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How To Install a Microchip Cat Flap

Providing you have the relevant tools installing your microchip cat flap in a standard uPVC or wooden door is a relatively simple task which should be easy enough for most people with a basic grasp of DIY. The guide below talks you through exactly what you need to do to successfully get your new cat flap installed.

Installing A Cat Flap In A Glass Door

If you are installing your cat flap in a glass door or a wall you will require specialist tools, we therefore highly recommend you hire a professional for glass or wall installations as they are not as straightforward as wooden or uPVC installations.

Cat Flap installation in a glass door will usually involve:

  1. Removal of the glass pane.
  2. Circular hole cut out of the glass using glass cutting tools.
  3. Glass pane replaced.
  4. Cat Flap glued and sealed into place.

Tools Required To Install A Cat Flap:

  • A Tape Measure
  • A Pencil or Pen
  • A Drill
  • A Jigsaw

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Step By Step Guide To Installing Your Microchip Cat Flap:

1.Work out what height your cat flap needs to be at

Your cat flap should be as high as your cats legs, so if your cats belly is 120mm off the ground when your cat is standing then your cat flap should be positioned 120mm from the bottom of the door. If you have a number of cats of varying sizes always set the cat flap at a height suitable for your shortest cat, taller cats can always crouch!

2.Mark your template onto the door

Find the centre point of your door ( do this by measuring the width of your door and finding the halfway point), then mount the paper cat flap template (all microchip cat flaps mentioned in our article will come with a paper template) at the centre point while ensuring that the bottom line is set at the correct height for your cat.

3.Drill through the corners of your cat flap

Take your drill and drill into each corner of the cat flap template. It is important to ensure that the drill bit you use is larger than your jigsaw blade as the jigsaw blade will need to fit through the holes in order to cut out your template.

4.Cut out the template using your jigsaw

Put your jigsaw through one of your previously drilled holes and carefully cut around your template until it can be pushed out.

5.Drill the holes to fix the cat flap to

Your template will also show you where you need to drill additional holes to insert the bolts which will secure your cat flap in place.

6.Bolt your cat flap in

Bolt your cat flap in place and you are good to go!

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