how old is candy cat

How Old Is Candy Cat From Peppa Pig?

Candy Cat is four years old, the same age as the main character Peppa Pig.

Candy Cat and Peppa Pig go to the same playgroup along with Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit, and Pedro Pony.

All of the children at the playgroup are 3-4 years old (Danny Dog and Pedro Pony are both 3 years old and have birthday parties in the series to celebrate their 4th birthdays). 

Peppa Pig and Candy Cat are good friends, along with the rest of the kids at playgroup.

Candy later becomes best friends with fellow 4-year-old Emily Elephant, who is new to the playgroup and a bit shyer than the other kids. 

Who Are Candy Cat’s Parents?

Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat are Candy Cat’s parents. Mummy and Daddy Cat are married and are also known as Mrs. Cat and Mr. Cat. Candy Cat doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

Mrs. Cat is 33 years old, is a graphic designer, and works with Daddy Pig and Daddy Rabbit. Mrs. Cat’s best friend is Mrs.

Fox who works as a Nurse. Mr. Cat is 40 years old but isn’t seen as much as the other characters so not much is known about him.

He tends to be seen in the background rather than in a main role of the show. 

What Type of Cat Is Candy Cat?

Candy Cat is only listed as a “Cat” with no additional breed information.

She has orange fur, black eyes, a pink triangle nose, and pink lips.

She could be an orange tabby cat (like Garfield) but it is not really known what breed she is. 

Candy purrs when she is happy and she loves tigers because they are big cats. 

When Did Candy Cat First Appear On TV?

Candy Cat has been a character since the first season of Peppa Pig aired in 2004. Candy Cat first appeared in episode 6 of the first season, “The Playground”.  

The episode “The Playground” aired on June 6th 2004.

In this episode Candy Cat is one of the children at the playgroup, although she does not speak in the episode she does giggle.

This episode is also the debut for many other characters including the Dog Family, the Rabbit Family, the Pony Family as well as Mummy Sheep and Madame Gazelle. 

The Playground episode is when Peppa Pig goes to playgroup and George Pig goes too as it is his first day.

The episode starts in a car and is the first episode not to begin at a house. It is also the first episode without Mummy Pig in it. 

When going to the playgroup George is excited but Peppa isn’t too sure because she thinks he is too small.

Peppa would also rather play with her friends than look after George.

Peppa introduces her friends to George and everyone seems to enjoy his company.

This episode is an introduction to many of Peppa’s friends. 

Facts About Candy Cat

Although not a main character, there are lots of episodes featuring Candy Cat and many interesting facts to know about her. 

  • Candy Cat’s favourite colour is green (or teal – the same colour as her dress).
  • Candy Cat enjoys eating fish fingers and drinking milk.
  • The Cat family (Candy Cat, Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat) like fish (as seen in the episode “The Aquarium”).
  • Candy Cat can imitate tigers including growling (as seen in the episode “The School Fete”).
  • Her talent is skipping (as seen in the episode “Talent Day”).
  • Candy loves to try new things and enjoys sport, going out to town or the beach and having tea parties.
  • Candy Cat enjoys dressing up (she dresses up as a witch at Peppa’s fancy dress party). 
  • Candy is one of the only characters who is able to growl and purr.
  • Candy’s home is never seen in the show.
  • Candy Cat makes a “meow” sound. 
  • Candy loves to cast spells (when dressed as a witch Candy has a wand and, in an attempt to turn Peppa into a frog, casts a spell).

Who Does The Voice Of Candy Cat?

The voice of Candy Cat is currently Tallulah Conabeare.

There have been several voice actors playing the part of Candy Cat over the years. 

The character was originally voiced by Daisy Rudd (2004 – 2006), followed by Emma Weston (2006 – 2010), then Zara Siddiqi (2010-2012), Madison Turner (2016 – 2018), and now Tallulah Conabeare.