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10 Reasons Why Adopting a Cat Is The Best Thing You Could Ever Do

Anyone who has ever adopted a cat will tell you that it was a decision that they will never regret making. Cats are incredibly cute and entertaining, you’ve no doubt seen at least a handful of the millions of cat gifs that make up the building blocks of the internet.

However there is also scientific research which shows that owning a cat is good for you in a myriad of ways. We decided to put together some of the best reasons why adopting a cat is best thing you could ever do in a tidy infographic below, please have a read and if you like it feel free to share it (using the code at the bottom) to help encourage more people to adopt.

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Cats help you heal

Cats purr within the 25hz to 150hz range. Frequencies in this range are known to improve bone density and help physical healing. This is why you often find that after a cat has hurt itself or experienced some sort of trauma they will purr with gusto!

Cats reduce feelings of stress

Of course they do – look how cute and furry they are! The presence of a cat creates positive emotions and warmth which helps you combat stress. Having to be responsible for a cat also helps to take your mind off whatever it may be that is causing the stress.

They make you more resistant to Allergies

Growing up with a cat reduces your chances of suffering from allergies such as Eczema by up to 13%. Although no one is 100% certain why this is the case it is believed that being exposed to pet allergens and bacteria helps children (read more about cats and babies here) to strengthen their immune system.

They are great hunters

Mice in your house? Don’t like spiders? A cat will dedicate it’s waking life to ensuring that no live spider or mouse ever bothers you again!

They can be an effective antidepressant

Studies have shown that in some circumstances cat owners who struggle with depression showed significant long term improvements in mood when compared to non-cat owners.

Cats are Independent

No need for early morning walks just get them a cat flap and they will walk themselves whenever they want. You can also happily leave your cat at home on their own for a weekend knowing that they will be quite happy and content on their own. Cats are low maintenance, they don’t demand much of you but can give a lot back.

Cat cuddles release Oxytocin

Cuddling your cat can release Oxytocin which is the feel-good ‘love’ hormone which makes you feel relaxed, helps people build trust and is also said to have positive effects on mental health.

97% of doctors believe that owning a cat is good for you

Doctors believe that owning a pet can significantly improve your overall health and well-being.

They are clean

Cats will instinctively clean any food or smells off themselves to avoid detection from any threatening animals. So if you can’t tolerate the smell of a dog all over your house then a cat could be the perfect pet for you.

They are easy entertainment

Bored? Give your cat a sock filled with catnip a bouncy-ball or even just a bit of string and enjoy the show!

If you’re thinking of adopting a cat anytime soon then make sure you’re ready by reading our article on Cat essentials: Complete Cat Adoption Checklist.

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