20 Best Cat Beds – Doughnut, Radiator, Luxury, Heated & Enclosed Cat Beds

Cats sleep for around 16 hours a day so it’s only right they have a cosy cat bed for all of that snoozing.

The thing is, many owners are left unimpressed when the bed they have chosen is shrugged off by their cat and the cardboard box the bed came in becomes a hit instead.

In a rush? View our best cat bed recommendations below:

The good news is that cat beds come in all shapes and sizes so you’re bound to find one that perfectly suits your kitty’s needs and gives them a safe, secure and comfortable space to enjoy, day and night.

Although cats will sleep anywhere that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate the luxury and refuge of having an area that is theirs to enjoy. Buying the right bed will encourage your cat to sleep in it and you may be surprised by how content they are when curled up in their new bed.

Deciding on a bed that best suits your cat can be time consuming though. To save you from having to trawl through hours of cat bed reviews and products, we have put all the information you need right here.

There are a lot of cat bed options so we’ve reviewed everything from doughnut cat beds, cave cat beds, radiator cat beds, heated cat beds and even luxury cat beds!

Types of Cat Bed

When you think of a cat bed you may think of a soft flat mat or a traditional style basket, these drab and dull options often do not interest cats but, as you will soon see, there is so much more to the world of cat beds.

We have chosen some of cat’s favourite styles and designs to review. Every cat loves a comfortable bed and these are the top types currently on the market:

  • Doughnut cat beds: The doughnut beds are soft fabric mats with raised sides so it is like your cat is sleeping within the centre of a doughnut (if the doughnut was super fluffy and ridiculously comfortable).

    Many cats like these beds as they can curl up inside or rest their head on the edge and watch the world go by in utter contentment. If your cat loves to sleep curled up in a ball, a doughnut bed is ideal.
  • Radiator cat beds: These beds are designed to be hung over radiators.

    Not only do they offer a warmer spot to sleep but they are also off the ground giving your cat a higher perch, which is often preferred.
  • Luxury cat beds: If you’re looking for a cat bed that is stylish, modern and made from high-quality materials, a luxury cat bed will probably appeal to you.

    These more expensive but unique designs are guaranteed to fit into the aesthetic of your home and will leave you, your cat and visitors smiling!
  • Heated cat beds: Heated beds come in all shapes and sizes, they have a small radiator to warm the bed up for your cat. If you live in a cold country or in a place with frosty winters a heated cat bed may be an ideal investment.

    Cats who experience joint pain and arthritis may also benefit from a heated bed. At the end of the day, like us, cats love to be warm and a heated bed will do just that.
  • Cave cat beds: A cave cat bed, also called igloo beds, are enclosed with just one opening meaning your cat can go into the cave and it has a roof ensuring your cat feels private, secure and warm.

    If your cat loves to sleep in sheltered areas, treat them to their very own den with a cave bed.

What to look for when buying a cat bed:

cat relaxing in bed with a coffee

When choosing a cat bed there are a few key factors to consider:

  • High-quality materialyou want the material to be high quality so it not only feels great but it is also long-lasting and easy to clean. Natural materials such as cotton and wool are usually better as they offer more comfort and are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reaction.
  • WashableCat beds can get pretty gross at times, they can be covered in fur, fleas and even urine so you want to make sure the bed you buy is washable.

    Some beds can be put into the washing machine as they are, while others have removable covers that can be washed. If you aren’t sure whether the bed is washable, this should be indicated on the label.
  • Sizethe bed needs to be large enough for your cat to fit comfortably while still being cosy. Ideally, the bed should be at least a couple of inches larger than your cat to achieve this happy medium of being snug but not cramped.
  • HeightDo you want a bed that is off the ground? If your choice is low to the ground, think about whether or not you want it to have high sides?

    High beds or beds with high sides can be more appealing but they can also make it difficult for geriatric cats or cats with mobility issues to get in and out of the bed.
  • PriceConsider your budget, the cost of cat beds can vary from less than £15 for a basic soft mat to over £100 for a luxury cat bed. Heated cat beds are often priced in between the two. Either way, each style of bed has its own price range so think about this before you go shopping.

    It’s good to have a budget in mind but also test the quality of the cheaper beds that catch your eye as they are often designed to have the same appearance as the more expensive bed but without the same quality so take care with this.
  • Your cat’s behaviourWhen choosing a bed, it is also important to take into account the behaviour of your cat. Does your cat like to snuggle into a ball? Does your cat like to sleep up on shelves? Does your cat like to sprawl out on the sofa?

    Watch your cat and see what they find most comfortable then you can apply this to the bed you would like to buy. If the bed is suitable for your cat’s usual relaxation techniques then it is bound to be a winner!

What to avoid when buying a cat bed:

  • Beads and tasselsalthough a bit of razzle-dazzle may look great, realistically beads and tassels are not the best options when it comes to cat beds.

    This is because your cat could become caught up in the tassels or could remove and swallow parts of the design.

    An urgent trip to the vet will cost a lot so no matter how cute the bed looks, it’s better avoided altogether.

The Best Doughnut Cat Beds:

Doughnut beds are like a cuddle in the form of a bed, the raised sides allow your cat to either curl up in the centre feeling safe, warm and protected, lean against the sides for support or rest their head and comfortably watch the world go by without straining their neck.

Doughnut beds are usually super soft with lots of padding making them very comfortable, once your cat realizes how snug the bed is you’ll struggle to get them out of it.

Here are four fantastic doughnut beds, each offering something slightly different for the ultimate comfort of your kitty:

1. Me & My Pets Cat Doughnut Bed

The Me & My Pets Cat Doughnut Bed is super soft with well-cushioned sides and a thick base for extra comfort. The interior is lined with a very fluffy fabric that even makes us want to dive in and snuggle.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

We love this bed because it has no zips or plastic fasteners meaning if you have a cat that often chews and plays with fastenings this bed is a great, safe option.

The entire bed can be washed in a washing machine making it easy to keep clean but it cannot be tumble dried, although it should air dry quickly anyway.

The high sides mean your cat can lean against the bed for additional support or can easily rest their head without straining their neck. This bed is supportive, snug and washable… What more could your cat want?!

However, this bed is on the small side so it may not be suitable for larger cats. Secondly, the sides of this bed are 16cm all the way around with no lower area for entry so older cats may struggle to climb over and into the bed.

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2. Pecute cat bed

The extremely snuggly plush padded Pecute Cat Bed is ideal for households with more than one cat or with a larger cat who likes to stretch out when they sleep.

As well as the space, this bed is well padded to keep your cat warm and comfy even if the bed is directly on cold floors. The lining of the bed is a soft fleece that your cat will love and the entire bed is machine washable and can be tumble dried for extra convenience.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

The raised sides are only slightly higher than the centre of the bed, they are just enough to provide support without being too high that they make the bed awkward or uncomfortable for the cat. The underside of the bed is fitted with anti-slip material so you can place the bed anywhere in the house and the nonslip will add stability.

A few users have found that because the bed is vacuum packed for delivery they are unable to get it plump and fluffed up as it looks in the advertisement which is a shame.

3. Pecute Plush Cat’s Bed

Pecute Plush Pet Bed for Cats

This rectangular cat bed is spacious, allowing plenty of room for your cat to find a comfortable position. The shape also means you can easily use this bed in the car if you needed to and it fits nicely anywhere in your home.

It is made from soft materials that will adjust when pressure is applied rather than hold a rigid shape. We like that this bed has a lowered section at the front so cats can easily get into the bed without having to jump over the sides.

This bed is so inviting that your other pets are likely to give it a go too, it’s a shame that it is only big enough for one cat!

Some users were unhappy with the low sides but we quite like the lower, softer sides as it offers a really good option for older cats or cats with arthritis etc.

4. Petmate self-warming cat bed

Unable to decide between a doughnut bed and a heated bed? The Petmate self-warming bed utilizes space blanket technology meaning it cleverly reflects and retains your cats body heat.

It is great to have the option of a bed that will stay warm without having to be plugged in or leaving wire leads around the place. You can even use this bed outside, for example in cat kennels.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

This self-warming bed is ideal for small cats and kittens, the soft lining is good quality and certainly feels comfortable.

One of the things that we did notice was that the bed can sometimes make a crinkle noise when cats first get in and move around. This is the foil layer moving underfoot but unless your cat is easily frightened or can be quite jumpy this shouldn’t be an issue.

The Best Radiator Cat Beds:

Radiator cat beds are designed to hook over radiators which is a great idea for a few reasons; the beds are warmer and cosier for your cat when positioned next to a radiator so your cat can stay snug throughout the cold winter.

As well as this the radiator bed is raised off the ground, this gives your inquisitive kitty a higher platform to chill out and watch the world go by. Being off the ground is beneficial as cats usually feel safer sleeping higher up and it also means the floor space in your home will be free from clutter.

1. Cleo Radiator Bed

This is a very large bed so if you have two cats or one large cat there will be more than enough space for them to stretch out and sleep in this bed.

The Cleo Radiator Bed is strong and sturdy so your cat can enjoy being off the ground without feeling unsteady. You can also hang it over the door if you don’t quite have enough space, but it is better to hang it from a radiator as this is the perfect height for your cat to jump in and out.

The bed is lined with thick, soft material (faux sheepskin) and you can wash the cover with ease. The high sides of the bed keep any draughts at bay and ensures your cat stays snug.

This bed is simple in design and is very large so it may not be the most attractive cat bed to have in the home but it certainly does the job. This bed is better suited to double radiators than single radiators as the bed easily tips down when hung on single radiators so be sure it will fit your radiator before buying.

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2. Jolly Moggy Natural Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed

Want something cute, quirky and environmentally friendly? The Jolly Moggy Natural Bamboo Radiator cat bed ticks the boxes. The 100% bamboo tube comes as a flat pack but is very easy to assemble and fits on most radiators. The bed comes with a fur cushion to place within the tube for the comfort of your kitty.

This bed looks fantastic and saves on floor space, if you have more than one cat you could easily buy two tubes and interlink them.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

You may need to introduce your cat to this bed so they know what it is but once they know it’ll be a hit! The bed will be warm and will keep a nice temperature even when the radiator is on full blast so your cat can remain comfortable and watch the world from a good vantage point.

We love the style of this bed but some users have mentioned that the Velcro that holds the tube in place seems to strain under weight, although it rarely comes undone but for those with larger cats or more than one cat extra fasteners would provide peace of mind.

3. Invero Fleece Cat Radiator Bed

The Invero Fleece Radiator Bed is a simple design of a base and back cover which hooks onto a radiator and allows your cat to stretch out as they wish. This bed doesn’t have sides so it is more of a platform which makes it easy for your cat to jump onto it from any angle.

The platform is covered in a thick, washable fleece cover that is easily attached and removed when necessary.

The frame is sturdier than it first appears and the fleece cover fits tightly to prevent the bed from sagging in the centre when your cat lays on it. The bed holds its shape even under larger cats so is suitable for all cats but it can only really hold one cat at a time.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy, hammock style bed for your cat to enjoy over the winter months this is an affordable solution that has been well received by many cats.

We love the minimalism of this bed, it does what it needs to do without taking up too much space or requiring a lot of effort to put up, take down or wash. However, if you’re looking for something particularly stylish or spacious this one may not be the ideal option.

4. Me & My Pets Radiator Bed

What are you looking for in a cat radiator bed? If it happens to be a soft, fluffy cover over a sturdy frame that hooks over most radiators then take a look at the Invero Fleece Radiator Bed.

This is a hammock-style bed uses a grey plush material for ultimate snuggling. In all honesty, if this was human size you’d struggle to get us out of it.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

The plush cover can be cleaned easily and quickly by machine washing or if you simply want to lift off your cats fur, vacuuming will do the trick too. The frame is sturdy and can support the weight of small to medium cats but may struggle with a larger cat and has the potential to bend under too much pressure.

This hammock bed isn’t an eyesore either so it will look great in any room of the house. The dark grey cover reminds us of a cosy blanket and will keep your kitty warm through winter nights. The company state the bed is not suitable to be used on electric radiators so keep this in mind.

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The Best Luxury Cat Beds:

Luxury cat beds are eye-catching, stylish and will often suit the décor of any home. The materials used are high quality and many times the beds have been handcrafted, handwoven or hand-painted so great care has been taken to create the end product.

Luxury cat beds are considerably more expensive than other options due to the materials used, the finer details of the design and the fact that the bed will be very durable and long-lasting.

These beds are often designed to look the part but with good quality bedding and thick blankets included they will also meet your cats comfort expectations too.

1. ‘The Willow’ Luxury Rattan Cat Bed

This handwoven willow bed looks like a piece of stylish furniture more than a pet bed, there’s no denying it is absolutely beautiful but it doesn’t come cheap.

The design is delicate and will fit with the style of any home. We love the natural look of the woven willow and the light colours mean your cat can use the bed in any weather as the cushions will remain cool on hot days but will quickly become snug and warm on cold days.

The off the ground bed ensures your cat will be sleeping away from the cold floor and out of the way of any draughts. The bed has raised sides and an open front for your cat to easily jump on and off without it being too high.

The bed comes with a feather mattress cushion which has a washable cotton cover so you can easily keep the bed looking and feeling fresh.

We love this luxury bed, it is spacious and it looks great. The price tag is high and we wonder if our cat would snuggle up on this bed as they often do with the plush fur material or whether they would instead be intrigued by the feather bedding.

Available on Not On The High Street for £249

2. The Lounge Chair Cat Bed

This Retro Invero Fleece Radiator Bed has a cute and quirky 70’s feel. The white acrylic shell and chrome stand comes with a fluffy lining that can be secured in place using the elasticized edge, preventing it from moving around or coming off the chair when your cat jumps up.

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This cat bed has a unique design that brings an often unseen style to a pet bed. The chair doesn’t need the fluffy lining and cushion inside but many cats prefer it as it adds comfort as well as warmth.
This retro pod is large enough for any sized cat and even small dogs. It is spacious and open with a low entry height making it easy access for all cats.

If you have a very energetic pet that is likely to bound in and out of this chair there is a good chance it will fall over, the stability is a concern but only if you have enthusiastic pets.

This bed requires a very specific cover and replacement covers are not currently available so if the cover becomes worn or tears it is very difficult to find a suitable replacement that won’t just slide out. Aside from this, it’s a very funky, luxury cat bed!

3. Cairn Wood Design Personalised Cat Bed

This clean, polished and personalised bed is basic in its appearance but brings lots of charm and character. Many cats like to think of themselves as the boss and with this handcrafted wooden bed complete with their name on the front, their expectations should be met. We love the personal touch of having your cats name added to the front bottom panel, it looks so neat and smart.

If you are looking for something simple, smart and high quality without all of the extras then this is worth a look. The bed is low to the ground, extremely spacious and easy for your pet to climb in and out of. The sides and back of this bed are raised so your cat will be well protected from any draughts and will feel safe and secure while snoozing.

The bed also comes with soft, thick bedding that is outsourced from the luxury pet bed company Danish Design.  The bed itself is very durable and is made from red oak.

Bringing a bit of nature into the home always looks fantastic and we love the fact you can personalise this bed. The design may be a bit simplistic for the price but the materials used are high quality.

Available on Not On The High Street for £145.

4. ‘The Elton’ Luxury Cat Bed

The final review in our luxury cat bed selection is ‘The Elton’. This bed is all about the finer details. The basic package is a handmade pine bed that is painted metallic grey with sweet crown detailing on each side of the front panel. We all know cats are royalty, or at least they think are, so the crowns fit in perfectly. The bed also comes with a tartan pattered cushion, very chic!

The materials used are high quality, environmentally friendly and pet friendly. The bed is low to the ground and there is also a lowered entrance point at the front of the bed so older or arthritic cats can enjoy this bed too.

We like that this bed is smart but also functional, you can easily move it around thanks to its grey cup handles and it is accessible for your cat while remaining stylish and comfortable.

Although this bed definitely looks the part, it does seem a little on the small side, particularly for larger cats so just check the sizing.

Available on Not On The High Street for £295

The Best Heated Cat Beds:

Want to keep your cat warm without leaving your central heating on around the clock? A heated cat bed will do the job. These beds are designed to warm up and stay warm so even when it is chilly outside (and even in the house) your cat has somewhere super snug to sleep.

Heated beds are really helpful for cats with joint problems, arthritis or for cats who have recently had an operation as the warmth helps to keep them comfortable alleviate pain.

1. Pet Remedy Heated Pet Pad

The Pet Remedy Heated Pet Pad is designed to be placed under a towel or a blanket, it plugs into an electrical socket but is low voltage so is safe to leave on. Sometimes using heat pads is a concern but this pad is approved by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and is used by veterinarians for post-operative recovery which gives us peace of mind.

The pad has one setting and is designed to bring your pets body up to the optimal temperature so you don’t have to worry about setting it too hot or too cold as it’s all done for you.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

This heat pad is perfect for older cats, arthritic cats or cats who have just had an operation, the plastic pad can be placed under their existing blanket or covered in a new blanket or towel, plugged in and left to keep your feline friend warm even while you are out.

Although this doesn’t come with a cover or a blanket it isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you can slip this into your cat’s bed and they don’t have to get used to a whole new bed. The pad itself can be wiped clean using a cloth so it’s easy and convenient.

2. CJ’s heated igloo

Warm, cute and cosy, CJ’s heated igloo is a complete package and gives your cat a secure cove to rest in. The igloo has a heated pad at its base which is zipped inside the bottom of the bed meaning there is a thin cover over the vinyl heat mat.

The heat mat is designed to heat up to between 38 and 40 degrees C and has an internal thermostat to ensure it does not heat up more than this.

Click image to find out more about this bed on Amazon

We like that this igloo has a small opening at the back corner for the wire to go through as this keeps the power cable neat and out of the way ensuring your cat won’t become tangled or try to chew it inside of the bed. If your cat does tend to chew then this bed isn’t ideal as they could chew into the heat pad if left unattended.

There’s enough space for two cats to fit comfortably and the opening at the front is nice and big too. The electrical pad can be removed and wiped clean and the igloo bed (without the electrical pad inside) can be machine washed.

The heat pad gets very hot and you shouldn’t put soft material into the igloo so take care when using this bed.

3. Petnap electric heat pad

The Petnap electric heat pad plugs into mains or a car adaptor. We love this extra of being able to plug it into the car when you are traveling or going to and from the vets.

This heat pad comes with a fleece covering so it is ready to be used from opening and the fleece cover can be machine washed when necessary. The heat pad is a small size but is suitable for most cat breeds.

Click image to find out more about this bed on Amazon

Running on 12V this heat pad stays at a safe temperature so it is warm to touch but not necessarily hot. This is good as you do not want your cat to become too hot too quickly,

although there doesn’t seem to be a thermostat and the product description does not mention a temperature but we’ve found the bed gets warm to touch after the cat has been laying on it for a while.

This pad seems to only warm up when your cat is on it which is great because it doesn’t waste energy by staying warm around the clock even when not in use. The power cable is protected against chewing but the bed itself can be chewed so it’s not ideal for cats who like to scratch and chew their beds.

4. Mora Pets – Self-Heating Pet Pad

This Mora blanket is a safe self-heating pet pad that uses the technology of three materials designed to reflect and retain heat to keep your pet warm without needing electricity.

Self-heating mats often use foil-like material which can be heard when cats climb onto or move around in the bed but this bedding is created from noiseless materials so will not crinkle. This is particularly good for owners who have timid or easily frightened cats.

Click image to find out more about this product on Amazon

This mat is large enough for any sized cat and can be used indoors, outdoors and even in the car. The blanket is lightweight so can be easily moved and carried, plus you can fold it away when it’s not in use.

We are pleased to see that this blanket is machine washable as this is often not the case with self-heating blankets.

With all of the self-heating magic happening inside the blanket, it is good to see that the blanket itself looks smart, snug and classy. The bed is thick and comfy and seems to have the cat seal of approval from the majority of cats who have tried this bed out.

The Best Enclosed / Cave Cat Beds:

Cat cave beds are highly rated, particular for kittens and timid cats. This is because the enclosed bed offers a place of safety and an almost unbeatable sense of security.

These beds are usually soft and well-padded too so cats feel warm, relaxed and cosy inside. You can get these beds in a range of sizes so whether you have one cat that likes to hide away or you have a few kitties who like to cuddle up, you’ll find a cave bed to suit your situation.

1. Cat Cave Co Beds

These cute Cat Cave Co pods are made from merino wool so they are completely natural and organic, making it more appealing to cats than artificial or chemically treated materials. The cave is soft and flexible but isn’t particularly spacious on the inside so larger cats may find it a bit too snug.

Many cats like to poke their head out of the opening and keep an eye on the outside world while enjoying the security of the cave.

This cave is great for cats who often try to hide in cupboards and wardrobes searching for peace, quiet and a safe place. The material means your cat can sit on top of the bed and squish it flat using it more like a mat while they are getting used to the idea of it being a cave. When they do decide to go into it rather than onto it the large opening makes going in and out easy.

The fact that this bed is made out of wool is a huge plus because the cats will be naturally attracted to it and this means their interest is peaked the second you get this bed out of the box and place it down. The bed can be hand-washed but should be reshaped while still wet then left to dry.

These caves are available in two different colours and can be placed anywhere in the home, they are also easy to move and pack away as they are lightweight.

Available to buy on Cat Cave Co.

2. Meowfia premium cat cave

The Meowfia Cat Cave is a large, spacious and great looking cave that is made from merino wool. We love that these caves are big in size as it is suitable for all sized cats, even families with more than one cat can use the cat cave.

The materials used to create this cat cave are eco-friendly and free from chemicals which means it’s not only safe for your cat but is also going to be more appealing as a place to sleep.

Click image to find out more about this bed on Amazon

We’d describe these caves as looking like big beach pebbles, they are modern and snazzy and would look great in any home. If your cat isn’t interested in going into the cave, they can easily squish it down into a comfy mat to enjoy instead.

As this cave is made from wool it stays clean for longer and will keep your cat warm during colder weather and cool during hot summer days.

Although this bed is flexible it is also firm and holds its shape well so when your cat is inside it won’t just fall in on itself. The material is also quite dense so it should stand up to the testing methods of your cat.

3. Mimis daughter cat cave

Colourful, simple and made from natural materials, the Mimis daughter cat cave brings a pop of colour into your home. This cute cave is handcrafted from New Zealand wool and is made to be thick and cosy.

The materials used are organic and very high quality so the bed feels luxurious and is durable too.

Click image to find out more about this bed on Amazon

This cave is super spacious and can easily fit two 8kg cats inside with room to spare. The extra space leaves room for cats to play, sleep and snuggle together.

Not only is the bed spacious, it also has a generous entrance so even nervous or unsure cats can take a look inside without feeling frightened. This is particularly helpful for anxious or shy cats as it makes the bed more welcoming.

Although the bed holds its shape very well, it can also be flattened to be a comfy mat instead. If your cat decides to jump onto the top and flatten it down to use it like that it doesn’t matter. The cave is 2 in 1 so whatever it is that makes your cat happy!

Overall this bed is cosy, well-cushioned and very vibrant. Each cave is handmade and is designed to provide a sanctuary for your cat to enjoy. We love the high quality and style of these caves.

No products found.

4. Pawz cat sleeping bag

This Pawz cat cave has made us say ‘awww!’ multiple times already. It’s a sleeping bag (complete with ears and tail) for your cat! This super snuggly sleeping bag is a great hideout bed.

It’s suitable for cats up to 7kg and is only really suitable for one cat at a time. Although it doesn’t have to be used as a hideaway, it could also be used as a soft mat to sleep on, so that is an option for larger cats too.

Click image to find out more about this bed on Amazon

The bed is available in four colours and all of them are very cute. Your cat can climb into the pouch and sleep feeling warm and secure. The inner fleece used is very soft, is non-toxic and is durable.

The sleeping bag is also self-warming so will keep your cat toasty and warm throughout winter. It makes a slight crinkle noise but this is hardly noticeable unless your cat decides to start kneading the material.

One of the things we have noticed about this sleeping bag is that the opening generally doesn’t stay open so, unless you sit nearby and constantly hold the bag open your cat may lose interest.

All in all, this is an adorable cat bed that looks cute, feels very fluffy but could maybe do with a little bit of structure to hold the entrance open.

Do cats sleep in beds?

Yes, if a cat has a bed that they feel is comfortable, warm and safe then they will most likely spend a lot of time sleeping in it. Although, we all know cats can and will sleep wherever they want.

Just because your cat can sleep anywhere doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like, or make use of, their very own bed.

Think about it, we occasionally fall asleep on the sofa but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a bed to enjoy. After all, your cat has many creature comforts not dissimilar to you and I.

Cats sleep, on average, for two thirds of their life so investing in a good cat bed is probably a good idea.

Although it’s not just about comfort, a bed will also help your cat to feel secure as it will be exclusively their own space.

Generally, cats like to sleep on something. Whether it’s a bed that is just for them or a towel that’s folded up on the sofa, they’ll eventually sleep on it.

A new bed may take your cat a bit of getting used to but once they’ve realized how snug it is they will spend hours on end sleeping in it. Patience pays off when it comes to introducing new items to your cat.

Another benefit of introducing a bed to your cat is that it can help to develop a bit more of a routine. It will encourage them to sleep in one place which could help with things like the cat fur you usually find all over the furniture.

How to Encourage a Cat to Sleep in its Bed

It’s a scenario all cat owners know all too well, you have bought the most amazing cat bed and you’re so excited to show your cat but… They just kind of shrug it off and walk away. It sucks, but don’t lose hope! It doesn’t have to be like this.

There are a few things we can do to make the cat bed more appealing and encourage your cat to actually use it. Use our simple step by step guide below:

  1. Choose a low-traffic, quiet area of the house to place the new bed. Think about somewhere that is warm with natural light. Consider where your cat likes to hang out already and place it there. This will increase the chances of the bed being used.
  2. If possible, position the bed off the ground, cats tend to like to sleep somewhere up high. Sleeping on the floor can make a cat feel vulnerable so try putting the bed on a perch or window sill. Just be sure that the bed is secure.
  3. Put your cats used blanket into the bed, the blanket will have your cats scent on it and this will help to make the bed feel more familiar and will comfort your cat.
  4. Put some of your cat’s favourite treats in, on & around the new bed. Catnip is often a good go-to option. Just put something there to lure them in. This is not about getting them to lay down and sleep in it, it’s about getting them comfortable around the bed.
  5. Praise your cat when they enter the bed of their own accord. Use positive reinforcement to help them realize the bed is a good place to be.
  6. Try to make other common sleeping spots less desirable by placing some tin foil there or some loose coins. The noise and feeling of the items should deter them from sleeping there.

If your cat is completely ignoring the bed, take a look at where your cat is sleeping and try moving the bed to that location instead. Cats can be quite fussy so simply change location of the bed and try again.

When you first introduce your cat to the new bed make sure the bed is clean.

If the bed has a factory/ chemical smell when it first arrives you should wash it before showing it to your cat as strong smells such as this will put your cat off. Once the bed is clean, put familiar items into the bed as well as some catnip or cat treats to make it appealing.

One of the most important things is to not force your cat into the bed.

This will just cause negative association and your cat will be far less likely to go to the bed. If your cat associates the bed with being picked up or yelled at they won’t use or go near the bed.

Be patient with your cat and give them time to get used to the new item of furniture.

Remember that cats can be quite sensitive to change and new items take a bit of time to get used to. Before you know it, your cat will be making the most of their new bed.

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