How To Toilet Train Your Kitten

Toilet training a kitten is usually a fairly simple task. Kittens naturally like to go to the toilet in a nice pile of sand, dirt or cat litter. So thankfully litter training a cat usually requires significantly less work than it does to toilet train a dog.

Whisky wants to take her toilet training to the next level!

Whisky wants to take her toilet training to the next level!

Get a Good Litter Tray

The most important thing when toilet training a kitten is to ensure that you have a good litter tray available for the kitten to use.

It can be tempting when you get a kitten to think that a small litter tray would be ideal. However your kitten will rapidly grow up into an adult cat so it is wise to get a full sized litter tray when your kitten is still small. This also avoids running into issues later on with them having to get used to an unfamiliar new litter tray.

Make sure the litter tray is a good size which allows your kitten to comfortable move around in and pick a good spot which they can bury their faeces in.

We advise getting a covered litter tray as this provides privacy for your kitten as well as preventing the stink filling your entire room. It is also worth considering an automatic litter tray to help keep your litter box extra clean while minimising the amount of times you have to clean it out.

Get the Right Kitty Litter

Next buy some kitty litter, preferably unscented and none-clumping (I have found the clumping stuff is much worse to clean up when it’s time to change the litter).

Train Your Kitten to use the Toilet:

  1. When you first get your kitten put it in the litter tray straight away as soon as it arrives in your home so that it can get used to the feel and smell of it. Keep regularly placing your kitten in the litter tray after eating, before bed, when you wake up in the morning and at any time you anticipate the kitten may need the toilet.
  2. If you see your kitten about to go to the toilet anywhere else immediately take the kitten and put it in the litter tray.Many kittens will quickly learn within a couple of days that the litter tray is the correct place to go to the toilet. Others may require more time and persistence to learn.
  3. Never punish or shout at your kitten for going to the toilet outside of their litter tray, instead use positive reinforcement by praising and petting them every time they successfully use the litter tray correctly.
  4. One way to help speed up the toilet training process is to confine your kitten to a small room which has the litter tray in it for the first couple of weeks in your home. This means your kitten will never be too far away from the litter tray while it gets it’s bearings in its new home.

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