gus and bella easter box

Gus & Bella Cat Subscription Box Review

Let me begin by saying that the Gus & Bella box was actually too good.

The reason I say too good is that when the box arrived my wife and kids were keen to see what was inside…before I could take any decent pictures the (very delicious looking) sweets had been devoured by my ravenous children, and the fetching feline oven glove had been whisked away into the kitchen by my wife!

Clearly Gus & Bella’s Easter box was a hit with the people in my home but how was it received by my cat?

gus and bella

In short…my cat loved most of it..while not every cat will respond well to every item, our cat particularly enjoyed the chicken dinners and the bird teaser toy, she was less interested in the cat chocolate Easter egg.

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What Is The Gus & Bella Box?

Gus & Bella is a cat subscription box service that send out monthly themed boxes to their subscribers (we received the Easter-themed box for this review).

  • Each box contains 8-11 surprise gifts for cats & humans to enjoy.
  • They are customisable e.g for cats with sensitivities or humans who are vegan.
  • With every box you receive you have a chance to get a golden ticket which will win you a luxury cat-related prize.
  • Your subscription helps support cat charities.

What Our Easter-Themed Gus & Bella Box Contained:

  • Teapigs Snooze Sleepy Tea Bag
  • Catit Chicken Dinner With Flaked Salmon & Carrot
  • Catit Chicken Dinner With Tempting Tuna & Kale
  • Moodify Pet Scent Blocker
Instantly Eliminate Stench - Hang it & Forget About it
  • Easter Egg For Cats
  • Curious Cats Oven Glove
  • Chester The Cat Bone China Egg Cup
  • Bonds Hoppy Easter treats
  • Eco-Friendly Bird Teaser

What We Thought:

The ProductOur Thoughts
Teapigs Snooze Sleepy Tea BagA nice soothing lavender tea.
Catit Chicken Dinner With Flaked Salmon & CarrotOur cat is usually a fussy eat, but she quickly ate this with relish!
Catit Chicken Dinner With Tempting Tuna & KaleOur cat is usually a fussy eat, but she quickly ate this one too!
Moodify Pet Scent BlockerI love the scent, and it does seem to make a big difference to odours coming from the litter tray.
Easter Egg For CatsTo be honest our cat is a fussy creature and isn’t keen on things like this however some cats may enjoy it…I must confess I had a little try of it myself and it was actually really nice!
Curious Cats Oven GloveMy wife loves this, it’s a very cute oven glove.
Chester The Cat Bone China Egg CupSuper cute, high-quality egg cup.
Bonds Hoppy Easter treatsI didn’t get to try these but my kids thoroughly enjoyed them within seconds of the hamper arriving.
Eco-Friendly Bird TeaserOur cat Whisky absolutely loves this, we rarely see her as animated as she was when playing with it.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Gus & Bella box? …definitely.

Opening it was an exciting highlight of the month for me, my children and our cat…so if you’re considering getting someone a cat subscription box gift then you can’t go wrong with Gus & Bella!