what to do with fallen cat whiskers

What To Do With Cat Whiskers: 8 Things To Do With Fallen Whiskers

If you’ve owned a cat for any length of time you will know that a cat’s whiskers naturally fall out over time.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to make use of those whiskers instead of binning them then below you will find 8 fun suggestions:

1. Collect Them & Place Them Somewhere Birds Can Take Them To Use For Nesting

Birds are very versatile and adaptive creatures, particularly when it comes to building their nests.

They use twigs, grass, wool, moss, feathers, leaves and more or less anything they can find as a nesting material.

cats whiskers can be used to help birds make nests

If you carefully collect your cat’s whiskers and leave them outside in a space that is safe (out of reach of your cat) and easy for birds to get to then they will happily use the whiskers to line their nest and make it more comfortable.

2. Use Them To Create Art

Cat’s whiskers can also be used to make art.

One example is the Japanese art of Suminagashi, which is a form of water marbling. 

Suminagashi art
Traditional Suminagashi marbling looks something like this

To use your cat’s whiskers for Suminagashi follow the instructions in the video above but use your cat’s whiskers instead of a brush.

To make the whiskers a bit more usable we suggest collecting a bunch of whiskers and binding them all together for a more paintbrush-like effect.

You could even try painting cat portraits with a cat whisker brush!

3. Stitch Them Into Needlework Images Of Cats & Sell On Etsy

With a bit of skill, your cat’s whiskers can be stitched into various materials.

For example, you could use them to add a bit more authenticity and uniqueness to an embroidered image of a cat.

incorporate whiskers into some needlework

If you have enough talent and you can needlepoint cats’ faces, the whiskers can be a nice touch instead of you sewing them in a traditional manner. 

By the way, if you work with Fimo material and you create customized teacups with cat faces on them, adding your own cat’s whiskers to the resulting picture might be a great addition, too.  

4. Make Jewellery Out Of Them

The only thing limiting what you can use your cat’s whiskers for is your imagination, many people have made all kinds of fascinating and very attractive jewellery that features cat whiskers.

With a bit of planning you can make earrings, bracelets and even necklaces with whiskers incorporated into them.

It will take you some time, but if you use your imagination, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what your next work of cat whisker art might look like. 

5. Stick Them In A Styrofoam Ball & Hang It On Your Christmas Tree

The Internet is filled with multiple tutorials on how you can use a styrofoam ball to make your own ‘cat’.

Believe it or not, it can make quite a nice decoration that you can use throughout your home, whether in the living room or on the patio or for your Christmas tree.

To do this carefully push (or glue if your cat’s whiskers aren’t tough enough) the end of the whiskers into the styrofoam ball and voila, you have a cheap and simple cat-themed Christmas tree decoration.

styrofoam ball with whiskers in it

An easier option could be to add the whiskers to a cotton wool ball.

6. Carry A Few Around In Your Pocket to Poke People Who Annoy you

This might not be the first thing that might have crossed your mind, but if you’ve ever petted a cat before, you probably know that whiskers can be pretty pointy and sharp. 

And while they may not cause real skin damage, they’re definitely great for playing a prank on people or for surprising someone who’s not paying attention to what you are saying. 

They’re also ideal for tickling someone behind the ear with!

7. Save Them To Stick To Your Own Face Next Time You Go To A Fancy Dress Party

If you want to dress up like a cat for your next Halloween party, adding your cat’s real whiskers to your face can definitely make you stand out from the crowd. 

stick whiskers to your face for a fancy dress party

You can either glue them onto your skin (with a non-toxic washable glue) or you can sellotape them to your face…just don’t use sellotape if you have a beard as taking it off will hurt, a lot!

8. Keep Them To Remember Your Cat By

Sadly cats don’t live anywhere near as long as we do. so sooner or later you will have to say goodbye to them.

Keeping their whiskers in a simple pot can serve as a nice memorial to them when they have passed away, and something that will help you to remember the joy they bought to your life for years to come.