The Ultimate Cat Quiz: 20 Questions To Test Your Feline Knowledge

So you think you know cats? Take the cat quiz below to prove it!

#1. What is the world record for the oldest cat?

#2. How high can cats jump?

#3. What is the top speed of a domestic cat?

#4. The richest cat in history is Tommaso, a former stray from Rome. When his owner died how much money did he leave him?

#5. How many kittens were in the largest litter ever recorded?

#6. Himmy, from Australia, was the fattest domestic cat on record, how much did he weigh at his heaviest?

#7. Dusty, a tabby cat from Texas, holds the record for having had the most kittens ever recorded over the course of her life. How many kittens did she have in total?

#8. In what year was cat litter invented?

#9. Colonel Meow holds the world record for the domestic cat with the longest fur, how long was his fur?

#10. What is a male cat called?

#11. What is the name for a group of cats?

#12. How were people punished in ancient egypt for killing a cat?

#13. Cats can't taste which of these flavours?

#14. The Cat Flap was invented by who?

#15. True of False: Cats are more popular pets than dogs in the U.S..

#16. How many years of its life has the average 12-year-old cat slept through?

#17. How many breeds of cat does the Cat Fanciers Association recognise?

#18. Where do cats sweat from?

#19. Male cats which are both orange and black are likely to be...

#20. How did ancient Egyptians mourn when their cat died?



Good grief!You absolutely smashed this quiz, you truly are a cat expert, great work, well done.Don't forget to tell your cat how well you did so they can pretend they don't care!
Oops, looks like you've still got a bit of work to do before you can really call yourself a fully-fledged cat expert!Why not have a read of some of our cat facts to help get your feline knowledge up to scratch and then come back and have another go..

If you struggled with that then why not have a read of our cat facts to stock up on feline knowledge.

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