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Chausie Cat: Breed Guide

Also known as the Stone Cougar, the Jungle Curl, or the Mountain Cougar, the Chausie is a relatively new cat breed that has witnessed an increase in popularity in the past few years. 

Chausie Cats
Weight:15-25 pounds
Length:20-22 inches
Hair length:Short to medium 
Lifespan:15 to 20 years
Origin:United States
Temperament:Friendly, playful, intelligent & affectionate

Chausie Cat History

The Chausie is an exotic mixed breed and its name comes from the Latin denomination ‘Felis chaus’, which means ‘jungle cat’. 

Its first origins can be traced to Ancient Egypt, but at that time, cats were bred for their capabilities, such as hunting vermin, rather than their appearance. 

As such, the Chausie ended up being a mix of several different breeds such as the Abyssinian, Oriental, Bengal, and wild small cats. 

chausie cat history

Chausies were the result of an informal breeding practice, which is why these days, their appearance can differ a lot from one individual to the next. 

However, that also makes them less likely to develop certain breed-specific health conditions, unlike highly specialised breeds that were used for mating only based on their physical appearance. 

The Chausie became a cat breed per se in the 1990s when the first Chausie breeding program was created in the United States. 

The International Cat Association recognised the Chausie as a breed in 1995, and in 2013, it was granted permission to participate in championship competitions. 

Appearance Of The Chausie Cat

What truly makes the difference between a Chausie and any other domestic cat is its size. This cat is slender and athletic, but its body can be three times larger and heavier than that of an ordinary cat. 

Females are traditionally lighter than males, but they have the same slender and powerful build.

chausie cat

A Chausie’s hind legs are a bit longer compared to her forelegs, which is why it tends to look elegant and almost statuesque. 

Chausies have a relatively short coat even compared to some of their ancestors. 

The three main colours in which Chausies can be found are brown tabby, solid black, and grizzled black tabby. 

What’s fascinating about a Chausie’s coat is that it tends to change colour depending on the amount of sun she might be exposed to. 

For example, if your Chausie lives outdoors and indoors, at the end of summer, you might notice a slight golden tinge to her otherwise black coat. 

chausie cat breed guide

This cat’s ears are pointy and tall, and tufts are to be expected as they match the breed’s standard. 

A Chausie’s eyes are almost always oval, and various colours are accepted, such as blue, gold, or light green. 


This breed’s personality can be considered more or less unique since it is one of the rare breeds of cat that loves water, such as the Savannah and the Bengal. 

However, since these two breeds are suspected of having been used for creating the Chausie, it’s normal for a kitten to have similarities with them. 

What’s interesting about the Chausie is that it is almost always fearless.

These cats are less likely to suffer from anxiety or severe stress, especially if they aren’t put in especially unpleasant situations. 

playful chausie cat

They lack the aggression of small wild cats, even though the latter were historically used in their breeding. 

A Chausie thrives on a lot of activity and plenty of entertainment opportunities. 

If you want to keep your cat indoors only, which we recommend given that it makes her less prone to catching diseases from other animals, you have to make sure that she never gets bored.

It is not likely for a Chausie to develop destructive tendencies when left alone to get bored for many hours per day. However, some might become depressed if they don’t engage in enough exercise. 

Chausies generally make great family-friendly pets as they tend to get along well with children and other animals, including dogs

On the other hand, since they are very skilled hunters, they might not make the best addition to families that might have pet fish or birds. 

If you work from home or you plan on getting two cats instead of one, a Chausie might make the right option in terms of cat breeds for you. 

Keep in mind that this breed is highly energetic and needs plenty of social interaction every day, and might even enjoy being taken out for a walk on a leash

Chausie Health

Unlike other breeds, the Chausie is a fairly healthy one. 

Nevertheless, since it is still closely related to wild cats, this breed has a higher likelihood of developing digestive distress or food intolerances, especially when fed vegetables and grains. 

chausie breed

You might know by now that cats are obligate carnivores, but this couldn’t be truer for Chausies. 

Their digestive systems cannot tolerate gluten, and they can also develop food sensitivities and allergies. 

Opting for a low-grain and high-protein cat diet can prevent some health issues, and we strongly advise you to consider that. 

Given their energy levels, you will be happy to know that this breed is less likely to develop obesity even when they age. 

Caring for a Chausie Cat

Given their personalities and the fact that they are both inquisitive and full of energy, you will have to do your best at providing your Chausie with as much mental stimulation as possible. 

If you tend to be away from home for several hours during the day, make sure your pet has enough accessories that could make her life better, such as cat trees and scratching posts

chausie looking at camera

Installing a cat perch next to the window can be another good idea as it will allow your Chausie to have a look at the world even when she spends time indoors. 

Since they are very intelligent, Chausies can be trained to do tricks or even play fetch. 

Given that some pet owners have reported accidents in this sense, you might have to spay or neuter your Chausie in order to deter him or her from spraying around the home — for marking their territory or when they are in heat. 

Teaching this breed to use the litter box is fairly easy and doesn’t call for a lot of time and effort on your behalf.  

Cats have to be taken to the veterinary clinic for a check-up at least once a year and twice after the age of 5 to 6. Doing so can prevent a lot of health problems, especially in geriatric patients, as they tend to suffer from undiagnosed chronic disease. 

Bathing and Grooming

Given the short coat that a Chausie is outfitted with, you will have no trouble grooming them on a regular basis. 

Shedding isn’t a particular problem of the breed, but like any other cats, these, too, can shed twice a year. 

While you will normally have to brush your pet’s coat once a week if she is shedding heavily, doing so once every two to three days might be necessary. 

Bathing should be done only on occasion and if your pet is extremely dirty.

Cats are fully capable of grooming themselves and rarely need to be given baths. 

Veterinarians often recommend bathing cats once every three months or less. Make sure to use a cat-specific shampoo, or if you would like to avoid the hassle, you can opt for a waterless option instead. 

Finding a Chausie Kitten

Unfortunately, Chausies are rare and, in some cases, even extremely rare. 

chausie kitten

Since they were officially first bred in the United States, where they remain popular to this day, you might have a better chance of finding a kitten if you live in this country.

Getting a Chausie kitten overseas can be extremely challenging and complicated, and it can also put some strain on the animal’s health (given the amount of stress they are likely to experience during transportation). 

How much does a Chausie cat cost?

Based on the information we found, it seems that the average price of a Chausie kitten is somewhere between $1,000 and $2,500. 

In the United Kingdom, you might be able to find one for £900 or more. 

Chausie Cat Names

There’s no doubt that naming your kitten is a question of personal preferences, but we have come across several names that are quite popular with Chausie owners. 

Here are some examples of Chausie names for males:

  • Felix
  • Zeus
  • Blade
  • Apollo
  • Ace

And here are some examples of Chausie names for females:

  • Abby
  • Lulu
  • Athena
  • Cricket
  • Cocoa

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The Chausie is a quite rare cat breed that’s known for being friendly, energetic, and affectionate. 

These cats tend to create long-lasting bonds with their owners and are generally a joy to be around. 

They tend to be relatively healthy, especially when compared to other breeds, although they do need low-carb diets to avoid developing food allergies. 

Finding a Chausie kitten can be difficult as breeders are scarce even in the United States and the United Kingdom, where this cat is loved. 

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