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Our 30 Favourite Independent Cat Blogs

top 30 cat bloggers awardThe internet loves cats, we all know that, a few quick searches of Google will confirm that there are more cat blogs in the world there are ATMs (I made that “fact” up but it could be true right?).

As a relatively new player in the cat blogging game we want to do more than help people just track their cats, find a good microchip cat flapwater fountain, automatic cat feedercat litter, cat scratching post or even cat backpack carriers (woah!), we also want to help people keep tabs on the very best that the cat blogging world has to offer.

In doing so we are also helping to do our bit to build the online cat blog community by connecting with leading cat blogs and pointing cat lovers in the direction of other great Independent Cat Blogs.

Consequently we have put together this list of our Top 30 Independent Cat Blogs from around the web and have also took the liberty of putting together a squiffy new badge for any of the privileged sites below to feature on their own site to both show off and help further build the online cat community.

So without further ado here they are in alphabetical order, big congratulations to all of our winners:

15 and Meowing15 and meowing

Ellen has 15 cats, need I say more!? She certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to all things feline!

Marva7th Heaven Cats

7th Heaven is cat log which focuses on the Oriental cats. Oriental felines are quite distinct with their big eye catching ears and slim sleek bodies. They’re really quite something to behold, head over to Marva’s blog to see what I’m talking about!


Cat in the Fridge

Crepes is a Youtube star and a special needs cat who persuaded his owners to start blogging in order to help other special needs cats get adopted too!

angie-wearing-hat-1Cat Lady Land

Angie Bailey’s unique cat photography and compelling style of writing makes this blog a must stop destination for any cat blog aficionado!

cats-paradiseCat Paradise

If you like cats and gifs (who doesn’t right) then this site will certainly be a cat themed paradise for you!


Is a blog by Patricia Fry, a highly esteemed cat writer who has also earned her place in the Cat Writers Association. She has wrote over 50 books, including, of course, one called “Catscapades: Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats”. Her blog is great, check it out now!

catvshumanCat Vs Human

Anyone who has ever in their life owned a cat will love the humour of Jasmin’s illustrations on Cat Vs Human which perfectly captures the hilarity of life with cats!


Catlines is a remarkable blog because it’s writer, Lauren, manages to run it despite being blind. She manages to run it so well that she also is a member of the Cat Writers Association too. Her site is well worth a visit!

conscious-catThe Conscious Cat

A great holistic living blog by Ingrid King which is different to your typical cat blog as it strives to help you craft a live consciously in a way which is happy and exciting for both you and your feline friends.

Dash Kittendash-kitten

The global popularity of this New Zealand based cat blog is no surprise. Cat lovers in all corners of the globe, including in our own corner here in the UK, flock to Majorie Dawson’s site to lap up her fun but educational posts.

Deziz Worlddeziz world cat blog

Deziz World is a cat blog with a difference, the colourful lively blog documents the life of Audrey’s service cats Dezi and Raena (Raena is the cat pictured to the right wearing the lovely leopard skin cat harness). The trio (Audrey, Dezi and Raena) present a humorous look at the life of a service cat with regular fresh new blogs to keep you up-to-date with their goings on. This blog is well worth a visit for all cat lovers even if you’re entirely unfamiliar with the concept of a service cat!

following-catsFollowing Cats

Tina Barbour and her cats Abbey and Natasha blog on Following Cats as a way of honouring the cats who have blessed her life, it’s a great blog which does a good job of celebrating the beauty and charm of cat ownership.

Freya Catfreya-cat

Freya the adventurous Bengal cat and her companion Teego’s endless capers and adventurous and well documented on the Freya Cat website, head over there to join the fun!

island-catsIsland Cats

A fun quirky blog by Sue Doute who lives with her Island Cats on Grosse Ile in the Detroit River, well worth checking out!

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committeeittybittykitty

A gorgeous kitty site full of kitten pictures, also a great site to visit if you happen to live around Seattle or Tacoma and want to adopt a kitten!


Katzenworld is a unique collaborative cat blogging site which is a carefully crafted amalgamation of the work of nine passionate cat bloggers gathered from across the globe. Worth a visit for the rich variety of cat related content!

Lola the Rescue Catlola

Leslie’s blog features the wonderful Lola who was rescued from a bin in Harlem, New York. Lola was in very poor condition when she was first rescued and was nursed back to good health. Leslie’s blog exists to help encourage people to treat all animals well and to adopt rather than buy your next cat.

loveandhissesLove and Hisses

Love and Hisses deserves it’s place in this list for many reasons including all the great stuff they do supporting cat charity work but I’m sure you will also love the gorgeous pictures of kittens getting up to all sorts of high jinks from climbing up scratching posts to sleeping in ridiculous places!

Natural Cat Care Blog

Liz Eastwood is a holistic nutrition consultant whos cat blog is quite distinct from the average cat blog as it has a particular focus on cat health and helping people care for their pets in ways which diminish the likelihood of cat cancer (which has grown at alarming rates) the blog also champions practical cat psychology.

opinionated-pussy-catThe Opinionated Pussy Cat

As a member of the official Cat Writers Association Kiril Kundurazieff is highly respected in the world of cat blogs! The Opinionated Pussycat has been going for over seven years and features the voices of all of his cats and their entertaining characters.

Portsmouth Cat Sittingportsmouth-cat-sitting

Rachel, a cat sitter, and highly adept cat blog writer is based in Portsmouth UK and although her site is predominantly about her cat sitting services it also boasts a very interesting blog about cat healing therapies.

The Purrfect Jobalice-cat-blogger

Alice Chau-Ginguene lives a life which is entirely about cats, she looks after cats, she is a cat Behaviourist and she writes a lot about cats…oh and I forgot to mention she also scoops a lot of cat poop too…maybe she should read our article about automatic cat litter trays!

Rascal and Roccorascalrocco

Rascal & Rocco are two cheeky brothers who were adopted by L. E. Mastilock who helps them run their fine site and keeps the world updated on their entertaining capers!

sandpipercatSandpiper Cat

The Sandpiper Cat blog started life in 2011 when Rachel Shubin decided to take care of a pregnant cat (Piper), Piper unfortunately miscarried and Rachel nursed her back to health, after which Piper decided never to leave!

Sandy Robinssandyrobins

As America’s leading pet lifestyle expert and influencer Sandy Robins certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to cats, her intelligent insights are sure to influence you to become a better informed cat owner.

Simons Cat

Simons brilliantly animated videos are pure cat based hilarity, if you love cats and haven’t yet seen any of his videos then you are in for a treat!

sheltercatsShelter Cats

Maggie’s blog champions the cause of PAWS which is a nonprofit no-kill cat shelter which is committed to rescuing homeless cats and placing them in loving new homes.

thatcatblogThat Cat Blog

We couldn’t write a list of our 30 favourite independent cat blogs without mentioning that cat blog, “which cat blog?”…”you know, that cat blog!” That cat blog is features high quality public interest stories relating to cats (obviously). Head over and have a look round!

Way of Cats

Pamela’s story resonates with my own. She grew to love cats later in life thewayofcatsafter marrying a man who loved the furry felines. She now looks after loads of them who you will see all over her blog!

Your Cat

Your cat is a fantastic site which is far more than just a cat blog but is in fact a cat magazine, complete with regular cats of the week the your cat blog logofeatures and stories of clever cats getting up to mischief it is very easy to lose yourself for hours on their website, head over and have a look now!

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