The Uk’s Best 11 Monthly Cat Subscription Boxes

Cat subscription boxes are a great way to get new toys, treats and accessories for your cat.

They are fun, entertaining and offer a wonderful way to discover new items that you may not have seen before.

These boxes are particularly popular with owners of indoor cats as it can sometimes be hard to keep indoor cats entertained and mentally stimulated when you’ve already exhausted all the options at your local pet shop.

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Below we’ve rounded up the best cat subscription boxes so you can easily find one that suits you and your cat. 

1. KatKin

The Katkin subscription sends you vet-formulated cat meals.

These meals are made with 100% premium meat and are tailored to your cat’s unique needs based on their age, weight, size and health conditions.

One pouch of food is formulated so it contains all the nutrients your cat needs for the day.

The food has been steam cooked and frozen making them easy to digest and full of goodness.



Katkin costs £1.75 per day and you can build your plan based on the number of cats in your home, their health and what will suit your situation best.

2. My Meow

My Meow is a fun subscription box that makes sure your cat enjoys every part of it (including the box itself!).

It comes with a scratchpad that you can leave in the bottom of the box so when your cat jumps in they can enjoy the scratchpad too. 

One of the My Meow boxes is “Fish & Chips”, this box comes with a wiggly fish toy, purroni toy, chip toy with catnip, 3 cat treats and a scratchpad inside the box.

Each box is themed and there is a minimum of 5 items and surprise items in each delivery.

This is an enjoyable subscription that is the best overall as it is a lot of fun to open with your cat and it makes you look forward to the coming months too. 


A My Meow monthly box subscription costs £22.90 per month. 

3. Cattitude Box 

Why should your cat have all the fun? This subscription box from Cattitude is a present for you and your cat.

The box comes with food, toys and accessories for your cat and cat-themed home decor, jewellery, mugs or other goodies for you.

This is the best monthly subscription box for a fun, shared experience for you and your kitty. 

Each box contains 3-4 items for your cat and 3-4 items for you. All the items are made by independent artists and makers so are high quality and have a personal feel to them. 

When you sign up for the Cattitude box you provide information about your cat so items in the subscription can be tailored to suit the needs of your cat.

You can let them know about dietary requirements and whether your cat is a fussy eater so they can put items in that your cat will love rather than things they may turn their nose up to.

Another thing we love about this subscription is that a portion of the profits goes towards a cat charity, at the moment it’s Bury’s Stray Cat Fund.


A monthly Cattitude Box subscription costs £31.95 making it one of the more expensive options but it does include treats for you as well as for your cat.

There is only one subscription box available so if you want something specific or you want to personalise the box then you will need to message them to adapt your order to suit your cat’s needs. 

4. Gus & Bella 

Gus & Bella is created by cat parents who wanted to find ways to treat their indoor cats and keep them entertained. 

Each box comes with 8-11 products, 5-6 of these are for your cat including 1-2 handmade toys or health products and 2-4 of the products are for you.

The items for you are things like self-care products or chocolate so you can sit back and relax while your cat plays with their new toys. 

Each month has a theme and there is also a chance of finding a golden ticket that wins you a luxury prize.

The items in the Gus & Bella boxes have a fun, unique, indie vibe to them (check out our review of a Gus & Bella box to see exactly whats in them).

You can also customise the order easily at the checkout.  


The Gus & Bella monthly cat box costs £29.90, they also offer a one-off box or a cat-dad one-off gift box.

When ordering you can specify if your cat is an adult or a kitten and if they have any intolerances.

You can also set whether you want vegan human options or not. 

5. Cat Hampurr

The Cat Hampurr subscription includes 5-7 handpicked items each month.

This can be treats, food products, toys, hygiene products and new gadgets.

All the items are high quality and are chosen with care. You can set your preferences so your box includes items your kitty will love. 

If you have more than one cat there is a “Double Helpings” subscription that delivers two boxes a month so there will be more than enough goodies to go around. 


The standard monthly hamper costs £15.90 a month and the double helpings hamper costs £27.85.

6. 6 Surprise Cat Toys 

etsy cat subscription box

This is a monthly box of handmade toys from Anita’s Etsy store.

It’s a perfect choice if your cat is fussy, has allergies or has sensitivities to certain foods so you don’t want a subscription that includes food items.

The toys are knitted, soft and functional. They are high quality, super cute and easy to care for. 

The toys are picked at random so you’ll have some fun discovering the contents of the pack too.

There is the additional option of adding catnip to further entice and delight your feline friend.  


6 toys cost £19 and you will get an additional 2 toys for free if you buy another box each month. 

7. CookiesEmpawrium Monthly Pack

etsy cat subscription box 2

Another small business subscription that is worth a look at is the CookiesEmpawrium.

These handmade packages include a new toy, a packet of treats, a cat accessory and an organic catnip/ valerian sachet.

There is the option to get a single package for 1 cat or a multi-package for 2 or more cats. 

When you buy a subscription you can include your cat’s name, measurements and birthday if you want to receive personalised items.

This can include items like cat costumes and bowties but you can opt-out of this if your cat isn’t a fan.

On your cat’s birthday month they will receive a special birthday-themed box. This is one of the best options for these little personal touches.


A single package costs £10 with the notify option where you will be alerted when the next order needs to be placed.

8. PurrBoxes 

The PurrBoxes subscription comes with treats, toys, catnip, a month’s supply of cat grass, a newsletter and of course, the cardboard box it’s all packed into.

The gifts include popular brands as well as unique items from independent makers.

This box is one of the best for value for money and we love that you get cat grass to last the whole month too. 


This subscription costs £9.95 per month making it one of the more affordable options.

9. PawPost

The PawPost cat box comes with interactive toys, toys made from natural fibres, natural food, sustainably sourced meat and treats made from high-quality ingredients.

The focus of this subscription is providing natural, eco-friendly and high-quality products.

They also include new products and the latest “must-haves” that you may not have seen before. 


PawPost costs £24.95 per month.

10. Itch – Preventative Flea Treatment Subscription

Itch Flea is a practical subscription that helps you stay on top of your cat’s preventative flea treatment.

The box can also include add-ons such as worming tablets, dental treats, calming treats, digestion treats or skin and coat treats.

We love this subscription as it offers a convenient way to keep your pet care routine consistent and prevent any issues from fleas. 

The first month of Itch is free and Itch members get up to 17% off.

When you subscribe to Itch you put in your cat’s details including their weight so you will receive exactly the right dosage.

This takes all of the effort and worry out of flea treatment and helps you keep on track even when life gets a little bit chaotic.  


A basic Itch subscription costs £6.50 a month but there are lots of add-on options if you want to make this box more than just the flea treatment.

The cost will depend on what options you want to include, wormer treatment costs £2.95 and treats cost £3.45 per pack.

11. Blink Cats

blink cats subscription box

The last subscription on our list is Blink Cats.

This is also a meal subscription that includes grain-free, British meat with added vitamins and minerals.

These gently cooked meals don’t contain any added salt or sugar and come with personal touches such as notes and extra goodies for special occasions.


Blink boxes cost £25 per month (28 pouches).

Why Get A Cat Subscription Box? 

A monthly box of goodies delivered directly to your door brings entertainment, mental stimulation and excitement for your cat without costing a fortune.

All of the hard work and research has already been done and you receive a box of the month’s favourite finds in the post. A

high-quality cat subscription box brings convenience, value and fun.

Many also include unique products that are made by independent stores that you’re unlikely to discover otherwise. 

What To Look For From A Cat Subscription Box

As you can see, there are many cat subscription boxes to choose from. There are a few key factors we look for when choosing subscription boxes, these include:

  • Great value for money 
  • High-quality products
  • Good range of products 
  • Personalised notes/ unique touches 
  • Easy to change or cancel the subscription

A cat subscription box is a fun and convenient way to buy your cat treats, toys and even food and flea treatment.

We love how many options there are and how many boxes give you the opportunity to add stuff in or personalise the order.

One of the best things about buying a subscription box is being able to support small businesses, artists and creators who are making fun handmade items that you might not find in the high street. 

Personal touches certainly add bonus points too.

A subscription box that will send a birthday surprise for your kitty or will include named items and personalised notes really take the experience up a notch. 

Being able to change or cancel the subscription is important too.

The last thing you want is to feel like you are trapped in a subscription that your cat isn’t loving.

Many of the options above let you pay for the boxes one at a time so you can cancel whenever you want and you don’t have to worry about losing money.

If you have a problem or find your cat doesn’t enjoy certain items each of the brands is more than happy to adjust the future boxes to suit your kitty’s preferences.

It’s this kind of customer service that cats need (and, if we are being honest, demand).