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5 Best Cat Anti-Scratch Tapes That Actually Work!

Dealing with a cat that tends to sharpen her claws everywhere in your living environment can be quite challenging. 

Buying scratching posts or cat nail caps can help solve part of the problem, but sometimes, you have to take it farther and consider using the best cat anti-scratch tape. 

The shape, size, as well as strength of the tape, are the three most important factors when sifting through the many models that are currently available. 

We noticed that the following 5 tapes are winners in all of those fields:

1. DanceWhale Anti Scratch Training Tape

DanceWhale Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape, 3 Inches x 16 Yards Clear Double-Sided Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape - Furniture Protector for Couch, Carpet, Doors, Counter Tops

Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing the right product in this category. 

We’re happy to say that the DanceWhale alternative is completely non-toxic, so it doesn’t pose any health risk to your cat. 

Whether you get the thinner and shorter variant, measuring 3 inches in width and 16 yards in length, or you opt for the wider and longer one, which is 4-in wide and 33-yard long, this tape is just as effective. 

The durability of the product is also worth writing home about as it tends to resist multiple scratches. 

That means that you aren’t going to have to replace it sooner rather than later. 

Another aspect worth noting is that the adhesive on the tape does not affect your furniture at all, and it also doesn’t leave any marks. 

Based on the reviews acquired by this item, it seems that it should not be applied to wallpaper as it tends to pull it right off. 

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The glue on the underside can be quite effective, so it should be used on couches and upholstery rather than directly on walls. 

2. Petlucent Cat Scratch Deterrent Sticky Paws Tape

Petslucent Cat Scratch Deterrent Sticky Paws Tape, Cat Furniture Protector Training Tape Anti Scratching, Double Sided Guards for Carpet, Sofa, Couch, Door (Blue- 3''x 15 Yards)

The applications for which the Petlucent option can be used are pretty much endless since it can act as a double tape for mounting light objects, packaging, as well as woodworking. 

This non-toxic tape is completely safe to use for cats. 

Although your pet might feel a little uncomfortable due to the adhesive and will undoubtedly lick her toes, she will experience no digestive distress whatsoever. 

The tape can be applied on a wide range of surfaces without damaging them in any way. 

From floors, doors, carpets, couches, or any furniture made from leather and vinyl, it’s not going to leave any markings, and it will be easy to pull off, too. 

In terms of size, there are several different ones available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. 

The standard one, which is also the most affordable, measures 3 inches by 15 yards, but another with the same width but a length of 30 yards is available, too. 

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Finally, if you feel like you need to cover larger portions of your furniture, you can get the bigger choice with a width of 4 inches and a length of 30 yards. 

3. PetIsay Anti-Scratch Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape

PetIsay Anti-Scratch Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape(4 inches x 16 yards), Scratch Control Aid | Double Sided Cat Training Sticky Strips | Stop Cat Scratching Furniture Protector, Clear(Single Roll)

This cat-friendly deterrent tape is another we felt would be worth adding to this selection as it has acquired an immense number of positive user reviews. 

Like some of the other models we have described here, it is non-toxic and safe to use for cats and other pets, too. 

It can be applied on a broad variety of surfaces, no matter the material they might be made of. 

For example, you can stick it to your leather or fabric couch, but you can also use it on doors and vinyl surfaces. 

One thing that seems to make this item stand out from the crowd is its ability to appear ‘invisible’. It goes without saying that it will still be noticeable to some extent, but it’s not as obvious as other anti-scratch tapes. 

In case your cat learns to stop scratching certain areas in your home, you can simply remove the tape by pulling it off.

You don’t have to worry about any damage or markings left on the furniture, either. 

However, the tape is scratch-resistant enough to put up with the abuse that your pet might want to inflict upon it. 

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Don’t worry; your cat will quickly learn to avoid your couch if she gets her paws in contact with the tape’s adhesive. 

4. One Sight Anti Cat Scratch Training Deterrent Tape

One Sight Anti Cat Scratch Training Deterrent Tape, 4 Inches x 30 Yards Clear Double Sided Cat sofa Scratch Furniture Protector, Cat Couch Protector Tape Sticky Paws for cats for Couch, Carpet, Doors

This double-sided tape is made with perfectly safe materials, and the adhesive also doesn’t run the risk of affecting your cat’s health in any way. 

In fact, the glue is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so it’s completely safe even for cats who don’t do well with certain smells, either. 

Like other models, this one can be applied on a large variety of surfaces, from chairs and couches to rugs, carpets, and even walls and doors. 

It’s also transparent and doesn’t leave any marks on the surfaces on which it has been installed. 

The product comes in just one size, though, which means that if you want to cover narrower areas, you’ll have to do your best at cutting it so that it fits. 

The standard dimensions are 4 inches in width and 30 yards in length. 

An important detail that has to be added with regard to this product is that it cannot be applied to real or faux leather. 

Unfortunately, the glue is quite strong, so you might damage these sensitive surfaces if you still decide to use the tape on them. 

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Its use on plaster walls and inflatable hot tubs is somewhat problematic due to its removal and the damage it could cause in this sense. 

5. Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape

Anti Scratch Cat Training Tape, Safe Clear Double Sided Tape for Guard Your Couch, Doors and Furniture (3-Inches x 16 Yards)

Having been made with eco-friendly materials and boasting a perfectly safe glue, it goes without saying that this training tape is not going to cause any health problems in your cat – other than some mild discomfort. 

The tape is easy to apply on any surface in your home, whether your upholstered couch, chairs, or carpets, or even on your door if that’s what your cat scratches the most. 

Additionally, since it is transparent, it’s not going to appear obvious after being applied to your furniture. 

There’s only one size available, so you’ll have to do your best to measure, cut, and apply it on specific surfaces in your home. The tape measures 3 inches by 16 yards. 

We couldn’t help noticing that this item has received an impressive number of favourable user reviews. 

Most customers describe it as effective and durable, and some say that it even works in deterring cats from spraying in certain places. 

Other users report that after having started to apply this tape on their cat’s favourite scratching places, she began to use the scratching posts that already existed in the house. 

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It tends to come off easily and causes no damage to the fabric of couches or chairs. 

Does cat anti-scratch tape work?


Cat scratch tape works particularly well for cat breeds who are less prone to scratching so are more readily deterred by sticky cat tape, it may not be as effective on more aggressive scratchers such as Bengals.

Upholstered furniture and carpets are the two surfaces this type of tape seems to work best for, so if your cat has a penchant for scratching on your sofa or chairs, it could be the right solution to your problem. 

You have to somehow do your best at finding the best and most durable option on the market. 

The glue of some cat anti-scratch tapes is not strong enough, so it’s not going to remain on your couch for too long. 

Even if your cat is completely disgusted by the glue, she could still try to get the tape off of the furniture in an attempt to continue marking and scratching that place. 

We’d also like to note that cat anti-scratch tape seems to work best when used in conjunction with other accessories, such as cat trees. 

Scratching posts can give your cat the opportunity to sharpen her claws without inflicting any damage on your couch. 

Why don’t cats like sticky things?

Cats are very in tune with their senses, and since they don’t have as much naked skin on their bodies as people do, they often use their paws to test out the ‘feel’ of surfaces. 

Even though their paws aren’t as sensitive and important as their whiskers, for example, they are still essential for a cat that wants to gauge her living circumstances. 

In a nutshell, when something sticks to their paws, cats lose some of their feeling and functionality.

As you probably know, cats have to be in tune with their bodies in order to properly use their reflexes. 

In the wild, they use their senses to avoid larger predators and also hunt prey. 

That’s why anti-scratch tape makes them feel uncomfortable and throws them into a grooming frenzy as their bodies have to be equipped with the mechanisms for defence and offence at all times. 

Picking the right cat anti-scratch tape

With so many products available for sale these days, separating the wheat from the chaff can be quite challenging. 

Here are several aspects that you should consider when deciding between one anti-scratch tape and the next. 

Tape Safety

Your cat’s paws are going to touch the adhesive tape, so it needs to be as safe as possible.

Just go through some of the top choices in terms of tapes out there and see which ones are clearly marketed as non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 

cat tape safety

Ideally, the tape should also be odourless. While most cats have extremely sensitive noses, some can suffer from asthma or allergies to some chemicals — so it’s best to stay on the safe side of things. 

It’s also worth adding that some cats suffer from pica and might try to eat the tape, no matter the adhesive on its surface. 

If you see this happening, remove any tape and take your cat to the animal hospital, as tape can cause serious intestinal blockage when being ingested. 

Tape Durability

The glue on both sides of the tape has to be effective and needs to make the product stick on a variety of surfaces, from furniture and carpets to walls. 

Generally, a good anti-scratch tape should last for at least one to two weeks before you have to replace it. 

Of course, if your cat is really adamant about scratching in the same place despite her discomfort, she might get the tape off your couch in a record amount of time.

But if the adhesive is good enough, that’s less likely to happen sooner rather than later. 

One way of telling whether the tape is effective is to look at several customer reviews before deciding to purchase it. 

It’s quite likely that you’ll be able to find out other useful things, such as whether it can go on wallpaper or plaster walls and if it risks damaging them. 

Tape Size

The dimensions of the tape matter the least as you will be able to cut and apply the sections to the desired size. 

However, if you want to cover both ends of your couch, for example, you might want to consider getting a bigger size strictly for convenience and ease of use. 

It wouldn’t hurt if you also looked at the colour. Ideally, the tape should be completely transparent so that it doesn’t affect the design of your furniture in any way. 

Final thoughts

Cats do not like sticky surfaces as they use their toes to feel their whereabouts and get a good grasp of what’s in their living environments. 

For this reason, applying cat anti-scratch tape to your furniture can convince your pet that some areas are strictly off-limits. 

It can even make your cat use her scratching posts, in case she got bored of them. 

Make sure you get the safest tape possible — the glue needs to be non-toxic and odourless. 

Your cat is going to groom her toes after coming in contact with the adhesive, so do keep that in mind. 

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