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The 7 Best Microchip Cat Flaps – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Your cat deserves the best, while cats will happily make do with an open window or a basic cat flap you can’t beat the feeling of knowing that your cat has the very best microchip cat flap available installed and at its disposal.

Table of the Best Cat Flaps:

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 1 - The Connect2 - The SureFlap3 - The PetSafe4 - The Pet Mate5 - The Pet Porte6 - The SureFlap Dual Scan7 - The Cat Mate Elite
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Our Score10/109/109/109/109/109/109/10
Selective EntryYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Selective ExitYesNoNoNoNoYesNo
SizeFrame: 210mm x 210mm
Flap: 142mm x 120mm
Depth: 70mm
Frame: 210mm x 210 mm
Flap: 142mm x 120mm
Depth: 70mm
Frame: 220mm x 239 mm
Flap: 146mm x 135mm
Depth: 75mm
Frame: 246mm x 197 mm
Flap: 144mm x 150mm
Depth: 85mm
Flap: 171mm x 180mmFrame: 210mm x 210 mm
Flap: 142mm x 120mm
Depth: 70mm
Frame: 248mm x 265 mm
Flap: 178mm x 204mm
ColoursWhiteWhite & BlackWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite & BlackWhite & Brown
Compatible Microchip Types9, 10 & 15 digit microchips9, 10 & 15 digit microchips9, 10 & 15 digit microchips9, 10 & 15 digit microchips15 digit microchips9, 10 & 15 digit microchips9, 10 & 15 digit microchips
Power Supply4 x AA Batteries4 x AA Batteries4 x AA Batteries4 x AA Batteries4 x AA Batteries or it can also be powered using a mains adaptor4 x AA Batteries4 x AA Batteries
Battery LifeAt least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.At least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.At least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.At least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.At least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.At least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.At least 12 months with moderate use for two cats.
Guarantee36 months36 months36 months36 months36 months36 months
Our ReviewRead our reviewRead our reviewRead our reviewRead our reviewRead our reviewRead our reviewRead our review

A traditional cat flap presents a number of problems including allowing other cats to freely enter your home and they make it impossible to place restrictions on your cat’s comings and goings.

Microchip Cat Flaps provide the answer to all of these problems.

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Connect ¦ SureFlap ¦ PetSafe ¦ Pet Mate ¦ Pet Porte ¦ SureFlap Dual Scan ¦ Cat Mate Elite

Not sure which one to get?

Read our guide here to make sure you know what to look out for.

1. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect is without a doubt the market leader when it comes to smart cat flap technology (and it’s price reflects that!).

This is the very first microchip cat flap that can connect to your phone via their free app which gives you full control over your cats movements.

You will need to purchase the SureFlap hub at an additional cost to make this work. The hub transmits all of your cats comings and going directly to your phone so you know whether they are in or out and how long they have been away.

The hub also allows you to lock and unlock the cat flap from anywhere in the world. As well as allowing you to see what your cat has been up to the app allows you to set specific exit permissions for different pets (it can handle up to 32 cats!) and set a curfew time.

The SureFlap Cat Flap Connect Dimensions

Measuring a standard 142mm x 120mm with a required installation hole size of 165mm x 171mm this should comfortably fit into most pre-existing cat flap holes.

Cat Flap Connect Batteries & Battery Life

The Cat Flap Connect requires 4 x AA batteries to operate, your cat flap can also be plugged into the mains with it’s 1.5 meter cable which comes provided.

2. The Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap Review

sureflap cat flap
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The bestselling original Sureflap is certainly the most popular and therefore arguably the very best microchip cat flap on the market.

Available in either brown or white this cat flap can identify your cat using their 9, 10 or 15 digit pin which is stored on their under the skin microchip, if your cat doesn’t have a microchip you can use a simple RFID tag which is attached to their collar.

You don’t need to know your cat’s microchip pin number to set your cat up with the Sureflap cat flap, all you need to do is press the ‘learn’ button. When your cat next comes near the Sureflap, it will read your cat’s microchip and store their number.

The Sureflap can support up to 32 different tags, so if you run a cat shelter or just have more cats than sense then this cat flap is an easy way to keep all of your cats happy while ensuring that no stray cats sneak in amongst them.

This cat flap can easily be installed in wooden, glass and PVC doors.

If you are comfortable with DIY and have appropriate tools then you should be able to install it yourself by following the instructions in the video below.

We recommend you get a professional to fit it in glass doors as this is more tricky and requires specialist tools.

It has a four-way lock making it extra secure against intrusions from any unknown cats while still allowing your cat free access in and out as and when it pleases.

The SureFlap Cat Flap Dimensions

The cat flap is 142mm x 120mm and should comfortably accommodate all but the largest of cats. The tunnel depth is 70mm so this cat flap should fit in even the thickest of doors. The frame, which goes around the SureFlap cat flap and secures it into place measure 210mm x 210mm

SureFlap Batteries & Battery Life

This cat flap requires 4 AA batteries. These should easily last 6 months before they require replacing and have been known to last as long as 12 months with just one cat using it.

Our favourite thing about the SureFlap Original
A great microchip cat flap that works well and should last for years.

*please note the video below features the SureFlap Dual Scan, which is slightly different to the SureFlap Original, you can read about it here*

3. The Petsafe Cat Flap Review

petsafe microchip cat flap
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This Petsafe Cat Flap works in much the same way as the Sureflap, however it has a marginally larger cat flap opening of 146mm x 135mm and can accommodate cats of up to 8kg in weight.

It can also be programmed to work with up to 40 separate microchips, so again this would be a great option for catteries and multi-cat households…just make sure you get a good supply of highly effective AA batteries (it requires 4) if you have 40 cats coming in and out of it everyday as they will need regular changing.

If you only have a couple of cats using it you can expect the batteries to last for as long as 12 months.

There is also a low battery indicator so you can ensure you get the batteries changed before your cat gets stuck outside.

The Petsafe Microchip cat flap takes your insulation seriously, cutting a big hole out of your door to install a cat flap can compromise the heat retention capabilities of your door.  

The PetSafe takes your insulation seriously and has sought to make this cat flap extra draft resistant by including a draft excluder with the cat flap.

PetSafe Locking Options

This cat flap allows you to lock it in various ways:

  • allowing entry but not exit
  • allowing exit but not entry
  • fully locked
  • or allowing both free entry and exit for your cat

The PetSafe Measurements:

The PetSafe cat flap opening measures 146mm x 135mm. The tunnel depth is 75mm so should easily accommodate all but the thickest of doors. The frame, which goes around the opening, stores the batteries and holds the cat-flap in place measures 220mm x 239mm.

This is a generous size and will be sufficiently wide for cats of up to 8kg in weight.

Our favourite thing about the PetSafe
It takes extra steps to ensure that your door remains draft free.

4. The Pet Mate – Cat Mate Microchip 360 Review

pet mate flap for cats
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The Cat Mate Microchip 360 Cat Flap by Pet Mate is a great looking highly functional cat flap which works with any 15, 9 or 6 digit microchip codes as well as with an I.D disc if required.

The easy to use L.E.D system will flash when your cat has been successfully registered with the cat flap and can support up to 30 I.D tags if necessary.

It is available in both white and brown (click here to see the brown version on Amazon).

It is designed to provide plenty of space for your cat to get in and out of your home comfortably.

The 360 can be accommodated in doors up to 80mm thick, which is towards the upper end of what most microchip cat flaps can manage so if you have particularly thick doors then this cat flap would be a good choice.

It is suitable for all door types from wood to metal. It can also be fitted in glass and through walls, but it will require the 361 adaptor kit for wall and glass installations, this can be bought separately.

This cat flap does a great job of keeping the weather out of your home too with a brush sealed flap that stops any draft coming through as well as a magnetic lock.

The Cat Mate Measurements

This high tech cat flap is one of the bigger cat flaps available, measuring 246mm x 197mm total. It should be able to easily cater for even the most well built of cats and small dogs could also make use of it.

Our favourite thing about the Cat Mate
Draft resistant and suitable for the larger feline.

5. The PetPorte Smart Flap Review

petporte cat flap
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The PetPorte is another great microchip cat flap from the team at PetSafe.

Able to support up to 25 cats, and supporting the popular 15 digit microchip the PetPorte is easy to install and includes some great extra features.

One of the features is night mode, this works by detecting the light levels so that when it gets dark it allows in only access for your cat, then, when the light comes up it will allow your cat to go outside.

This is very handy feature because cats are what is known as crepuscular (this means they are not nocturnal but rather they are most active during twilight and dusk hours) great little feature which means you don’t have to worry about locking it and keeping your cat in every night as it will just work on autopilot.

It also features an extended mode which will let you customise the cat flaps locking functions at times which best suit your cat’s routine. However, this function requires you to set the cat flap up with the (included) extension cable rather than batteries.

Our favourite thing about the Petporte
An automatic light sensor to prevent your cat going out when it’s dark.

6. The SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap Review

sureflap dual scan
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This smart cat flap is more or less exactly the same as the SureFlap original which we have already mentioned on this page. The one vital difference is that it includes special ‘dual scan’ technology.

What this means is that you can program this cat flap to respond differently to different pets. For example, if you have a  couple of cats and one of them is due to go to the vets on a particular day you can set up this cat flap so that the cat which is due to go to the vets won’t be allowed out while your other cat will be.

This is a particularly useful feature too for households where you may also use this cat flap for a small dog that you may not wish to have the same level of freedom as your cat. It is also good for households with young ‘teenage’ cats which you may be looking to slowly introduce to the outside world, but you want to limit their outdoor time until they are a bit older.

Our favourite thing about the SureFlap Dual Scan
You can set up this cat flap to react differently to different pets.

7. The Cat Mate Elite with Timer Review

the catmate elite cat flap with timer

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The Cat Mate Elite features a built-in timer which gives you complete control over the times which your cats is allowed out of your home.

The mini screen sat on top of the cat flap provides a few very useful unique features. It allows you to see which of your cats is in or out and also shows you the time that each cat last used the cat flap. If you know your cat well you can use this to estimate when your cat will be back, it also saves looking around the house to check if your cat is in or not!

Featuring everything you would expect of a microchip cat flap including 15, 10 and 9 digit pin and RFID tag compatibility, this cat flap has it all.

Measuring 248mm x 267mm and with a depth of up to 145mm this cat flap has room to work well with even the thickest of doors and burliest of cats!

Our favourite thing about the Cat Mate Elite
Features a display which shows you when your cat last used the cat flap and whether or not your cat is in or out of the house.

Guide to Buying a Microchip Cat Flap

When buying a microchip cat flap it is important to be certain that you are buying a cat flap that suits your requirements, in order to ensure that all you and your cat’s need are catered for we recommend that you make sure you have the answers to the following questions before making your purchase:

Selective Entry & Selective Exit

Selective Entry is a feature which you (should) find on every single microchip cat flap. This is configured to your cat’s microchip and allows it to come in but prevents other cats from coming in.

Selective Exit is a less common feature which not every microchip cat flap has. This is a feature which is useful if you have more than one cat in your home. It allows you to set the cat flap to one (or more) cat out while preventing your other cat from going out. This can be useful if you have young kittens or you have a cat that is sick.

Cat Flap Size

Cat flaps vary from model to model, while they typically don’t get much bigger than 250mm wide, it is worth paying attention to the size if you have a very large cat or you wish to use the cat flap for a small dog.

Is Your Cat Micro-chipped and is your Microchip Compatible with your Cat Flap?

It is not necessary for your cat to be micro-chipped to use a microchip cat flap, however if your cat doesn’t have a microchip you will need to use an RFID tag on their collar. Most, but not all, microchip cat flaps support these so make sure you know if they do support them and ensure that you purchase some as they may not be included by default.

If your cat is microchipped it will have either a 15, 10 or 9 digit code. The most common type is the 15 digit code. Most cat flaps cater for all different types of code however some only work with the 15 digit code so make sure you check (in our handy table at the top of the page) before you buy. 

If you are not sure how many digits your cat’s RFID microchip has you can check at your local veterinary centre.


Most cat flaps operate on 4xAA batteries, however some can also use a mains adapter. Typically batteries on most modern models will last for at least 6 months with heavy use, up to 12 months if you have no more than a couple of cats.

Cat Flap Installation 

Most cat flaps come with installation guides and videos which talk you through the process. If you already have a cat flap installed the installation process should be fairly simple however the cat flap hole may require some reworking to make it fit. Ideally, ensure that the new cat flap you are buying is either the same size or slightly bigger than your previous one as if it is smaller it will be difficult to prevent a draft coming in.

Of course before your install any cat flap you need to decide where it is going, if it is going to be placed in a door then installation should be reasonably straight forward, if you are going to place it in a wall or a glass door then specialist tools will be required and it would be worth booking a professional to install it.

It is also worth bearing in mind that a lot of the popular cat flap models requires additional attachments if they are going to be installed in glass or walls, these are usually purchased separately. Either way it is always a good idea to have a look at how each cat flap is installed and make a decision regarding whether you have the tools and DIY skills necessary to install it or whether or not you will need to consult a professional.

You can read our concise guide to installing a microchip cat flap here.

Thanks for reading our guide, hopefully you should be able to find a good fit in our cat flap comparison table above.

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