Dry 180cm x 180cm for Bathroom With 12 Plactic Hooks

This cat shower curtain is a great way of ensuring that the cat theme runs through every corner of a home:

33. Cat Butt Magnets

Cat butts are cute, we all know it…so why not buy 6 cat butts that you can stick to your fridge?!

Kikkerland Cat Butt Magnets, Set of 6 (MG53)

Your fridge will certainly stand out from the rest with these eye catching magnets:

34. A Luxury Cat Lovers Hamper

The Not On The High Streets Luxury Cat lover gift box is packed with products for the home which are decorated with cat illustrations and quotes.

There are three different boxes to choose from:

  • The Classic Box: Containing 1 x mug, 1 x notebook, 1 x framed print & 6 greeting cards.
  • The Premium Box: Containing 1 x mug, 1 x notebook, 1 x framed print, 6 greeting cards, 1 x pen pot, 1 x calendar & 1 x hanging wooden sign.
  • The Ultimate Box: Containing 1 x mug, 1 x notebook, 1 x framed print, 6 greeting cards, 1 x pen pot, 1 x calendar, 1 x hanging wooden sign, 1 x writing set, 6 notecards & 6 thank you cards.
luxury cat lovers hamper

35. Cat Scratching DJ Deck

Cat scratches on your furniture are one of the downsides to cat ownership.

What if you could persuade your cat to transition from a furniture destroying fiend into an international superstar DJ?

With the help of this cat scratching DJ deck that could quite possibly happen…or at least it’ll make for some great Instagram pictures which could potentially project them to fame!

cat dj scratch deck

36. Personalised Cat Doormat

A doormat is the first thing people may see when they visit your home.

A customised doormat provides an easy way to let visitors know that this is a ‘cat’ home…your customised doormat can also let them know what your cat is called so that they will be on first name terms before the even meet!

home is where the cat is doormat

37. Cat A Day Calendar

If you’re a true cat lover chances are you simply can’t get enough of them.

365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2021

The Cat A Day Calendar gives you 365 different cat pictures, one for every day of the year for you to enjoy.

38. Catt Butts Colouring Book

This amusing colouring book features a whole lot of cat butts, it makes a great joke gift for anyone who loves colouring which is bound to cause a few laughs!

Cat Butt: An Off-Color Adult Coloring Book for Cat Lovers

39. Zen Litter Box

Cleaning out your cat’s litter box may not be everyone’s favourite activity but this zen garden litter box could change that!

Zen Garden Litter Box: A Little Piece of Mindfulness (Rp Minis)

The small desk-sized litter tray comes with two cats, some sand, a rake and a few pieces of (fake) cat poop.

Raking through the sand while you’re on a work call is suprisingly theraputic and calming.

If you know someone who has a stressful job then this could be the perfect gift for their desk!

40. Cat Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are cool, cats are cool, need we say more?

130 Pieces Cat Stickers Waterproof Cat Theme Stickers Cat Shape Decals DIY Decorative Scrapbook Stickers for Envelope Scrapbook Laptops Windows Luggage Journals Bottles Decoration

Whether you want to cover the back of your laptop with them, your car or anywhere else these beautifully designed cat stickers will brighten up someones days every time they see them.

41. Cat Onesie

Cats love to snuggle, onesies are perfect for snuggling in.

Cats on onesies just makes sense:

Camille Womens Animal Print Soft Fleece Onesies 10/12 Grey Cat

42. Cat Clock

This cat silhouette clock features a non-tick mechanism making it suitable for bedrooms or any other space.

Artensky Wall Clock Acrylic Modern Cute Cat Clock Shaking Tail Home Decor Move Silence (Black)

43. Cat Tea Infuser

If the people you are buying gifts for are into their tea, specifically loose tea, as well as cats, then this is the perfect gift.

Cat Tea Infuser Gift Set for Loose Leaf Tea, Mr and Mrs Kit-Tea, cute tea strainer set for cat lovers, perfect couples gift in a set of 2, pink and mint

Coming in a couples his and hers set these diffusers sit inside your tea with their paws propped over the side as if they’re having a bath while the tea diffuses.

44. Cat Leggings

Leggings are the ultimate ultility leg wear.

Going to the shop, gym, college or doing a school pick up?

Tamskyt Women's Full Length Yoga Leggings Fitness Running Pilates Tights Gym Skinny Pants 8/10 / 12 Stretchy (Black Cat)

Leggings are a great choice for…well, everything!

There are few better places to advertise your love of cats than on your own legs.

45. Book: I Could Pee On This

Laundry baskets are a favoured pee place by all cats.

I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

Cats have many foibles (some of them more irritating thatn others), quirks and peculiarities which this book celebrates in the form of an assortment of delightful and entertaining poems.

46. How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You Book

A #1 New York Times Best Seller this book by the critically acclaimed cartoonist Oatmeal is a sure fire winner with any cat lover.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You (Volume 2) (The Oatmeal)

Here are a quotes from a USA Today review to whet your appetite:

“Forget zombies. A terrible menace looms: the purring furball. Fortunately, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You reveals the coming kitty apocalypse.” – Deirdre Donahue, USA Today

47. Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

This cute practicel gift is a reversible magnet designed to be used on your dishwasher.

ENVIX Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Double Sided Magnet Flip with Magnetic Plate Kitchen Dish Washer Reversible Indicator Aqua Cat

Flip it to the dirty side when it is has been emptied so that people know to put their dirty bowls, plates and utensils in it.

Once it’s clean flip it to the clean side to make sure no one accidently puts anything dirty in with the clean stuff.

48. Cat Yoga Tea Towel

This amusing tea towel features illustrations of cats doing yoga.

It’s a great gift for any cat lover, especially any cat lover who also enjoys yoga.

Featuring yoga positions including savasana, warrior and forward fold it is bound to amuse anyone who uses it.

The tea towel measures 78cm x 49cm / 30.5″ x 19″ and comes packaged in 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging.

49. Paint By Stickers

If you’ve tried paint by numbers you’ll be familiar with how this works.

Simply get the right colour sticker and stick it in the corresponding number box on the image to create beautiful cat vector style images.

Paint by Sticker: Cats: Create 12 Stunning Images One Sticker at a Time!

This is a great choice for young kids who can’t quite be trusted with paint yet or for anyone who just enjoys sticker books.

50. Cat Oven Mitts

Not the most groundbreaking of gifts but if you know an avid cook who also loves cats then this gift ticks both boxes.

Kitchen Oven Gloves Heat Resistant Black Cat Design Gift for Cat Lovers and Owners

They are made from 100% high-quality cotton with an added layer of polyester padding for extra comofort.

51. Girls & Their Cats Book

The “crazy cat lady” is an overdone myth.

Girls and Their Cats

This book dispels the myth by showcasing 50 successful women and their pet cats.

Packed with compelling portraits, feature articles and engaging facts about each cat.

Thanks for reading – we hope our list helper you to find the perfect gift for the cat lover in your life.

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